Chapter 2: Stalking... it's called following dammit

"Issei-kun! Look! Look! Isn't that cute!?"

"Yes Yuuma-chan! It's cute, just like you!"

"Mou... Issei-kun..."

"Ha ha ha..."


God I need a drink... and a nap.

I had been following these two for most of the day... Well actually, I had been following Hyoudou since early in the morning when my surveillance system had alerted me to the fact that he had left for his meeting place three hours early, forcing me to leave the sweet comfort of my bed and follow after him.

He ended up standing in front of the station like an idiot for two hours, and I ended up hiding and watching him like another idiot. At least I had the sense to conceal my presence, so there weren't any little children to point their fingers at me while their mothers tried to pull them away before they were 'influenced' by me. The only thing of note in those two hours was a certain busty 'girl' in a bat themed outfit who handed Hyoudou a flier right before 'Amano Yuuma' arrived.

Looking at her, I had to admit that she played the part of cute highschool girl on a date with her boyfriend very well. If it weren't for the fact that Rias had already informed me of what she was as well as a few subtle tells that she was giving off, I wouldn't have suspected that anything was amiss.

After the customary lying on the part of Hyoudou regarding his arrival time, the two of them were off to enjoy their date.

The events that followed were... rather ordinary. The two of them did everything a normal highschool couple were 'supposed' to do on a date. They walked around the shopping arcade, they ate parfaits, they visited a pet store, she tried on clothes...

As much as I wanted leave everything to the surveillance system and call it a day, I couldn't. The shikigami I set up had blind spots in their angles of view, blind spots that I had to cover. Also if something did happen, they did not possess enough power to stop 'Amano Yuuma' Meaning I still had to be here. Just in case.

"Here Yuuma-chan, this is for you."

"Issei-kun... this bracelet..."

"Ahahaha... Well... I saw you looking at it just now and I just wanted to buy it for you. Maybe... you can keep it as a memory of today?"

"Issei-kun... Thank you!"

Sigh... Well I suppose it wasn't all that bad watching these two...

Well, their date has come to an end and Issei isn't dead. I consider that a success.

The two of them had decided to end their date in a secluded park. From what I understand this was a popular spot for couples to watch the beautiful sunset together and that it was 'Amano Yuuma' who suggested that they end their time together here.

...I began to walk off, I mean I probably shouldn't intrude upon their privacy anymore than I already have, besides I'm sure that he will be safe, they are about to end their date anyways. He'll be safe with her, so I can just go home, maybe stop for some ramen at a roadside stall along the way, hell just enjoy myself somewhere away from he-

What. The. Fuck?

"Issei-kun, can you listen to my request?"

Where the hell did that come from?

"Sure! Anything for you Yuuma!"

Wasn't this a popular spot for couples? It's too quiet, where the hell is everyone else?

"Will you die for me?"

Oh no... Amano Yuuma, Ama no Yuuma. Evening Daze.

"Ahahahaha... I'm sorry Yuuma-chan I must have heard you wrong. Can you say that again?"

I have to go back.

"Will you die for me?"

I took a deep breath allowing the qi in the environment to flow into me, I guided the flow of energy around my body, first flowing down the seven chakra points and then passing through the meridians to reach my extremities. I guided the flow into the tiny cracks of my body, used it to harden my bones, strengthen my tendons and ligaments. Through the unity of mind and body, the limits of both are surpassed. Internal reinforcement complete.

"Ahaha.. That's a funny joke..."

The energy guided by my intent flowed into my muscles and skin. Each individual band of my muscles pumped with additional strength, my skin reinforced yet still flexible. External reinforcement complete.

"It's not a joke."

I pumped more qi into my legs, allowing me to move at superhuman speeds, and ran back to the clearing with the fountain. Come on, come on... There!

'Amano Yuuma' was flying in the sky on black wings on a backdrop of the fading sunset. Her hand was cocked back, a spear of light ready to strike and impale.

She threw the spear.

I rushed to Hyoudou, pushing him away from the spear and with an outward motion of my forearm and elbow locked in a 90 degree angle, I bashed away the light spear.

"Not going to happen."


I watched as the spear flew from her hand.

Didn't we have fun?

The spear flew ever closer.

Weren't you happy?


Something pushed me away from the spear and I landed on the ground in a heap.

Damn... that hurt... Wait what was that?

"Not going to happen."

"Eh? Li-san?"

Huh? What was that guy doing here?

"YOU! How dare you interfere!"

Yuuma... she tried to throw that spear at me... Eh, what is he doing?

From what I could see, in his hand he held two pieces of... paper? Wait, Yuuma had another spear in her han-

"Li-san! Watch out!"

Yuuma threw her spear that flew so fast I nearly couldn't see it, and wait... did he just shoot two fireballs at her? Where the hell did they come from?

One of those balls hit the spear, destroying it while the other hit Yuuma in the wings, sending her crashing to the ground near the fountain.

"Hyoudou! Get behind something hard now!"

He rushed forward with unbelievable speed to strike Yuuma as she was rising up from the ground where she crashed. He struck with a blur of blows too fast for me to make out that sent her crumpling to the ground. She barely rolled to the side to avoid a stomp to her head and very quickly got up from the ground a distance away from him and threw her spear.

He bashed the spear and sent it careening... towards meohshit!

I barely managed to back away before the spear landed... right where my crotch was a few moments before. Okay, right, get behind cover.

I stood up on shaky legs and was about to get behind the fountain when Yuuma crashed through said fountain head first and landed right in front of me. From what I could see, she was unconscious and was bleeding from her nose and mouth. Her clothes were torn which partially showed off her oppai... which were very nice oppai... No no focus Issei, focus.

Li-san soon followed after, he walked around the fountain towards, stopped at Yuuma and lifted his leg up. Was he going to...


A new voice cut in along with another light spear which was flying... towards Li-san!


I grabbed her throat in a vice grip and flung her through the fountain. Honestly, just one of those blows should have been enough to take a human out for the count. But she should be a goner now. I walked around the fountain I had ruined and I saw her lying at Hyoudou's feet. Oh the irony, well I should probably finish her off just in case she decides to get back up.

I lifted up my leg, aiming for her head, a stomp should crush her skull to a-



I looked up and saw a light spear flying towards me. Oh shi-


Hyoudou that bloody idiot, was in front of me in an instant. His left hand held in front of him like a shield. Like it would actually be of any us-

His hand started glowing green just as the light spear came into contact with it. The spear detonated, sending him flying towards me. we were knocked back a few metres, collapsing in a heap on the ground, allowing the other fallen angel to swoop down and grab this 'Raynare' and make their escape.

Sigh... well at least Hyoudou is safe... speaking of which.

I pushed him off me and slowly got up. Dusting myself off, I offered him a hand up and he took it.

I took a look at his formerly glowing left hand and saw that it was now covered with some sort of red vambrace with a green jewel in the middle... well I'll be damned.

"Li-san... what... what is this!?"

"That... is a sacred gear."