Hello. Welcome to the wonderful world of Narnia according to me, littlegirlwarrior. First of all; the events in "The Lion, the Witch and the Wardrobe" are unchanged except for the ages of the Pevensie children (Lucy is 11 instead of 8, Edmund is 13 instead of 10, Susan is 15 instead of 12, and Peter is 16 instead of 13). Secondly, in the continuation from the first film to the second film, 2 years have gone by on Earth but 1300 years have gone by in Narnia (I'll trust you to do the math to find their new ages). Finally, I am going to skip past the part where Doctor Cornelius helps Prince Caspian escape the clutches of his evil Uncle Miraz and get straight to the Pevensies. If you like the story, I will continue it. That's always been my policy.

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"So, um, Hannah, I was wondering if perhaps you'd like to, uh, go out with me sometime?" Edmund asked nervously as he scratched the back of his neck anxiously, causing some of his raven black hair to ruffle out from underneath his school cap.

The blue-eyed girl flirtatiously twirled her blonde locks around her finger. "Do you mean go out on a date?"

"No!" Edmund answered quickly. "I mean yes! I mean...what do you say?"

Hannah tilted her head to the side pensively for a minute. "I say-"

"UGH! GET OFF ME YOU BLOODY-!" some boy screamed from down the platform.

"NOT UNTIL YOU TAKE IT BACK!" a familiar voice yelled in reply.

"Peter?!" Edmund called out. "Uh, Hannah, I'll be right back," he added before he ran toward the source of the disturbance.

At the end of the hall, Edmund found his older brother in the middle of a fight with three boys from their school, Hendon House. It wasn't easy to ignore considering half of the student population was chanting, "FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT FIGHT!" One of them, most likely the one who yelled out first, was Archie Mantle, the most popular guy in school. He was a star athlete, was head of the student council, and dated all of the most beautiful ladies at Saint Finbar's, the all-girl school Susan and Lucy attended. The other two were Sam Cooper and Nick Andrews, also popular jocks from Hendon House.

One of the bullies, Sam by the looks of it, was holding his hurt nose while Archie and Nick had ganged together to beat up Peter. Edmund immediately pushed aside the spectators, not even noticing that his sisters were two of those spectators, and jumped into the fray to defend his big brother.

"Edmund!" Lucy hollered.

Edmund ignored his baby sister and tackled Sam. He took advantage of the Sam's surprise to toss his hat and school bag to the side so he could have better range of motion. Edmund then shoved the shocked bully into the nearest column. Meanwhile, the other two had pushed Peter to the ground. Nick held the blonde Pevensie down while Archie kicked Peter in the ribs. Edmund released hold of Sam and jumped at Nick. All of the boys wrestled on the ground until the shrill sound of a whistle cut through the air.

"STOP THE FIGHT! BREAK IT UP!" soldiers ordered as they ran through the crowded platform to reach the brawl.

The students scattered at the noise, carrying Lucy and Susan away with them.

The soldiers managed to tear the boys apart from each other and scold them for their actions.

"Act your age!" one of the soldiers commanded in a gruff voice as he pushed Peter aside.

Edmund bent over to pick up his abandoned school things when a pair of black Mary Janes and grey knee socks stepped into his line of sight. The brunette boy sighed and braced himself for a tongue-lashing from Susan, but when he looked up, he saw Hannah instead.

"H-Hannah!" Edmund exclaimed. "I-I can explain-"

"Sorry Edmund, but I could never date someone who engages in meaningless violence," Hannah huffed. "Especially not someone who engages in meaningless violence and loses." With a flip of her blonde curls, Hannah and her classmates walked away from the scene of the scuffle.

Edmund felt his face redden in humiliation as the laughs of Hannah and her friends echoed around him.

"It's okay, Ed," Lucy comforted as she put a hand on her brother's shoulder. "She wasn't that pretty anyway. Besides, I'll bet there are tons of girls who would love to be asked on a date by a boy as handsome and charming as you, especially considering you're a king."

"Agreed. You should have seen the boy who just tried to flirt with me," Susan added as she began to brush the dust and dirt off Peter's school uniform.

"What did you do to escape this time?" Peter questioned.

"I told him my name was Phyllis before Lucy showed up and dragged me away to watch you two get in another fight," Susan replied.

The four Pevensie children sat down on a bench to talk and pass the time before the train arrived.

"You're welcome," Edmund muttered.

"I had it sorted," Peter responded.

"What was it this time?" Susan inquired with a pointed look.

"Archie bumped me."

"So you hit him?"

"No," Peter cut in. "After he bumped me, Sam and Nick tried to make me apologize. That's when I hit him."

"Really?" Lucy asked.

"Is it that hard to walk away?" Susan interrogated.

"I shouldn't have to," Peter argued. "I mean, don't you ever get tired of being treated like a kid?!" exclaimed Peter.

"We are kids."

"Well I wasn't always. It's been two years. How long does he expect us to wait?!" Peter mutt

"I think that it's time to accept that we live here. There's no use pretending any different," Susan dismissed as she crossed her arms. She glanced over her shoulder and suddenly gasped. "Pretend you're talking to me," Susan hissed.

"We are talking to you," Edmund insisted.

Susan glared at her younger brother.

Edmund looked past Susan and immediately understood her behavior. A lanky brunette boy wearing glasses and a Hendon House uniform was walking in their direction. He seemed to be close to Susan's age and, given her reaction when she saw him coming, this was probably the boy who had been flirting with her.

"Poor bloke," Edmund thought. "He doesn't realize he has no shot with her."

While many people thought of Susan as a loner at school, Edmund knew from their days as adults in Narnia that Susan was not the quiet bookworm everybody here assumed she was. As Susan the Gentle, suitors from near and far visited the castle to vie for a chance with the breathtaking queen. While this Susan did not have a crown or fame from her beauty and archery skills, she did have a type and scrawny schoolboy was not it.

Thinking about this boy who was clearly pining for Susan reminded Edmund of his failure with Hannah. He had been so close, but then Peter had to go and get himself in another fight and, of course, Edmund had to go and help. He should have just stayed behind. The soldiers would still have broken up the fight anyway and at least Edmund would have been able to hear Hannah's answer, which had sounded like it was going to be a yes before they were interrupted.

All of a sudden, an outburst from Lucy interrupted Edmund's train of thought.

"OW! Something pinched me!" Lucy exclaimed as she hopped off the bench and pointed at her seat.

"Hey stop pulling!" Peter snapped at Edmund as he stood up from the bench.

"I'm not touching you!" Edmund defended.

"Look would all of you just-" Susan started. "What is that?!"

There was an overwhelming sense of power and chaos that filled the station.

"It feels like magic!" Lucy noted.

"Quick, everyone hold hands!" Susan ordered.

"I'm not holding your hand!" Edmund argued as Peter tried to grab his hand.


The chaos kept building. Trains sped by, papers flew off the walls, and wind whipped at their clothes. Bricks were suddenly ripped from the wall and windows were shattered as the train tunnel transformed into a cave leading out to a beautiful beach. Rather than feel alarmed, the Pevensies remained calm, for they knew that their next stop was Narnia.


Lucy's magical hunch was correct. They were on a beach that was so pristine that it could only be Narnian. The four siblings dropped the tension from earlier and played on the beach. They kicked off their shoes, peeled off their top layers from their school uniforms, and splashed around in the shallow part of the ocean. After a while, Edmund stepped out of the water and looked up at the cliffs overlooking the beach. He vaguely heard one of his siblings call out to him.

"Where do you suppose we are?" Edmund questioned out of nowhere.

"Well where do you think?" Peter replied. His tone implied the answer was obvious.

"Well I don't remember any ruins in Narnia," Edmund observed.

Peter furrowed his brow in thought as he tilted his head to look up at the crumbled remains resting on the top of the cliff. Lucy and Susan also stopped in their frolicking to see what had the boys distracted.

"Come on, then," Edmund announced. "We won't learn anything just by standing around and staring at it."

The Pevensies found a path up the rock and soon found themselves staring out over the oddly familiar beach. The four of them spread out to dig through the wreckage for any sign of where they were.

"Wonder who lived here," Lucy thought out loud.

Susan picked up a gold centaur figurine and examined it. "I think we did," she remarked.

Lucy walked over to take a look at the miniature statue and was soon joined by their brothers.

"Hey that's mine!" Edmund exclaimed. "From my chess set."

"Which chess set?" Peter asked.

"I didn't exactly have a solid gold chess set in Finchley, did I?" Edmund retorted as he reclaimed his possession.

Lucy stared at their eroded surroundings. "Can't be." She ran off toward the center of the ruins.

As usual, the remaining siblings looked at each other in disbelief before following Lucy.

"Don't you see?!" Lucy questioned once her siblings caught up to her.

"What?" Peter replied as Lucy let go of his hand.

Lucy positioned her brothers and sister in front of four mounds of stone. "Imagine walls," she began as she pushed Peter and Edmund to her right. "And columns there," she continued as she placed Susan to the left of Peter and pointed ahead. "And a glass roof," she added as she moved to stand at Susan's left.

As the four siblings stared off into the distance, they knew exactly where they were.

"Cair Paravel," Peter stated.

They stayed quiet for a while, trying to take in the knowledge that their home, a castle that they remembered as an indestructible fortress, was nothing more than rubble. The only sound came from the breeze whistling through the trees...


The young kings and queens whipped around to see two knights crouched on the floor behind the thrones. The taller of the two was wearing a gold breastplate, gold shoulder guards, and a red sleeveless tunic over ripped black leggings with brown leather boots and a matching belt. He had a red phoenix on his breastplate and a long flaming red feather coming out of his gold helmet. He had a sword and two gold rings the size of plates fastened to his belt. The other knight was dressed similarly except he had bronze armor over a green short-sleeved tunic with an emerald green griffin on his breastplate. He had a plain bronze helmet without any decoration and he had a slingshot on his belt rather than the gold discs.

"Unfortunately you will not be able to tell your Telmarine friends about your discovery," the red and gold knight said in a menacing voice.

"What are you talking about?!" Susan cried out.

"You are trespassing on sacred land," the green and bronze knight explained in a more boyish voice. "That is a crime, outsiders!"

"You girls hide!" Peter ordered. "Ed and I'll handle this!"

Edmund grabbed two sword handles poking out from under the wreckage, pulled them out, and passed one to Peter. The brothers bore their weapons, ready to fight against the enemy knights. The taller knight looked to the shorter one and nodded. The shorter knight dipped his head in understanding and stepped back, lowering his blade but still keeping it ready in case Susan or Lucy tried to escape.

Edmund and Peter charged at the red and gold knight, ready for an easy victory, but they were mistaken. The three blades clanged against each other almost musically. Finally, Edmund and Peter started to tire out from not practicing sword-fighting regularly anymore. The knight sensed this and as he blocked both swords with his own, he kicked Peter in the chest, right where Archie had kicked Peter earlier. Peter crumpled to his knees on the side, leaving Edmund to battle the knight on his own. After a few more minutes of swords crashing, the knight dropped to the ground and kicked Edmund's legs out from underneath him. Edmund's blade dropped out of his grip only to be snatched by the knight.

"Any last words?" the knight questioned as he pointed one sword at Edmund's throat and the other and Edmund's heart.

"EDMUND!" Lucy screamed. She started to run at the knight but Susan held her back.

However, hearing Edmund's name caused the knight to pause in his actions. "Wait, Edmund?! As in King Edmund the Just?!"

Edmund nodded nervously.

The red and gold knight put his blade back in its holster and dropped the other to the side. Lucy and Susan raced forward to help their brothers.

"Phoenix, what are you doing?!" the green and bronze knight interrogated.

"Silence, Griffin! Can you not see we are in the presence of Narnian royalty?"

Both knights kneeled in front of the Pevensies, who stared at their enemies with confused faces.

"My deepest apologies, my kings," the taller knight apologized. "I never would have imagined that after more than a millennia, you would finally return to save us yet again. My brother and I are defenders of what remains of this once-great land. There are few sacred places that have been spared the worst by the Telmarines."

"Rise and take off your helmet, soldier of the Phoenix," Peter ordered bitterly. "Let us see the faces of our attackers."

The first knight stood and took of his gold helmet...only to reveal the face of the most beautiful girl Edmund and Peter had ever seen.

"You're a girl!" the Pevensie boys exclaimed.

That helmet feather turned out to be Phoenix's hair, a mane of straight flaming red hair that flowed down her back like a fiery waterfall. She had gold eyes that sparkled even more than her armor, fair skin with a splash of freckles across her nose and cheeks, and...pointed ears?!

"You're a fairy?!" the Pevensie girls exclaimed.

Phoenix scowled. "I am a fae, not a fairy. Note the lack of wings." She turned around and pointed at her back for emphasis. "I also have powers that control more than just pixie dust."

"Well how about we start over then?" Peter proposed, hoping to eliminate any negative feelings between him and this enchanting girl. "I'm Peter, better known as High King Peter the Magnificent, and these are my siblings: Susan, Edmund, and Lucy. And you are?"

"I am Dyani, the Phoenix knight, fae of fire. This is my brother, Orion, the Griffin knight and fae of earth."

The other knight stood up and removed his helmet. He had spring green eyes and curly brown hair that just reached the nape of his neck. Orion's pointed ears matched his sister's and so did his light freckles. He was obviously younger than Dyani and appeared to be close to Lucy's age.

"We are knights of Narnia and we are at your service, Your Highnesses," Dyani continued as she and Orion bowed to the Pevensies.

"A powerful fighter, a loyal Narnian, and a striking beauty," Edmund thought. "Dyani, where have you been all my life?"

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