Fair Warning: This fic features Karkat in a prominent role. As such, expect a whole lot of swearing.

Karakat roared in anger as he leaped across the flaming remnants of Harley's house, raising his sickle to finally kill the damn clown. But just before he landed his strike, he felt a hand grip his shoulder and-

He jumped, stretching, trying desperately to pull Terezi down from where she was hanging from her own noose where Gamzee had strung her up, tears streaming from his eyes as the light left hers and-

Karkat shook off the chucklevoodoo just in time to feel the sharp pain in his chest as Gamzee jabbed Terezi's cane neatly through the circles in his sign. He fell, shocked into the lava wracked with burning pain as the flames scorched his skin. He reached his hand upwards and-

There was a flash of blue light as Egbert appeared above him and gripped his outstretched hand.


Mikoto sighed as she waved goodbye to her friends. Moving out of the dorm to an apartment had been difficult work, but it was worth it if it meant not having to put up with Kuroko's crap all day every day. Not that she didn't enjoy Kuroko's company, but after several years she was sick of being groped literally every day. She walked back into her new apartment and-



Mikoto dropped her remaining bags at the sight of a gray skinned boy with horns desperately gripping his chest, trying to keep his candy red blood from oozing out. She rushed over to him, frankly flipping the fuck out.

"Eh…? Who are you? What are you doing here? Does this have to with the magic side? Is that idiot related to this somehow?"

The troll ignored her as he attempted to "do the bloody thing," hoping that his worthless aspect might actually have some use.

"…holy shit. He missed all of my vital organs. Heh. How's that for motherfucking miracles, Gamzee!? Ha! HAHAHAHA! …motherfuckin' miracles."

Mikoto knelt next to where he was lying, addressing the clearly hysterical horned boy.

"Hold still! I'll go call an ambulance! Don't shout so loud, you'll only cause more damage."

Karkat turned towards the girl kneeling to his right.

"…who the flying fuck are you? Where am I?"

Mikoto ignored his loud questions, calling up the hospital on the phone.

Mikoto opened the door to the hospital room, addressing the boy that had appeared in her room.

"The Gekota doctor said you should be resting."

Karkat scowled in response.

"I still have no idea where the nookchafing fuck Egbert sent me, who you are, or even what year it is."

Misaka sighed at his barrage of questions.

"You're in academy city, the most advanced city on the planet, made up almost entirely of students and teachers. The city was created to develop Esper powers. As for me, I'm Misaka Mikoto, #3 level 5 in all of Academy City. In terms of the date, it's April 2nd, 2009."

Karkat's eyes widened when he heard the date.

"Fuck. Is this Earth?"


"The planet, fuckass. Are we on planet Earth?"

"Um… yeah…?"

Mikoto watched as the boy's face turned a slightly paler shade of gray and red beads of sweat began rolling down his face.

"Fuck, fuck, fuck… Sburb. Is there a game coming out, called Sburb?"