AN: Slushy...for me...i think. Unedited fluff!

SUMMARY: Teal'c wishes to make his first ever New Year's toast. So...raises your glasses and open your ears. K rated Humour/Friendship. Off-duty team fic including Janet and Cassie (because why not) :)


The night had been great. The new year had begun. The kisses had been exchanged, some of them hotter than others (Janet was still blushing, so was someone else in the room) and the ritual crooning had ceased when 'The Almighty Jaffa', as Cassie had dubbed him rose to his feet.

"Silence!" he bellowed.

Everyone in the room shut up in shock and turned towards the big guy.

"As it is tradition it is that I would like to make a toast."

Jack was the only one who moved, turning completely towards his large friend. "Well this should be interesting!" he voiced aloud, thinking about Jaffa jokes and wondering if their toasts were in any way similar.

"Ja-ack!" Daniel admonished, nudging him in the ribs.

Teal'c ignored both his friends and raised his fruit juice in the air. With just a little too much ceremony he began. "To the peoples of the Tau'ri. It is that I wish you much merriment and fortuitous opportunities within the next orbital rotational of this, your home world. It is especially true of that of you, my friends."

He bowed to each in turn.

"Jack O'Neill, Daniel Jackson, Doctor Janet Fraiser, Samantha." He smiled softly at her. "And lastly. My own fellow non-Earth Tau'ri, for whom I am so delighted to have had the privilege of knowing. Cassandra."

Reverently he dropped before the child on one knee.

"It is my hope Cassandra..."

"Fraiser." the child supplied into his brief hesitation and the Jaffa supplicated to her wish.

"It is my hope Cassandra Fraiser, that this year will bring you more joy than your heart can sustain. For you, out of all of us deserve it."

On the couch Janet sobbed despite herself. Sam, at her side, clutched out at the doctor's hand. Daniel wiped his eye under the rim of his glasses, and Jack?

Sitting solitary in his own chair Jack gulped hard. "Gee Teal'c." he stammered. "Got any jokes to go along with that speech? It's's a tradition too."

The Jaffa, from his position on the floor turned his face to regard his friend. "Indeed. But first." He re-raised his glass. "To my friends." he simply said.

And glasses were raised around the room.


AN Happy New Year peeps :)