Kevin's POV - Bullies...

As the last bell rang I sighed in relief, but soon regretting it causing the bruising on my stomach to cry in pain. I pushed up my glasses glancing around to make sure no one is stalking me. Yeah... I have that phobia of fearing that people are stalking me. That's why I'm so nervous around Eddward... he's such a mysterious person. After knowing the coast was clear and half the class room was now empty, I decided to gather my things and take my leave. held my stuff tight to my chest as I nervously made my way to my locker through the now half empty hallways. Life sure has been tough since this move. Back in my old town I had friends who liked me no matter what, and my old school was much more friendly.

As I approached my locker I put some of my books into my black messenger bag. I took out the school's book guide to find the history room. The history room is where they hold the Quiz Bowl meets.
After reading where the room was I seem to find myself ascending up to the third floor. I found a room labled 302. I sighed as I entered, earning another grunt from my stomach.
I looked up to see a group of kids already there: a tall blue-haired boy; a short-haired blonde girl; a boy holding a piece of wood, the one I saw leave the restroom; a red-haired girl; and a small curly-haired boy with braces. They all locked their eyes on me, which made me nervous.
Suddenly they all smiled and greeted me. The blonde came up to me first to shake my hand, "Sup bro? The names' Nazz," she said in a tom-boyish way.
I shook her hand in return, "Greetings, I'm Kevin," I replied a little more calmed.
Then one by one they all introduced themselves. The red-haired girl that I'm guessing is a Freshmen hooked arms with the smaller boy. "I'm Sarah and this is Jimmy," she announced motioning to the smaller boy which mustered a small 'Hello'.
The tall boy gave a big smile, "I'm Rolf! Welcome to the Quiz Bowl club small boy."
I frowned at that. 'I'm 5'2... Yes... I suppose that is pretty small'
The boy with the wooden plank smiled, "My name's Johnny! Uh... sorry about not helping you with the bathroom situation. It's just... Double D can get a bit scary," Johnny apologized.
The rest of the group gasped besides Nazz. Nazz frowned, "Yeah man, D didn't hurt you badly did he? I mean he really is a good guy when you get ta know him."
I frowned at that too. 'Yeah because shoving a person and slamming them against the wall only to punch them in the stomach means they're a nice person' I shook my head, "It's nothing..."
Nazz didn't look satisfied about my answer, but over looked it. "So, Let's get you involved.

The group wave their goodbyes at 3:30p.m. I smiled as I saw them exit the front doors. 'Now, all I have to do is wait for thirty minutes until Eddward shows up, or... I could just go home' I quickly shook my head taking off my cap. I ran my hands through my soft hair. 'No, no, no,no... I don't want to anger him again' I thought as I made my way to the boys restroom.
The sooner I entered the sooner I regretted it. There were four jock guys all look at me. I calmed and straightened my posture. I walked to the sink trying to ignore the snickering boys.
I removed my glasses to get a paper towel wet. As I wiped my face, I froze hearing a soft click. I quickly placed on my glasses and turned around. Sure enough the boys were surrounding me and the door was locked behind them.
The boy that I recognized as Eddward's friend, Nat, took a step closer to me.
"So, How was your first day 'new kid'," he snarled.
I tried my best not to sound scared. "I-It went good I suppose," I answered, mentally slapping myself for stuttering.
Nat shook his head, "Wrong answer."
Then in a quick flash they all were beating me. I fell on the floor letting the painful punches bruising my skin. The only place I blocked was my face.
I don't know when they left... I think I was here longer than intended. I slowly lifted myself up wincing as pain surged through out my body. I glanced at the mirror and my body was a complete wreck. My clothes were stain with blood and my left lens was cracked.
I shook my head and removed my glasses. I found my bag somewhere tossed in the corner of this filthy place. I placed my broken glasses in the bag and slung it around my shoulders. I looked at my watch closely and it read 4:10pm... 'Wow... I must've laid there for a while then.
Suddenly it hit me, I was suppose to meet up with Eddward at 4 sharp! I ran to the main hallway to the front doors. I ignored all the pain that hit my nervous system. Sure enough, the mysterious student was waiting for me with a pissed off look inside the school. He was leaning against the front doors with his eyes closed.
I walked two steps towards him, "Uh... E-Eddward... I can explain."
I patiently waited for him to open his eyes and when he did, he looked even more pissed off than before. I rubbed my eyes, they started hurting for not having a clear focus and all this squinting wasn't helping either.
I jumped as I felt a hand grab my arm. I soon realized that he was pulling me to his car. It was pretty nice, it was all black with silver rims. The windows were tinted... which kind of scared me. I looked back at Eddward and he released my arm.
"Get in," he ordered.
I nodded and got in the passengers seat. I slowly put on my seatbelt, the leather strap pressed against my bruised body. I must have let out a sound of pain because Eddward quickly looked at me.
"We'll go to my place, I have medical supplies there," he informed.
I nodded, "Okay... but uh... Eddward, may we please stop by my house so I can grab my contacts?" I requested.
Eddward raised his eyebrows, "What happened to your glasses dork?" he asked.
I gave him a hurt look, 'Why does he always call me a dork... I'm just smart and the definition means slow... So if anything Eddward's the dork.' I sighed, "My glasses broke..." I explained.
Edd sighed, "Okay... You live by Nazz correct?"
I looked down at my lap, "Yeah..." I was starting to feel a little light headed.
The rest of the ride was awkward... I almost fell asleep until Edd nudged me. I rubbed my eyes and forced myself to look at Edd.
"I parked at my place because I live close by you," he chuckled. "The results of living in the cul-de-sac. Well anyways I'll walk you to your house to get your contacts."
I had to think for a second to comprehend what he said, but it soon came to me. I nodded and quickly got out of his car. Edd took me by my arm and started walking towards the direction of my house. My heart started to race.
"U-um Eddward... I'm sure I can walk by myself," I informed.
Edd glared at me, "Stop calling me Eddward, and I just want to hurry."
I tilted my head in confusion, "Why?"
Edd stopped and gave me a look as if I was stupid. "Dude, you're hurt."
I mentally slapped myself again. 'Ofcourse...' We continued walking until we came to a stop. I looked up to Eddward. I couldn't help it... he's about 5'9...
"Which one is your house?" he asked.
I looked back up and pointed to the left by Nazz's. 'How embarrassing... On the first day of school I get myself beat up and now getting helped by my own bully... Which I don't get?' I looked at Eddward as we approached my house. He just stared at me waiting...
"Well are you going to open up the door or what dork?" he questioned placing his hands in his black jacket.
I hesitated then quickly turned around to open the door to hide the blush that formed on my face. 'Why do I keep blushing... no...' I argued with my brain to my conclusion. As I entered in I removed my shoes.
"Oh, please take off your shoes Eddward," I simply requested not looking at his face.
I heard an aggravated sigh, "For the love of God, stop calling me Eddward," Edd complained removing his shoes.
I blinked in confusion, "Why do you dislike getting called by your name?" I wondered.
Eddward glared at me, "Just get your contacts."
And that was the end of that conversation... I quickly walked upstairs to my room almost tripping on the way. As I reached the top of the stairs I took a deep breath.
'Okay, pull yourself together Kevin' I walked to my room turning my door nob. My room was exactly how I left it. My bed was perfectly made and everything was neat. I moved to my dresser and opened the first drawl. There I found my contact case, I grabbed it and made my way out my room. I gently closed my door and went across the hall to my bathroom.
I walked in and opened my contact case. As I put one contact in I got lost in my thoughts.
'This is so weird... Why is Eddward trying to help me when he also hit me too?' As I put in the other contact I froze. 'Eddward!' I quickly closed my contact case and stuffed it into my pocket. I rushed down the stairs to see Eddward looking around my house curiously.
I sighed in relief wincing at the pain it caused. Eddward looked at me with a glare.
"Dude, Let go to my place."
I didn't oppose, instead I found myself walking behind Eddward out the door. During the minute walk from my house to his, I mustered up the courage to ask what I've been thinking for a while.
"So, Eddward? Why are you going to... um... care to my wounds?" I asked.
Eddward rolled his eyes, "Well, I did have plans with you today, but it seems that you are in no condition for what I had planned."
"Oh," I said a little disappointed.
Eddward stopped in front of his house and turned around to face me. "If you tell anyone I helped you, I'll beat you worse than whoever did that to you," he threatened pointing at my wounds.
A shiver went down my spine as he spoke his words like poisonous venom. "I-I understand..." I replied.

'This day is all too confusing'