This is my first ever fanfic put up on this site. I just wanted to write a story based on my two favorite Animes, Fairy Tail and Dragon Ball Z. For obvious reasons some powers will have to be tweaked, mostly on the Fairy Tail side. You know… Since even Krillin is like a God compared to Gildarts. Oh! Quick thing, I'm probably gonna be adding more DBZ Characters as the story story continues, and I'm probably gonna make Natsu x Erza happen… Sorry Nalu fans! So without further gilding the lily, lets start!

Three Years.

It has been three years since Earth's Greatest Heroes did battle with Majin Buu. Three years since the people of Earth banded together to save themselves.

Since that day Earth has enjoyed a period of unusual calm. For most this has been a blessing, a time of peace and prosperity for all. For some however…

Capsule Corporation: West City

The Saiyan Prince grunted as he dodged the energy blasts created by the training androids. Jumping forward he quickly taps the turn off switch, before darting to the next android, deactivating each machine in turn. Walking to the control console Vegeta lowered the gravity console back to its normal setting.

"This is nothing like a real opponent" Vegeta thought to himself as he dried his face "I am a Saiyan Prince… the thirst for battle runs hot through my blood, this peace doesn't suit me." He spat before exiting the gravity room.

"Dad!" Vegeta swung is head in response towards the noise, smiling at the sight of his young son. Vegeta was still thinking about combat.

"Trunks, what do you want boy?" he responded, not unkindly.

"Can we go to the park?" the azure haired boy asked excitedly.

"Sure" Vegeta responded nonchalantly "Why not."

"Yes!" Trunks responded excitedly "I'll be right back!"

"If only there was a way to find opponents without endangering the Earth" Vegeta thought to himself with a grim look "At least when I worked under Frieza I was going to different worlds to figh…"

"That's it!" Vegeta yelled excitedly. Darting through his wife's home he exploded out the door before taking off, flying over the busy city as his son watched confused,

"But what about the park?!" Trunks demanded after his father, who was already too far gone to hear. "Damn it!" the young boy cursed, kicking at the ground "He always does this!"


Vegeta flew over miles of open land, leaving a streak of white ki behind him. A grim look about his face. After a few minutes the Saiyan Prince reached his destination. The small mountain home of his friend and rival.

"Kakarot! Kakarot get out here now!" He yelled, waiting for his counterpart to come out. A few seconds later his rival emerged. Wearing his trademark orange uniform with his signature spikey black hair. "Bout damn time Kakarot" he said, smirking at his old rival.

"Keep it down Vegeta!" Goku responded with his signature grin, running his hand through his jet black hair. "Chichi is sleeping, you don't want to wake her up, trust me." Goku warned. For half a second fear crossed over his rivals face, disappearing just as quickly.

"Humph, I'm surprised she can sleep at all with that little brat of yours running around" Vegeta responded smirking, his voice notably lower.

Goku let out a hearty laugh, scratching the back of his head "Gohan and Videl went to an amusement park and Chichi made them take Goten."

"I'm sure Videl was thrilled about that…" Vegeta responded, causing the two of them to laugh. "Anyway… I didn't exactly come all this way for small talk Kakarot. I think I discovered a way for us to find opponents without endangering the Earth!" He continued excitedly.

"Wha?! Really? How!?" Goku asked with a hungry look, the mere thought of finding new opponents exiting Goku.

"Easy. Shenron."

"But… I don't think Shenron is very good at fighting… I mean Piccolo's dad was able to kill him…"

"NOT LIKE THAT YOU MORON!" Vegeta roared, before remembering about Chichi and quickly clasping his hands over his mouth. "Listen idiot… I spent years under Frieza jumping from planet to planet, fighting all sorts of opponents. We ask Shenron to open a portal or to teleport us to a world with powerful, but evil opponents. That way we can fight, but still be helping these planets." Vegeta explained through a gap in his fingers, watching Goku's house for any sign of movement.

"That's a great idea Vegeta!" Goku said excitedly, holding his fists up in glee.

Vegeta saw a dark shadow rising up behind him, surrounded by an evil aura. "Uhm Kakarot…"

"Oh yeah! But it'll take at least a month for me to gather the Dragon Balls. Let's meet back here then… Ow!" Goku let out a cry of pain as a frying pan came down onto the side of his skull. He fell to the ground like a sack of bricks as Vegeta looked back shocked.

"Y-yeah… A month sounds good!" Vegeta cried out, taking off back towards his home.

"Not so fast!" Chichi roared, throwing the frying pan after him, the steel flying end over end as it flew in a perfect arc towards Vegeta. A small ding could be heard as the metal collides with the Saiyan Prince's head.

"Nice throw…" Goku said, genuinely impressed while rubbing the growing lump on his head. Chichi blushed and bent over to kiss Goku's head.

"You Saiyan's aren't nearly as tough as you think you are." Goku let out a laugh at Chichi's words, pulling the love of his life into a playful embrace.

"I suppose I should begin to look for the Dragon Balls…" Goku said as his wife laughed in his arms "Or I could put it off for a bit..."

One month later

The Son Family gathered around the seven Dragon Balls, joined by Gohan's girlfriend, Videl. The orbs glowing from the close proximity to one another.

"I wonder why Vegeta's running late." Goku said, looking up towards the sky.

"Why can't I go?!" Goten whined for roughly the millionth time, looking up at his mom.

"Because sweety, Vegeta and your Father don't need to be bothered by you" Chichi responded in a motherly tone.

"But I bet Trunks is gonna come and it won't be fair if he can go and I can't!" the young boy complained with wide eyes.

"Fine. If Bulma lets Trunks go, then I will let you go as well" Chichi responded with a sly smile.

"Alright!" Goten cheered, jumping with joy.

A few minutes later a streak of white ki appeared in the distance, marking the arrival of the Saiyan prince. "Hey Vegeta!" Goku yelled out, waving his friend down. Vegeta landed a short distance away, a grumpy scowl darkening his features.

"Sorry I'm late… Me and Bulma had a little… spat about allowing Trunks to come along" Vegeta spat out grumpily.

"So where is he?!" Goten asked, expecting to see his best friend somewhere.

"She won." Vegeta responded simply, causing Goten to look down, crestfallen.

"So that means…"

"You're staying right here young man!" Chichi finished her son's sentence with a sly smirk.

"Let's just do this Kakarot!" Vegeta scowled looking over at Goku.

"Alright!" Goku said excitedly "Goten, since you can't come how would you like to summon Shenron for us?"

"Really?!" Goten asked with shining eyes, his disappointment disappearing suddenly. The young Saiyan running over to the glowing orbs. "Dragon! Get out here!" He shouted at the glowing orbs.

"Goten, it doesn't work like that kiddo, you have to ask the Dragon politely to come-" Gohan told his younger brother before being interrupted by a pillar of light shooting into the sky. The pillar took the form of a Japanese style dragon, turning from a golden light into a green scaly beast.

"I am the Eternal Dragon. Speak your wish and it shall be granted! You are permitted two!"

"Uhm Shenron, is it possible for you to create a portal to a world with opponents for us to battle?" Goku asked the dragon as the others looked up in awe.

"A portal to distant worlds? That wish is well within my power to grant! Only give me a moment to find a suitable world…"

The dragons eyes glowed red for a moment as he searched, leaving Goku to smile up triumphantly at the great reptile. "Alright! Thank you Shenron!" A few moments passed before a doorway appeared in Goku's yard. A medieval style archway filled with a swirling purple mist, topped with the word Earthland in a cursive font.

"Your wish has been granted! But we warned. I was only able to make the portal one way!"

"One way?" Goku asked crestfallen "But how are we supposed to get back here?"

"Can't you teleport, dad?" Gohan asked, cocking an eyebrow at his dad.

"Oh yeah!" Goku said. Crossing his hands behind his head and laughing loudly.

"Idiot." Vegeta growled lowly.

"Do you have a second wish? If so make it now."

Everyone's attention returned to the giant dragon. "Any ideas?" Gohan chimed in questioningly.

"Some money would be nice…" Chichi responded half-heartedly.

"While that wish is well within my power to grant I cannot simply create something. In order to give you money I would have to take it from someone else."

"Darn" Chichi said frowning up at the Dragon.

"Well in that case you can go now Shenron!" Goku yelled out before anyone else could say anything. "Thanks!"

"Very Well then I shall take my leave, Farewell"

The Dragon denigrated back into a pillar of light as the Dragon Balls floated upwards before shooting off in seven different directions. Goku turns to Vegeta with a smirk. "You ready?"

"Yeah." Vegeta responds with a smirk "Earthland huh? Real original…"

"Hehe it must be similar to Earth then… I guess Shenron tried to find a place similar to what we know…" Goku suggests, cocking his head thoughtfully. "Anyway, Race you!" Goku shouted, jumping towards the portal, just before he disappeared into the mist he turned to wave at Chichi and his sons.

"KAKAROT YOU CHEATING BASTARD!" Vegeta roared, chasing Goku into the portal. Leaving the Son family gathered around the portal.

"Another world huh?" Gohan said, looking skyward "It's been a long time since Namek… maybe I should have gone too…"

"Not without me!" Videl chimed in, clutching her fiancé's arm tightly.

"If I can't go then you two can't go!" Goten complained

"Stop whining young man!" Chichi scolded her youngest, her lips turning upwards into a slight smirk. "I just wanted your father to make sure this Earthland was safe." She explained causing Goten's expression to brighten.

"Alright!" Goten cheered, before turning and chasing after Gohan and Videl, who had tried to sneak away from Goten.

Goku Chichi thinks to herself, placing a hand softly on the portal before turning to chase after her sons.

Earthland: Fiore

Two Saiyans stand side by side in a meadow, staring into the distance. "Do you feel that Vegeta?"

"Yeah... there's a lot of above average power levels not too far to the south." Vegeta responded "They don't seem to be hostile though… We could still wipe them out just for fun." He finished with a sly smirk.

"Vegeta…" Goku said warningly, giving his old rival a deadpan stare.

"I know Kakarot, it was just a jest."

"Well then…" Goku continued, taking off into the air and flying south. Vegeta following soon after. The two soon speed up, streaking across the sky leaving a trail of white KI behind them. Soon after the two land outside of a small town overlooking a large lake.

"This is it…" Vegeta said "The powers we were sensing are down in that city somewhere."

"Yeah… I wonder why there are so many gathered in one place" Goku said thoughtfully, placing a hand on his chin.

"No Idea, Kakarot" Vegeta responded, setting off into town with Goku following soon after. The duo passing a sign reading "Magnolia".

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