Elizabeth stood in the doorway at Mike's house, waiting to be let in. "Well?"

"Come on in." Mike didn't look at her as she walked in. "Why are you even here?"

"Silly Mike." Elizabeth smiled, trying to look as innocent as possible. "I saw the show, and you were great. I never should have said I didn't like you."

"Elizabeth? If you saw the show, you'd know I like Zoey now."

"Mike! What happened to us? Years ago, you were crazy about me."

Mike had to keep himself from kicking her out. "And we never happened. Zoey actually likes me, with or without personailties. You hated every one of them." Mike wouldn't dare let her out, since he knew Dave had a crush on her. "Lay off of me, and maybe talk to Dave."

"Dave? Please. Zoey left you for a million dollars-"

"No, we were still dating. Remember? Now go annoy someone else."

Elizabeth looked at Mike sadly, but the sad look on her face turned into a death glare. "You're making a big mistake." Then she turned and left.

Mike sighed. Why did Elizabeth have to be so persistent, so special- no, Mike wouldn't think of her that way. He'd liked Zoey since the first time he saw her. He wouldn't let anyone ruin his relationship with Zoey. No matter how many times Elizabeth annoyed him, he would always stick with Zoey. Besides, Elizabeth was just a teenage girl. What could she really do to ruin him?

Still, she was stuck in his head. Zoey was, too. It was like his brain was arguing with itself saying one girl was better then the other. Seriously, Mike had been certain his crush on Elizabeth was gone before auditioning for Total Drama. Elizabeth only liked him now because he had been on TV. If he ever lost that fame, he may as well be nothing to her.

Mike decided to get some rest, and maybe this whole thing with Elizabeth would blow over. Even though she did look cool with that pink hair... Mike signed and slapped himself. He liked Zoey only. Just Zoey.


Mal's tower was blown up, and still his brain had no remaining personalities in it. It was quiet, too quiet. Suddenly, out of nowhere, an evil laugh came from the brain and echoed throughout the remains of Mal's jail. "Yes, Mike. I'm going to ruin your love life, then I can take control again."


Elizabeth walked past house after house, kicking dirt and rocks around. Luckily, she had chosen to wear her black boots and they couldn't get too was still mad about Mike suddenly ditching her for that goody-goody, Zoey. What did Zoey have that she didn't? Elizabeth was obviously prettier and better.

"I actually come to him, and this happens? I will so get my revenge on him. But first, I'll get revenge on Zoey. Be prepared to be destroyed, Red. You have some competition."