Hello, finally updating this fic with a short chapter. School has me under a lot of stress and pressure rn with my Higher exams coming up. During the summer I'll have more time to update, thank you for being so patient with me, you are all fabulous! X

P.S Damain comes off quite cocky in this chapter, so whoops for that one.

" Iris, why are you avoiding me?"

Irey paused. Hands halfway through drying a dish. She blinked and set it down on the drain-rack with a clink. " I don't know what you're going on about, Damian." The redhead smiled at him over her shoulder as she dried her hands and folded the dish towel.

Damian stared at her " This is the first time I've caught you since last week."

" Look, I'm not-

" Is it because I asked you to kiss me?" He was grinning now, like he'd cornered her. " You know it was a kiss between friends, right?"

Irey stammered, " uh- yeah. Yeah sure I did." She power-walked out of the kitchen and Damain followed her into the livingroom.

" You're embarrassed aren't you?" He watched her sit down on the couch,

"Oh wait- you like me?"

" No!" She thumped her fists down onto the cusion in her lap then hugged it against her chest. " I mean, I do but not in that way..."

" Easy, Iris. I'm just pushing your buttons." Damian reclined, and put his arms along the back of the couch. " Be thankful, I can say a whole lot worse. How do you think I got Milagro to threaten me with death by Giant Green Fist?"

Irey laughed, " Guy's influenced her waaay too much, me thinks. Not that it's a really bad thing. You would've deserved it."

" -tt- I've mellowed out in my old age." Damian's lips quirked on one side.

Irey picked at the thread on the cusion in thought. Damian had changed since she'd first met him. He was serious when he was in the field as Robin, barking orders through a com and beating the shit out of bad guys left, right and centre. Back at base however, he was becoming more relaxed. He had been teasing her just now and the knowing smirk he'd worn had made her face heat up. She could never deny that Damian was attractive, she just noticed it ten times more after their time at the gala.

" -Iris?"

Damian's voice brought her back into reality, " Hm? Sorry, I was thinking."

"About me?"

" No! Stop being so full of yourself." The redhead lied through her teeth, ears going pink. He couldn't see them for her hair anyway. " I was thinking about what we are going to do after all of this...after the team ends."

" Simple. We'll take up further resposibilities, our parents' mantels."

" I think you'd be a good Batman." Irey complimented, putting the cusion behind her head and closing her eyes.

Damian laughed, taken back by her comment. " You'll be a good Flash." He complimented back.

" Ha, yeah right. Did Dad not tell uncle Dick what I did the other day? I was chasing some robber down the street and when I turned the corner there was a dumpster-

" You didn't."

" - I did. I ran right into it and got a massive bruise on my forehead. Bart was behind me so he managed to grab the perp. It fucking hurt."

" Speed healing did a good job then and it looks like you didn't suffer any permanent brain damage." He pressed a finger to her temple and she swatted at him.

" Hey-! No touching." She rubbed at her head. " But I'm serious. I don't think I'd make a good Flash...I don't know if I want that mantle. I might just make my own."

" Fair enough..." Damain's eyes wandered up to the clock on the wall. He'd better head home to get ready for patrol. " I think I shall be leaving you, Iris. Father will be expecting me back at the cave."

He vaulted over the back of the couch and Irey rolled her eyes, " You couldn't have just walked around like a normal person?" She didn't expect an answer but Damian turned back to her with half a smile.

" You and I both know we're not normal." Then he leaned down slowly and pressed his lips to her cheek, " One of the things we like about each other, right?"

The redhead blanched at him, eyes wide, a squeak caught in the back of her throat. Damian had already started to walk away, throwing a " Now we're even." Over his shoulder and leaving Irey to sit in shock.