My Little Pony Questions & Answers

Yes, do not let the title fool you. For those who have been reading my stories this is probably something you didn't see coming. I have seen the Friendship is Magic show for a while and it isn't bad. The music however…anyways I decided to try doing one of my Q and A stories here to see how it goes.

For those who don't know what this is, this is where you can send questions for the characters of the show to answer. Any questions to characters like Twilight, her friends, Discord, the princesses, any of the villains, or even secondary characters or the background ones. Either way you can send the questions and they will be answered the next time I update. So if anyone is interested here are the questions can be send.

Through review or send them through my PM on FanFiction. They will be written into the next chapter and will be answered by the characters. It will take two-three weeks before the next chapter is updated. This way everyone can have time to send any questions. Although please nothing inappropriate.

Don't need that around here. Also if some of your questions don't show it is probably because there were too many questions that were put in here and couldn't fit in. If that happens then they will be in the next chapter. Although I do try fitting in as much into one chapter as possible so we'll see.

Good luck, take care, and see you all next time. If anyone is also interested I uploaded a new story called "My Little Pony: Return of the Shadow." So if anyone wants to read it, there it is. Oh and also Happy New Years!