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Jo awoke to the sound of the shower running. She smiled and stretched, smacking Alex in the face.

"What the hell?" He asked angrily.

"You're in bed?" She seemed confused.

"Where else would I be?"

"I thought you were in the shower!"

"It's probably Mer." Alex sighed and tried to go back to sleep.

"Of course." Jo huffed.

"What's that supposed to mean?"

"Nothing. I'm going downstairs." Jo said, storming away angrily.

Arizona was already sitting at the kitchen table when Jo walked in. She sipped a cup of coffee while reading the morning paper and smiled as she saw Jo.

"Good morning." Arizona said cheerfully.

"Any coffee left?" Jo asked, ignoring Arizona's politeness.

"Just finished the pot, sorry. I can put some more on if you -"

"It's fine I got it." Jo walked over and put some more coffee on.

Meredith entered as the coffee was finally ready and poured herself a cup before Jo had the chance.

"You put the coffee on?" Meredith asked Arizona.

"I did." Jo interrupted.

"Oh, thanks. At my house I'm usually the one that puts it on, I almost forgot other people knew how to make it." Meredith half-joked. Arizona snicked into her coffee cup while Jo ignored her completely.

"You guys need a ride in?" Alex asked as he entered the kitchen.

"My car's still at the hospital -" Meredith began.

"So is mine. I'll bring it home tonight." Arizona said.

"Not a problem, be ready in 5." Alex said as he walked outside.

The car ride in was awkward to say the least. Meredith and Arizona sat quietly in the back sipping coffee while Jo and Alex bickered in the front. Arizona and Meredith kept their mouths shut, knowing it would make things worse if they said anything; they were the reasons for the fight after all.

As Alex pulled into the hospital parking lot, Meredith and Arizona got out of the car as soon as they could. Jo was about to walk into the hospital when Alex pulled her aside.

"What the hell was that?" He questioned.

"What the hell was what Alex?" She replied and crossed her arms.

"Look, I get you don't love having them around but you don't have to be like this. They're my family Jo."

"I thought I was your family."

"You are but that doesn't mean you can get away with whatever you want. You can't talk about them like they aren't there!"

"I don't want them in our house Alex, I've tried to be nice but I can't keep doing it. Meredith has her own house, Arizona can afford her own place they don't have a reason to be at our house."

"Arizona doesn't want to be alone, can you blame her? Did you like living on your own."

"Don't you dare try to—"

"And Mer, she goes home and all her and Derek do is fight. All she ever talks about is how awful things are between them and as much as I hate hearing about it I want to help. They're my people so if I can help them I will."

"Meredith needs to grow up, Alex."

"We're not doing this right now, I have to go to work." Alex said, and stormed off.

Arizona rushed into the hospital, not bothering to look ahead of her and wound up bumping into Callie. She sighed and wondered if this day would get any better.

"How's Alex's?" Callie asked, politely as if not to pry but rather trying to make conversation.

"Hell, actually. Pretty sure I'll be homeless by the end of the day." Arizona smiled as though nothing was wrong, something she had mastered over the years.

"Oh, that sucks. Do you wanna talk about it or -"

"I have a patient, I gotta go. I'll see you on Saturday to get Sofia." Arizona said and walked as fast as she could in the opposite direction.

"Go." Meredith said through gritted teeth. Derek did as she asked and walked away.

She sighed as he left. She held back the tears that burned her eyes. This is what she wanted, but not like this. Not with all the fighting and the resentment it had caused. She knew if he let the job get away again things would only get worse and he'd end up blaming her for the inevitable collapse of their once happy marriage. It would be hard picking up the pieces from where they were now, but at least there were pieces to pick up.

Derek stormed off to his car and got in, slamming the door behind him; only then did he fall apart. He cried like he had when he thought he'd lost Meredith forever, it felt as though he was losing her all over again and he couldn't understand why. He had chosen to stay, he had chosen to be with her and their kids. He didn't know why she was pushing him so hard to leave their family. When the job had first appeared he had jumped on it; not many neurosurgeons are hand-picked by the President. The more he thought about it the less he had wanted it. It had just been so shiny and new to him he never took the time to truly think it over and now he was paying for it.

He wiped away the last of his tears, pulling himself together. He told himself he's moving but it's not over between him and Meredith. It will be hard but they've never had it easy. Ever. He wasn't going to lose her.

Derek pulled out his phone and sent Meredith a text saying he'd pick up the kids and that he was going to spend some time with them; alone. After all, he was moving to DC, he wanted to soak up as much as he could before he began missing out. Meredith replied with a single "k" as though it meant nothing to her. He ran his hands through his hair before putting his phone away and going to get his kids.

Amelia shut the door from the x-ray room that nearly caught the end of her lab coat. As she let out a sigh, the doctor walked toward her next consult. She had been thinking for a while. For the past few months, she had been living with her older brother. It sounded really lame but he helped out when she was in need and that is why she loves him. Amelia was finally ready. Meredith walked towards her.

"Hey Mer!" she exclaimed.

Meredith looked up as if she has been woken up from a dream. "Hm?"

"I have been looking for you all over the place! I just wanted to let you know that I have been planning on moving out this weekend," Amelia eyed Meredith for any reaction. Nothing."Y'know I feel like it is time that I get my own place."

"Great for you, Amelia. I'm glad that you are able to settle in Seattle," she smiled.

"Awesome! I'll be out in about two or three days."

Amelia walked away with a smile on her face. She hoped that she wouldn't be known as Dr. Shepherd's little sister any more or the drug addict but as the responsible head of the neuro department. Amelia knew that his brother and his wife had issues to fix and what more can be as awkward than living with a fighting couple.

The blue eyed doctor walked into the empty bar near the hospital. It was not unusual for a Thursday night. She skimmed through the bar and found Callie sitting near the bartender. The Latina already started without her. Typical Callie Torres.

"What kind of drinking buddy are you?" she said as she sat down on the next stool.

"Hm? Oh. Sorry, Mer. Next drinks on me," Callie gave a nod to Joe the bartender who proceeded to pour their usual.

"So, how are things going with you and Derek?"

Meredith chugged her tequila and let out a grunt.

"Not good, I suppose."

"He is at home with the kids but let's not talk about that..."

Dr. Torres grabbed another shot followed with a lime. As the effect of the alcohol gradually crept into their system, the laughs and giggles augmented.

"Okay, okay," she tried to even her breath. "How are things with you and Arizona?"

"I let her come back to the house but I don't know if I can stay there without going crazy" Torres sighed.

"You know what would be awesome?" Callie raised an eyebrow. "You should definitely move in with me."

"What is Derek going to-"

"Shh. He is probably going to leave for DC any time soon anyway," Meredith interrupted. "Don't want to be outnumbered by my kids. So, what do you say, Torres?"

"Eh. I don't see anything wrong with that... I'm in!"

Arizona slowly shut the door to Sofia's room. The little girl finally fell asleep after wanting her mother. The doctor sighed and leaned on the closed door. On one hand she was glad that she could live in the same house as Callie again, but at the same time she knew it would be a struggle to make things right with her again. She did not know if it would be possible but she couldn't do anything at that moment but hope that it would all work out.

Arizona headed to the quiet living room. It was quite messy since she left. The pediatrician moved a few toys from the couch and lounged herself on it. It was getting pretty late and Callie wasn't home yet. Arizona knew better than to call her so she just sat there staring at her phone. The urge of calling someone caught up to her so she decided to call her one friend with whom she was able to reach out to since things got rough on her: April.

It rang from a while before someone picked up.


"Arizona. April can't talk at the moment. We're in the middle of something," Jackson replied and hung up.

Great. Who else can I call?

The only other person she could think of was the one and only...Dr. Herman. Arizona dialed her number hoping that she picks up.

"I can't believe you answered the phone in the middle of our fight! Even worse, you answered my phone!" yelled April.

"Well I couldn't just let it ring over us yelling now can I?" he yelled back.

"I can't believe you right now!"

"About the baby or about the phone?"


Jackson said nothing but let out a huff. It was not the first time they argued about religion.

"First of all, you should have told me right away at the hospital. Second, I can't believe you suggested that I should get an abortion?" tears tickled her eyes. "It's against my beliefs and you know that!"

"It's not all about your beliefs, April! It's about you and the baby. I'm telling you that it is what is best!"

"You can't tell me what to do with my body!" she shouted back.

"God doesn't fucking care!" April glared at him. "Why would he pay so much attention to you? I mean, it's not like you're the perfect christian these past years."


The redhead stormed out of the living room and into the master bedroom. A muffled cry was heard through the door. It cracked open and a pillow flew towards the soon-to-be father.

After putting baby Bailey and Zola to bed, Derek seemed more exhausted than ever. The thought about leaving his children broke his heart. He went ahead and started to pack for DC. A million things went through his mind: Would the kids be okay? Would they hate him? What if their relationship fades? Most importantly: Would Meredith be okay?

Nothing killed him more than leaving Meredith. He couldn't back down. She was the one who pushed him away. She was the one who did not want to go with him.

A little note caught his eye as he closed his suitcase. How come I didn't notice it when I got home? He looked closer and it was their vows:

To love each other, even

when we hate each other.

No running, ever!

Take care when old,

senile, smelly.

Derek remembered that day: one of his best days in his life. The neurosurgeon sat at the corner of his bed and fiddled around with the note. He did not understand why it was out of the special frame he framed it in. Was it his wife's ways of telling him that it was over? He was not sure.

He glanced at the time. Meredith would be back soon, therefore he grabbed his things and went to wait in the spacious living room. It was not long until she got home.

Meredith shut the front door as quietly as she could before stumbling around in the dark, trying to find the light switch. The lights came on before she could find the switch and saw a run-down Derek standing before her, his suitcases packed and ready to go. Her heart jumped up into her throat. She wanted to vomit, and it wasn't from tequila.

"You're leaving?" She slurred.

"You're drunk." He remarked, trying not to smile. Drunk Meredith always made him smile.

"Can you blame me." Meredith sneered, suddenly Derek no longer felt the urge to smile.

"I'll be out of here by morning, thought I'd sleep on the couch. Kids are asleep, and fed."

"Thank you." She said under her breath as if she didn't want him to hear. "Don't be stupid. There is the guest room." she paused. "Actually, just take our bed. I'll sleep here."

"My flight leaves before you and the kids will be up, I don't want them to see me leave." He replied, heartbroken at the thought of Zola asking him where he was going.

"Did you not tell Zola you're leaving?"

"I didn't want to Meredith, I wanted to spend some nice, quality time with my daughter before I leave."

"Right, so you get to be the good guy and I'm the bitch that has to tell our daughter daddy left us." This conversation was starting to sober Meredith up and she was not enjoying it one bit.

"I'm not leaving you!" Derek shouted.

"Would you keep it down?" Meredith controlled herself from reaching the same volume Derek had.

"I am not leaving you." He said sternly. "I'm coming home every weekend to visit our kids, I promise."

"Don't make promises you can't keep."

"I have kept all the promises I have ever made to you, you have no right to say that, not after you left this out for me." He pulled their once beloved post-it out of his pocket and slammed it onto the island in the kitchen.

"I put it out to remind you of the promises you once made me. I think you needed a refresher." Meredith said.

"Meredith -" Derek began, angrily.

"I'm not doing this tonight I'm going to bed." She began walking towards the guest room, "text me when you get to DC."