A/N: These vignettes are set in the 'Once and Future Queen' universe. You can find that story on my author page. If you haven't read that story these small looks into the world won't make much sense.

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Enjoy this first fluffy look into Oliver, Felicity, Alice, and Robbie's life.

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The upper floor of the mansion was suspiciously quiet for the weekend, so when Felicity carefully closed Robbie's bedroom door behind her she headed down the hallway seeking out the rest of her family.

She found them in the master bedroom, Oliver sprawled on his side of the bed, Alice reclining against the pillow's on Felicity's, the treasured tablet the new first grader had received for her birthday cradled in her lap.

Whispered words she couldn't quite make out met her ears as she approached and when she made it to the end of the bed she smiled as Oliver made an exaggerated cringe and rolled towards Alice, "Uh-oh, baby girl, we've been caught."

"What are you two doing?" Felicity asked with a laugh as Alice giggled, raising the tablet to hide behind as Felicity crawled onto the mattress and laid down between them.

"I was showing Daddy my new show. But I told him he could just listen to it if he wanted to."

"Really? Listen with his eyes shut I bet," Felicity replied as Oliver poked a finger in her side causing her to squirm back against him.

He immediately wrapped a long arm around her waist, their bodies so in tune they found all the right spaces where they fit together easily, years of practice in play.

"Robbie asleep?" he murmured into her hair and she nodded.

"We're probably good for an hour."

"Daddy was grumpy with Uncle Roy. That's why I told him he could just listen to my show," Alice proclaimed with all the surety that a six and a half year old could.

Oliver sighed behind her as Felicity bit her lip to keep from laughing, "Well, Daddy's had a busy week. I think listening with his eyes closed is probably a good idea."

"That's what I told him." Alice shot her a look that was far too old for a girl her age, "You can listen too, Mommy."

"I think that sounds perfect," Oliver tugged her closer and she gave in with no protest, laying her head on his bent arm. "Warm enough?" he asked and she told him she was. Even though he and Alice were under the covers and she was on top his body heat was enough.

"You're an excellent blanket."

"Daddy's not a blanket! He's a Daddy!" Alice protested.

"He's a pretty good blanket too."

"But he's the best Daddy."

"Yes he is, baby girl. The very best." Oliver pressed a kiss to her head as she laid one arm over Alice's legs and pulled her little body in to them.

"Okay, Mommy you have to be quiet now, it's time to listen."

Felicity looked up at Alice and gave her a wide smile which was returned, gap in the front where her top teeth were missing.

"We're listening," Oliver assured her, reaching up to smooth unruly dark hair out of her face before he spread his hand wide over Felicity's middle to run a soothing rhythm with his thumb just over her navel.

As Alice started the show Felicity let her eyes drift shut, feeling more than hearing Oliver's breathing even out behind her.

These moments made everything else worth it. The risk, the danger, the long nights and short days and the constant fear that one of them wouldn't come home one day. This is why they did it. So they could lay in bed at two in the afternoon on a Saturday and take a nap while their daughter played next to them and their baby boy slept soundly down the hall.

It was the only reason they needed.