This was wirtten for a Fusion Fall story trade. She wrote a Numbuh 2 x Numbuh 5 fic for me, so I'm writing a Dee Dee x Bubbles for her~!^^

Hope you like it Maty~!


Bubbles flew excitdly through the sky as she headed toward genius grove.

With the ponypuff doll in her backpack, she smiled at what her girlfriend would think when she got it. Dee Dee would love it!

Dee Dee? Bubbles' girlfriend? Of course! Odd? Hey! I'm the narrator! Let me explain before you judge!

Anyway, the two had become close friends and Dee Dee eventually asked Bubbles out and the blue powerpuff agreed but the two hadn't told anyone, but have been together for two months.

There? Make more sense now?

Anyway, Bubbles landed in Genius Grove, flying up to the door to Dee-Dee's house and opened the door.

"Dee-Dee~! I got ya somthing~!"

At the sound of Bubbles' voice, Dee Dee stopped her dancing and turned to her.

"Bubbles~!" Dee Dee ran at the blue powerpuff and wrapped her arms around her, being surprisingly strong for a petite ballerina. She and Bubbles laughed and spun around the room together.

"I got you something~" The two now on the floor, dizzy and out of breath.

"What is it?" Dee Dee, who was on her back, now rolled over on her stomach.

Bubble's reached into her Octi backpack and pulled out the ponypuff doll and handed it to Dee Dee, who, in all honesty, looked like she was about to explode from happiness.

Dee Dee snatched the doll out of Bubble's hands and ripped it out of its packaging, then looked at it was absolute awe.

Bubbles just watched, knowing she had picked the perfect gift for her girlfriend.

Without any warning, Dee Dee tackled Bubbles and kissed her on the face multiple times.

"Thank you!" Mwah "Thank you!" Mwah "Thank you!"

Bubbles laughed, struggling to breathe.

"Dee Dee! That tickles!"


I'm so sorry it's so short and it took so long to finish -.- Time gets away from me too easily.