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Felicity's heels clicked slowly and without rhythm across the tiled foyer and into the kitchen as she sorted mail while she walked. "Something smells good." she called without looking up, "I thought it was Raisa's night off."

That was said with a hint of mischief as she finally lifted her head, taking in the bright overly large kitchen to see two pots on the professional range spewing steam with Oliver tending to them.

"Always the comedian, Mommy thinks she's so funny." Oliver muttered to Alice who sat on the wide island behind him, watching him cook.

"Mommy is funny!" Alice called, turning to look at Felicity as she pulled a mostly crumpled paper out of the bookbag that lay next to her, "Look! I'm getting an award for being the best reader in the class. Can you come see it?"

Felicity stepped closer, taking the rumpled notice from her overly excited first grader, making note of the date and time and running through her mental calendar before she answered. A meeting with the Asia offices would have to be rescheduled but that wouldn't be a problem. "Oh wow, sweetie look at this! You did so good. I told you all that extra reading you like to do would pay off. Of course, I'm going to be there. I wouldn't miss it for the world!" she swung the little girl off the counter and into her arms.

"Are you sure? Because Valerie's dad isn't going to be there. She said so at lunch and he doesn't run a multinational corporation like you do."

Felicity had to stifle a laugh. Alice had heard Queen Consolidated referred to as that once on the news and once she had practiced it enough wouldn't say it any other way.

"Well, clearly your mom's a better parent than Valerie's dad." Oliver piped up, coming over to drop a kiss on her mouth before she could admonish him for his comment.

"Welcome home." he whispered against her lips, interrupted a second later when Alice said 'ew' and squirmed to get down.

"Go and grab my tablet so I can put it in my calendar and put the paper on the fridge in case Raisa or Aunt Thea can make it."

As Alice scrambled off Felicity caught a look at the back of her hair. What she had assumed was a normal pony tail was actually two french braids that came together in the back. Her brow quirked at the sight, she'd been out of the house before Alice had woken up that morning and her hairdressing skills had never evolved to including braids.

"Where's Robbie?" she inquired as she snitched a piece of pepper sauteing in the pan, leaning into Oliver's side while he worked. Their normally rambunctious toddler was nowhere to be seen and the silence was concerning.

She felt him tense and drew back already knowing what had happened.

"I may have let him sleep a little late with his nap." he said with a wince.

"Oliver! Now he's never going to go to bed on time tonight."

He tapped the wooden spoon on the side of the pan before laying it on the spoon rest and gathering her into his arms, "No big. He's two! If he's still awake we'll have a dude's night and watch the 1987 championship game again. He loves it."

An hour later as they all sat around the smaller table in the kitchen Alice kept talking about her award. "You know Mommy, I actually read the most books in the whole school but they didn't have an award for that, just for your class."

"That's all you." Oliver said with a wink Felicity's direction over the rim of his wine glass.

"We're very proud of you."

"And Daddy said he'd give me a super extra special braid for the awards ceremony!"

Felicity froze and then turned incredulous eyes on Oliver, "Wait a minute, you did her hair today? I just assumed it was Raisa or Thea. How did you…"

Oliver just shrugged, taking a large bite of his meal. "That Valerie girl comes into school everyday with a new hairstyle done by her nanny. Alice asked if she could have one this morning. I found a video on YouTube." he said it as if it was nothing.

"We found so many videos, Mommy! Daddy saved the ones he liked. He said we could do a new one everyday!"


"What? It's not that hard. I am rather good with my hands." he said with a smirk and accompanying eyebrow wag.

She felt her face flush, "Well yes but...I wasn't sure that extended beyond um...metalsmithing…and other talents..."

"Like I said, it's not that hard. And besides, I'm tired of hearing her come home telling stories about this Valerie."

She knew his overprotective nature was difficult to control when it came to his children but she never thought he'd get competitive over hairstyles.

With a grin she slid from her seat to make her way around the table, dropping onto one of his bent legs as she wrapped her arms around his neck, "You are the best father." she said loud enough for the kids to hear before leaning in to kiss him loudly, earning her cheers from Robbie and another round of 'ew' from Alice.

Then she winked, "Maybe you'll have to work some of that magic on me later tonight."