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Irey woke up from a restless sleep well after midnight. She sighed and rubbed her eyes gently before clambering out of her bed to stretch her legs and crack her back. There was shuffling heard in the hallway and a shadow passed under her door. Irey frowned but went to open her door anyway, peering out into the empty hallway. The kitchen light was on.

Irey sighed and wandered down the hall to investigate, she couldn't sleep anyway so she might as well see whoever else was in the same situation. The speedster went straight to the kitchen and didn't notice the figure seated on the couch in the dark before it spoke," Iris, what the hell are you doing?"

If Irey had jumped any higher she would have been a satellite orbiting Earth. She put a hand on her chest, " Jesus Christ." She hissed.

" No, Iris I think you are mistaken, it's Damian not Jesus." The boy chuckled.

Irey growled, " Oh hahaha. Very funny." Damian laughed again, " Seriously Damian? Stop it."

Damian peered over the edge of the couch, "Oh so everyone gets on at me for being too serious but when I laugh or find something amusing you want me to stop?" He tutted, " Make your mind up, woman."

Irey was becoming increasingly annoyed, " Not if it's at my expense." She explained, " Or anyone else's." She added, moving into the kitchen and turning other set of lights that were not on so she could see him clearer.

" But isn't it only funny if it is at someone else's expense?" Damian frowned, pulling one leg up to cross the other casually.

Irey ignored him and grabbed the hot coca container from the cupboard, flicking the switch on the kettle to make it boil. She scooped the powdered chocolate into her favourite cup and leaned back against the counter, eyes fixed on Damian.

Damian heard the kettle boiling and pretended to be shocked." How rude, not even asking if I wanted some." His blue eyes flickered mischievously in the dim light and Irey could make out a smirk playing on his lips. His trademark smirk.

" Technically this is for you." Irey's voice reflected her exasperation, as she turned to pour the water in her cup, the steam lifting and burning her nose.

When she turned back to him she had her own smirk, " It'll be going over your head in a second."

Damian's smirk vanished and he quirked a brow, coming to his feet and walking towards her. " Iris, that'll surely give me a nasty burn." He said matter-of-factly.

Irey's smirk grew and she swept past him to take up his spot on the couch, " I'd sincerely hope so."

Damian gasped and put a hand on his heart, feigning hurt, " I'm hurt by your lack of concern." He then got his own cup from the cupboard and made his own hot chocolate with the already boiled water. He returned to the couch only to find Irey curled up in the spot he had just vacated.

" Really? You are just as bad a my dog." He sat down on the other side of her and sipped gingerly at the hot, but tasty beverage.

Irey took a sip herself, " So, what brought you down here at this ungodly hour?" She finally asked, having a feeling he was going to ask her the same thing, " I couldn't sleep, and I heard you outside my room."

Damian shrugged, " I'm the same. Bad dreams too."

" Bad dreams?" Irey frowned. "What do you mean?"

" Just nightmares about dying. Failing the team, turning back to the league of Assassins and becoming...evil." He shook his head, " I sound idiotic don't I?"

Irey set her cup down on the table in front of them and took Damian's cup from him before doing the same. The speedster took his hand and squeezed it. " Not at all. It's okay to be worried about things, it's okay to have fears. I'm scared I run to fast and disappear like my Dad did and Uncle Barry. Or even be murdered like Bart."

" But they all came back, even Bart. So surely if it were - god forbid - to happen to you, you'd return also." He feels slightly uncomfortable with her holding his hand in such a fashion but doesn't say anything.

" I suppose but it doesn't stop me from freaking out." She sighed, " I'm just saying... I can kinda relate."

Damian nodded and glanced at their still entwined fingers, " You may let go of my hand now." Realisation hit and Irey pulled back her hand at a lightning speed.

" Sorry."

" It's fine."

The pair sat talking until they both finished their drinks. Their cups were in the sink and both teens returned to their respective rooms.

A quiet " Good night," was said and then, Irey slipped into her room, watching Damian's shadow retreat down the hall. Even in the dark she was sure she could still feel the blush in her cheeks from touching his hand.

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