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Worth Woodsea

A small carriage rumbled along an old, dirt path through the sunny forest. The crew inside represented five of the most powerful members of Fairy Tail, Erza Scarlet, Gray Fullbuster, Lucy Heartfilia, Son Goku, along with the ever present Happy, and of course… "Oh God!" Natsu gasped as he pushed passed Goku and threw up over the back of the carriage. His foster-son Happy rubbing his back worriedly as they traveled through the woods.

"God your pathetic." Gray sneered at his puking rival, Natsu's head snapping around to make a retort, before he gave in and returned to his sickness, his back heaving while the rest of the group laughed nervously, save Erza, while the carriage continuing to rumble along with its six passengers.

The redhead sitting against the side, next to Goku, stared at Gray, "Give him a break." she ordered Gray, who gulped and nodded his head, turning his attention to stare out the back. The forest passing by with a moderate pace.

It was Lucy who, after a few minutes had passed, broke the silence. "I know I've said this before, but I have a really bad feeling about this mission." her hands cupped her face nervously, "and why am I here?! I'm not all that strong! It's not like I'm going to be able to help you guys anyway!" she complained, before hugging her knees.

In a slightly bored tone, Gray responded, "Listen, this ain't exactly a picnic for me either. So stop pouting, would ya?"

Lucy continued to pout.

"Oh come Lucy, it's not that bad!" Goku laughed, his arms extended out to either side as he leaned against the corner of the wagon. "You're here because Makarov wanted you to be, isn't that enough?"

Lucy sighed, "I know, but why me? He had the rest of the Saiyans to choose from, not to mention Gajeel and Juvia."

"Gajeel and Juvia were sent on a different mission, remember?" Happy chimed in.

Goku continued, "and so were Vegeta, Gohan, and… Big Trunks, and Makarov wanted Kid Trunks and Goten to go with Gohan and Trunks." he smiled and slapped her on the back, "Hey, you still have me though!" That at least made Lucy smile, having the comfort of at least one saiyan warrior.

As Natsu complained about the trip, Lucy would continue, "It just seems like we're always the ones picked for this kind of stuff!"

"You should consider it an honor." Erza scolded, "and today will be our first joint operation involving the other allied guilds. It's important that we start to build a good rapport."

"Eh?" Goku chimed up.

"Reputation." Erza sighed.


"There it is!" Happy's voice chimed from in front of the wagon, signaling that their trip had finally come to an end, much to Natsu's joy.

A few minutes later, they were pushing the manor door inward, revealing a bright foyer lit with natural lighting. "Greaaaat, another creepy old mansion…" Lucy muttered, staring around distastefully.

"It's the second home of Master Bob, the leader of Blue Pegasus."

"Oh him…" Gray said nervously, "he… makes me feel funny."

Behind him, looking just as awkward, was Erza, "Gray, be nice, he may be eccentric, but he deserves our respect."

Goku laughed at them for a moment, before suddenly, their assumed privacy was broken by the sound of tambourines. "Yes!" a young, obviously male voice sang out, "They're here at last!" this drew the attention of the Fairy Tail wizards. "Hey, Hey, Hey, Hey! Helllllo! Fairy Tail!" the voices finished, and three men appeared in a bright spotlight.

The entire Fairy Tail group had faces of incredulity, including the normally non-perturbed Goku. "We're so glad you came!" the trio continued, with the one in the middle leading, and his friends echoing his words. "We are," the center man spoke first, his friend on the left continuing, "The Blue Pegasus," And finally, the one on the right finishing, "elite crew."

"The Trimens!" they said unison.

Meanwhile, across the room, Goku leaned into his foster-daughter's ear with a sweat drop running down his head, "Erza, why are they talking funny?"

Erza whispered back with a sigh. "It's just how they are."

Back with the Trimens, they weren't done with introductions just yet. "Hundred Nights Hibiki." The center man finally gave himself a name.

"Holy Night Eve." the shortest, most effeminate looking man in the group introduced himself.

"Still Night Ren." the third man, who had dark hair and skin introduced himself.

"Wow!" Lucy gushed, seemingly the only one from her group that was impressed. "They're like, the hottest wizards around now! Hibiki is always in Sorcerer Weekly's top eligible bachelors list!" she gushed, while the man winked at her, "He's been in the top three for the past few months!" Lucy looked behind her to Natsu and Gray, one was bent over a pillar, still trying not to barf from the trip here, and other was squealing about being underdressed. "And they are not on the list." she sighed, not really counting Goku, who was staring off into space, since he wasn't a bachelor.

Meanwhile, the Trimens continued with their antics, Hibiki winking and speaking in suave voice, "I've heard tales of your beauty, and they were true." he cooed to Erza, who's eyes narrowed.

Eve slid down to his knee and stared up at the redheaded Knight, "I'm pleased to meet you, Miss Titania!"

Not one to be flanked, her eyes slid behind and Ren approached her. "Please, come with me." he crooned out in an easily seductive voice. Now all of these activities at least, caught Goku's attention as he drew his gaze from wondering around the building, two the two men who had put his daughter on a couch with her between them, a table with a bottle of chilled champagne in front of them. A slight twinge of protectiveness made Goku's eye twitch, but he restrained himself, Erza could handle herself.

As Hibiki and Eve tried to advance on Erza, Ren slid behind the unsuspecting Lucy and cradled her, making the blonde wizard blush furiously at his advances. "No joke." Gray muttered in annoyance at the Trimens, "What is the deal with these guys?"

"I missed something." Natsu mumbled, finally regaining a sense of awareness, "who are they?"

Meanwhile, Goku was fidgeting, "Didn't we come here to fight?" he grumbled, growing grouchy at the Trimen's dawdling and their advances on Erza.

A few more minutes would pass as the three men continued their attempts to flirt, Goku gradually getting calmer as he saw Erza had little interest in them. It wouldn't be until they had finished their routine, and Erza and Lucy had matching looks of disbelief and embarrassment that a fourth newcomer made themselves known. "Now, now, calm down men." the new man said, his voice even deeper and more suave. "Give these lovely ladies some breathing room."

"Yes Ichiya Sir!" Ren barked like a solider.

In an instant, Erza had disappeared from Lucy's side and reappeared at Goku's, "Goku, get me out of here!" she ordered him.

Goku backed away in a mixture of shock and fear, "E-eh?"

"I'm not joking!" she barked nervously, "Instant Transmission me right-"

Unfortunately, it was too late, as the deep voice called her out, "It's been too long, Miss Scarlet."

"A long time… yes…" Erza muttered, lightly trembling. Goku stared down at her in confusion, wondering how powerful this man was to make her so scared! "I never expected to see you here."

Finally, the sun shifted, and the man was revealed. Goku fell over in shock behind his foster-daughter, unable to believe she was scared of this dwarf! He was shorter than Krillin, with a face that glistened like it was oiled, and was chiseled with definition. "Oh how I missed you! My sweet honey!" Ichiya declared, "But don't cry, I am here!"

"MY SWEET HONEY?!" Happy and Lucy both squealed in shock, while Erza trembled, looking utterly traumatized and disturbed. Her adopted Father standing behind her with a look of sheer confusion and lack of understanding as Erza stared up the stairs at the figure of Ichiya.

"Pssst, Erza! Erza!" Goku bent over as Ichyia slid down the railing. "Is this weird guy your boyfriend?"

Erza's head snapped around as she was drawn out of her stupor, "AB-SO-LUTE-LY NOT!" she squealed at Goku, taken back and genuinely offended by the mere thought of that! Meanwhile, Ichiya had seemingly grown serious for a moment, and barked at the Trimens to clean their mess up, declaring they had work to do, but that only lasted for the briefest of moments before Ichiya was back to his old ways, pointing at Lucy and Erza.

"It seems as if destiny has brought us together, Miss Erza, Miss Lucy." he looked up at Goku, and at Natsu and Gray, "You three, not so much."

While Gray was offended, Natsu was still barely aware of his surroundings, and Goku only nervously laughed, still confused with the entire situation. Lucy was now trembling lightly and muttered, "He's creeping me out…"

"Yeah, me too." Erza muttered, stepping back so her shoulders lightly bumped into Goku's chest, her normal personality seemingly restored, "I never choose to be in his company. However, he is a gifted wizard." she conceded unwillingly.

"Listen up you Blue Pegasus Playboy wannabes!" Gray barked, drawing attention, and anger, to himself. "You'd be wise to keep your hands of these ladies." he threatened loudly, taking a protective stand of Erza and Lucy, "We clear?"

"As Crystal." Ichiya responded cooly, while the Trimens glared. "Now take your leave."

Gray snarled in annoyance, "We're here on serious business! Can you pretty boys even fight?"

"Fight?" Goku's gaze refocused on them.

"You wanna find out?" Hibiki threatened, while Eve backed him up, "Yeah, we're real tough pal." The promise of a fight even drew Natsu out, who excitedly opted to join in.

Erza sighed, deciding to be the adult, and took a step forward, putting a few feet between herself and Goku, this proved to be her undoing, as just when she was about to start taking control, Ichiya slid behind her. "My honey." he whispered in a deep, seductive tone, and Erza lost all sense of any emotion except fear. He quickly slid to her waist to start sniffing her scent. "Your sweet parfume… It still smells so delicious!" he crooned, sniffing her waist.

At long last, Erza lost it, and spun around, her right hand snapped down and she gathered energy there, a ball of bright yellow ki formed in her fingertips and she launched it into Ichiya's stomach, making him fly back towards the door. "YOU STAY FAR AWAY FROM ME!" she squealed, all self-control lost.

Goku watched with a nervous chuckle, a large drop of nervous sweat running down the back of his head. "N-Nice… Ki Blast…" he praised, while Ichiya flew towards the open door of the manor, as a shadowy figure appeared there. It rose its hand and caught the flying perv before he could go too far.

"You dare greet us with this flying buffoon." the new comer said, before taking a step inside and revealing his face. He was young, with blue-white hair and a piercing gaze.

"HEY!" Goku called out to him, drawing the man's attention, "DO I KNOW YOU FROM SOMEWHERE?!"

The blue-haired man sweat dropped, but not before Gray got a good look at him. "It's you!" Gray said in shock.

"It's you." the man retorted, in a mixture of both shock, and arrogance.

"Oh, hey! I remember you!" Goku laughed as his memory returned, "So you did join a guild!" he laughed, but Lyon apparently wasn't in the mood to catch up, after having frozen Ichiya solid, she snapped his arm out to make the wizard go flying, and skip across the ground, Erza running behind Goku to avoid any chance of being hit by him.

"What is wrong with you?!" Gray demanded from his old friend.

Lyon answered with cool anger, "He's the one who attacked me, Gray!"

Ren growled darkly, "Watch it, that's our leader you're messing with pal."

"How dare you!" Eve chimed in.

Hibiki snarled, "You and your men should just turn around and go home."

"Oh?" a feminine voice from behind Lyon crooned, "Does that mean women are fine to stay?" Suddenly, the carpet under Lucy started to move, making the blonde squeal in terror as it was yanked out from under her, and Sherry Blendy made her presence known.

While everyone was distracted by this, Ichiya bounced up behind Erza, declaring his desire to inhale her sweet scent even more. Erza shivered in disgust and summoned a spear. "I SAID STAY AWAY!" she barked. All around the manor, things were breaking down by the second, leaving Goku as the only one not currently trying to fight someone.

Eventually, the madness stopped when a large figure slammed his staff against the ground. The entire group stopped to stare at him, and even Goku had to admit he was intrigued. The man stood roughly his own height. With his serious demeanor and bald head, Goku had to admit the man reminded him a bit of Tien. The man barked out for the group to calm down, and oddly enough it did.

While sensing out the newcomer's power, Goku would bend over to Erza's height. "Who's he? His power is amazing for this world."

Erza leaned back to answer without taking her eyes off him. "Iron Rock Jura. He's one of the ten wizard saints, like Makarov."

Really? Goku thought as he straightened up. While Jura obviously couldn't hold his own with Goku, or really any of Goku's friends, he certainly was impressive.

It wasn't long before Jura spoke again, "We have representation from three guilds, but those from Cait Shelter have yet to arrive."

"Ah Yes!" Ichiya declared, despite hanging from the tip of Erza's spear, he was acting as if nothing was the matter, "and I hear that particular guild is only sending a single member!"

"Just one?" Erza asked, forgetting her apparent disgust of Ichiya for a moment.

Gray looked shocked, "What are they thinking?!" he demanded, "we're supposed to be up against a group of insanely strong wizards and they're only sending one person?!"

"One?!" Lucy squealed, cupping her own face, "If they're only sending one person, how crazy strong are they?!"

As if on cue, a high-pitched squeal echoed through the building from behind Jura. The entire group turned to face the noise, and what they saw, none of them had expected. Instead of an impressive looking fighter, a small, pre-teenaged girl was picking herself up. She had a gently angular face, with large brown eyes, and she looked nervously at the others. Her garb was a blue and yellow striped dress, and the girl looked a little slender for her age. Altogether, she looked gentle and harmless. "Hi, ah… I'm… I'm sorry I got here so late." she apologized with closed eyes and a soft blush, before opening her eyes and smiling at them, "I come from the Cait Shelter guild. My name's Wendy! It's nice to meet all of you!"

"She's a kid?!" Lucy exclaimed in shock.

"A little girl?" Lyon exclaimed.

In fact, while everyone else seemed unable to get past her age, the only one who was able to get past it with little trouble was, of course Goku. From underneath Erza's bootheel, Ichiya muttered, "She's… not handsome."

"Nor is she a man." Erza continued, "why should it matter?"

Behind her, Goku gently put his hand on Erza's shoulder and made his way past her, the younger redhead pausing to stare up at her father strolled past. Goku walked calmly past the entire group, drawing most of the attention to himself just by doing so. Even Jura stared at the saiyan, who's clothes rustled lightly as he walked up the young girl, who was only being talked about, instead of being talked to.

With a light smile, Goku extended his hand down to her, and flashed her a bright smile, his left hand going behind his head to scratch his hair lightly as he grinned at the young pre-teen. "Hi, I'm Goku!"

Wendy stared up at the towering figure of Goku, trembling lightly in nervousness at his sudden approach, but as she stared up at his goofy smile and heard his innocent and gentle greeting, she could not help but smile lightly and start to extend her own hand up to his. Just as she was about to shake Goku's hand however, a small white paw would slip around her hand and slap Goku's hand, to little effect, but he still withdrew out of surprise. "Hey!" Goku pouted at the being who had done the slapping, another talking cat like Happy.

This newcomer, didn't have much interest in Goku however, and turned to stare up Wendy, "Don't shake his hand! You don't even know him Wendy!" she scolded in an overbearing yet motherly fashion.

"I was just being polite!" Goku pouted at the feline, putting his hands on his hips and frowning at her, genuinely hurt by that jab, as the rest of the group gossiped about the new feline, whom Happy seemed to be quite stricken with.

Wendy would pout too, "You didn't need to do that Carla!"

The feline continued, "This is why I followed you. You're far too young to travel unaccompanied child."

For a moment, the group fell into conversation about the two newcomers again, with Happy asking Lucy to introduce him to Carla, only to get a sarcastic, but well deserved response. But it wouldn't long before Wendy would shyly look at everyone and draw attention back to herself by speaking lightly, "I-I'm sorry that I'm probably not what you expected. I know I'm much smaller and younger than the rest of you, and I'm not much of a fighter. But I can use all kind of support magic! So please…" her demeanor broke and she begged nervously, "let me join the group! I'd be so embarrassed if you sent me home!"

The rest of the group stared silently for a moment, off put by Wendy's softhearted nature. However, Goku would be the first to step forward, walking to her side and turning around, his hand resting on her head as he ruffled her hair and smiled. "Of course we'll have you!" he laughed, earning a bright smile from Wendy.

Now that the ice was broken, Erza stepped forward with a smile, "Forgive me," she cooed in a kind tone, "I was caught off guard, but rest assured no offense was meant. We're glad to have you aboard Wendy!"

From under Goku's hand, Wendy's smile grew wider, "Wow! You're Erza aren't you!" she praised in a worshiping fashion, earning a slightly arrogant smirk from the Knight.

It wasn't long before Wendy was caught up in the Trimens' antics as well, leaving Goku and Erza to once again stand alone, side by side, staring at the young girl with soft smiles. "You accepted her age rather easily." Erza observed.

Goku grinned, "I was her age when I left home with Bulma, and Gohan was eleven when he killed Cell, why should her age matter?"

"Good Point." Erza responded, but she soon narrowed her eyes. "You do feel that though, right?"

Goku nodded, "Yeah. Her power is strange for a human's. It's like Natsu but… gentler." he cooed softly. As they watched, Wendy was sat on a couch with the Trimens all hanging around her, the girl trembling in nervousness at their advances on her. Despite this, they watched as she made eye contact with Natsu, and smiled sweetly at him.

Amazingly, it was Ichiya who brought order to the room as he ordered his men to clean up, as Wendy was there on business. Once freed, she retreated to Goku and Erza, as Wendy felt it was the safest… and least strange place to be, as Ichiya began the presentation.

Just to run a few lines into it to use the bathroom. This left an annoyed Gray to mutter about what he was doing, and a bored Goku to groan at all of the distractions keeping him from fighting. The saiyan's mind would wonder in boredom for a few minutes, before he suddenly sensed something! Goku's head snapping up and in the direction of Ichiya's power. He swore he sensed it disappear! But… It was back now… What… What just happened? Goku wondered, narrowing his eyes. It might have just been a fluke. He stopped paying attention for a moment and merely didn't notice it.

"Goku?" Erza chimed up from beside him, drawing Goku's attention down to her, whom was looking up at him with a slightly concerned look. "Everything okay?"

"Y-Yeah, I just sensed something weird. But it's nothing." Goku assured her, ruffling her hair to both calm her, and annoy her at the same time.

Ichyia came back down moments later, declaring that he felt much better. "Now then, to the north lies the Worth Woodsea, where the ancients who inhabited this area once secured a powerful force. A magic called Nirvana!" Ichiya danced in a flared motion.

The rest of the group listened curiously.

It was Ren, of the Trimens who spoke next. "We don't know anything of this magic, besides its name, and that it is destructive in Nature."

"And that the Oracion Seis wants it bad." Eve chimed in.

"Destruction, hmmm?" Goku muttered, narrowing his eyes, and allowing himself to grow serious now.

"In order to stop them… we must destroy the Oracion Seis!" the Trimens, along with Ichyia declared, this at least, made Goku grin at the prospect of battle. Hibiki did explain that the group did need to be careful, as the Oracion Seis were more powerful, but this did little to dissuade the planet-busting Saiyan, who was more than confident in his abilities. Hibiki then turned to the side, and a screen appeared in midair, over a light-formed keyboard that he started to type on. "Thanks to my archive magic, we managed to store some photos of the enemy."

"So he's a computer?" Goku chimed in innocently, earning a shushing from Erza.

Hibiki continued, "This is Cobra."

"Beady eyes and a mischievous smirk. He looks like trouble to me." Natsu chimed in.

"Next up is a man named Racer. From that, we guess he uses speed magic."

Gray narrowed his eyes, "I have a bad feeling about this one."

"Me as well." Lyon grunted, crossing his arms.

Hibiki continued through the members, a tall, broad man with an angular face named Hoteye, a beautiful, slender woman with white hair named Angel, a man sitting on a flying carpet named Midnight, and their leader, Brain, whom Goku narrowed his eyes at. There was something Goku didn't like about the man, beyond the fact he was Goku's target. His stare was unnatural, and his entire demeanor just put the saiyan oddly on edge.

In a way, it actually helped with Lucy rose her hand, "U-Uhm," she stammered, "I don't want to die today, so may I please go home?"

"I don't wanna die either!" Wendy chimed in.

The two of them acting like that did make Goku smile, and returned his normal happy demeanor, but still, now that he knew what his enemies looked like, he was excited for the fight. However it would be Ichiya who took charge once again. "Curb your fears!" he ordered the group, "There is more to our mission then mortal combat! Perhaps with any luck, we can find the enemy stronghold!"

"Stronghold?" Goku asked with a curious blink.

"You heard him." Ren grunted gruffly. "We've looked everywhere, but have had no luck."

Eve took over for his friend, "We know they have a temporary base in the Worth Woodsea."

"And if we find it, our plan is to gather the entirety of the Oracion Seis there!" Ichyia finished.

"Wait, how do we get them all there?" Lucy chimed in.

Natsu, of course, had the answer to that. "We beat them up and drag them back!"

Goku laughed, "Sounds good to me!"

"Wait." Erza muttered, cupping her own chin, "what then?"

"Then!" Ichiya declared with all the dramatic flair he could muster, and pointing skyward, "We give them a one-way ticket to oblivion, curtesy of Christina!"

"Eh?" Goku questioned, a curious tick forming on his head as he looked skyward and saw only the ceiling.

Erza sighed and pinched the bridge of her nose, "It's outside." she explained, and Goku apologized with a dumb grin, which did make Erza smile in the end.

"I've heard stories of the magic bomber!" Sherry chimed in, "I thought that was just a myth!"

Lucy had a different reaction. "Is that really necessary?!"

"That's the type of enemy we face!" Jura barked out. "Remember. Never engage the enemy in solo combat!"

He did continue to speak, but Goku at this point, leaned forward to Erza and whispered into her ear. "Should I mention that I could probably just take the hideout out myself?"

Erza shook her head. "No. We know you could, but the other guilds don't. It's not worth bothering with right now."

"That's true bu-"

"ALRIGHT!" Whatever Goku was about to say was lost, to the excited charge of Natsu Dragneel, "LETS GO! I'M ALL FIRED UP!" The rest of the group watched as Natsu broke down the front wall, and charged forward, leaving a cloud of dust in his wake.

The rest of his guild followed him, including Goku, while Lucy cried out, "WHERE DO YOU THINK YOU'RE GOING?!"

Erza pinched the bridge of her nose. "He's always acting without a plan."

Gray smirked, "What do you want to bet he didn't even HEAR the plan?"

The knight sighed and shook her head, "C'mon, let's go catch up to him!" she ordered, making Gray and a reluctant Lucy follow her. Goku blinked in confusion at the sudden happenings, but before he knew it, he was left alone at the doorway with Wendy. The poor girl was trembling in fear and confusion, not knowing what to do next.

With a wordless smile, Goku extended a hand down to her and smiled, flashing his cheesy grin and scratching the back of his head. "C'mon! I'll catch us up in no time!" he laughed.

Even though she had just met him, Goku's easy going demeanor and lack of worry helped calm Wendy. With a small smile, she reached up to grab his hand, and in the next instant, they disappeared and reappeared with the rest of the group.

And at the forefront of a new battle.

Bit longer than the last one, eh? But in all seriousness, getting this chapter out so soon really makes me happy, and I hope you all enjoyed it.