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Dyani and Orion led the Pevensies to Cair Paravel's only remaining entrance, which was hidden behind a wall. While the fae siblings began to cut away at the branches blocking the door, Edmund crouched down to examine a boulder. Peter, however, was so busy gazing at the enchanting redhead that he didn't notice Edmund in front of him and tripped over the brunette boy.

"Oof!" Peter grunted as he stumbled to the ground.

"Are you hurt, my lord?" Dyani questioned as she turned around at the thud sound.

Peter scrambled to his feet. "Nothing I haven't done a million times before. I mean, not that I'm clumsy or anything like that. There are just a lot of uneven surfaces where we come from." Peter chuckled awkwardly.

Dyani replied with a shrug before returning her attention to pushing branches aside.

Peter mentally slapped himself for babbling like an idiot. Normally Edmund was the one who rambled around girls while Peter was the smooth one. Obviously today was an exception. One look from those sparkling gold eyes and Peter was putty in Dyani's hands.

"Catapults," Edmund interrupted.

"What?" Peter inquired as he looked down at his younger brother.

"This didn't just happen," Edmund stated as he gestured toward the ruins in front of them. "Cair Paravel was attacked."

"That's what Dyani was talking about," Susan added. "She said that this was one place that was spared the worst. However, that doesn't mean it wasn't attacked at all."

"Ahem," Orion coughed.

The four siblings looked toward the magical boy.

"If you four are done talking about my sister like she is not present, we found the way into the castle."

Susan scowled and Peter rolled his eyes, but they decided not to offend possibly the only two allies they had in all of Narnia. Dyani and Orion both grabbed on to the edge of the wall and pulled/pushed it to the side, revealing an ancient wooden door.

"Everybody stand back," Orion ordered. "I can kick the door down."

"Wait!" Susan exclaimed. "Wouldn't it be more efficient just to carve out the knob? It would cause less damage to whatever is down there."

Dyani looked at her brother and gave him the signal to stand down. "I guess you really are the most intelligent of your siblings, milady. Do any of you happen to have a dagger?"

Peter pulled out his pocket knife and handed it to Dyani.

Dyani looked at the 20th century knife in confusion but decided not to argue. "Thank you, Your Highness."

"You know, you can call me Peter if you want," the blonde boy offered with a grin.

"If you insist," Dyani responded as she proceeded to cut a circle around the aging door knob. As soon as she finished, the metal and wood dropped to the ground on the opposite side of the door. Dyani handed Peter his knife back and gently pushed the door open, which caused the door to drop off one of its hinges.

Peter used his blade to make a slit in his shirt that was hanging untucked from his sweater vest. He then continued to cut a strip of white fabric from the shirt and wrapped it around a nearby branch.

"Don't supposed you have any matches, do you?" Peter asked as he tied a knot in the cloth.

Dyani and Orion shared a mischievous smirk. They had something better than matches, but...

"No," Edmund answered as he opened his brown leather satchel. "But...would this help?" he proposed innocently as he pulled a silver flashlight out of his bag.

"You might have mentioned that a bit sooner," Peter said exasperatedly as he tossed his branch to the side and looked down at his ruined shirt hem.

Lucy and Susan giggled and Edmund grinned jokingly before leading the way into the tunnel. Peter allowed the ladies, including Dyani, to enter first. Edmund flipped on his flashlight and light flooded throughout the dank staircase.

"What kind of magic is that?" Orion questioned out of genuine curiosity.

Dyani chuckled. Her brother was a born tinkerer and whatever kind of charm had been placed on that metal torch piqued Orion's interest.

"The magic of batteries," Lucy stated as she looked back toward the younger fae. "It's complicated."

Orion shrugged in acceptance.

Once the six teenagers reached the bottom of the staircase, Edmund switched off his flashlight since the sun had managed to shine into the room through the cracks in the wall. Peter pushed open the wrought-iron gate and his three siblings raced over to their trunks. Each king/queen's chest was in front of their statue made during the Golden Age of Narnia.

"I can't believe it. It's all still here," Peter added in amazement before he picked up a dust-covered shield.

Dyani and Orion stayed at the gate, not wanting to intrude.

"I was so tall!" Lucy said with a giggle as she held one of her old dresses up to herself for comparison.

"Well, you were older then," Susan explained. She and her baby sister shared a smile.

"As opposed to hundreds of years later," Edmund jumped in. "When you're younger."

Dyani put her hand over her mouth to conceal her laughter. Edmund had found one of his old helmets and put it on, but apparently his head had shrunk in the last millennia, causing the helmet to look ridiculous on him. Unfortunately, hiding her amusement didn't work because Dyani accidentally snorted trying to stifle her laugh.

Edmund heard Dyani's snort and grinned at her. "Never before have I met a girl who can make a snort sound so adorable," Edmund thought.

Dyani blushed and she gave Edmund a small smile back. As soon as Edmund returned to rummaging through his old possessions, Orion elbowed his older sister in the side. Dyani dropped the smile and looked away to hide her pink-tinted cheeks.

Peter ignored his family's jokes and blew the dirt off his shield, uncovering the lion face. He lowered the shield and walked over to his own trunk. He stared at his statue and longed for his days when he had his crown and his long golden hair. Nobody would ever beat him up again if he looked like his statue.

"What is it?" Lucy inquired suddenly.

"My horn," Susan replied as she picked up her signature bow and arrows. "I must've left it on my saddle the day we went back."

Peter opened the lid to his chest and stared at what remained of his life in Narnia. He picked out his sword and pulled the blade from its sheath. "'When Aslan bares his teeth, winter meets its death,'" Peter recited as he gazed at the flawless metal blade.

"'When he shakes his mane, we shall have spring again,'" Lucy continued.

The Pevensies stared at the brunette girl.

"Everyone we knew..." Lucy choked out. "Mr. Tumnus and the Beavers...they're all gone."

The nostalgic mood in the room was replaced with one of sorrow.

"They are gone, aren't they?" Lucy asked as she suddenly addressed the fae knights.

Dyani took a deep breath. "I am sorry, my queen, but the Narnians you knew from your reign have all passed on."

Lucy started to sob and ran into Susan's arms. Susan softly petted the top of Lucy's head as she whispered comforting words.

Peter sighed. "I think it's time we found out what's going on."

Dyani coughed. "But you might want to change out of..." Dyani waved her hand in the direction of the Pevensies' school clothes, "...those first. Orion and I will go stand guard outside while you get changed." She and Orion stepped out through the iron gate and walked up the stairs.

"Dyani?" Lucy called out.

Dyani stopped in her tracks at the midpoint of the staircase. She peered down at Lucy through the crumbled wall.

"Would you like a new set of clothing?" Lucy offered. "No offense but yours look pretty worn out."

Orion scoffed. He had known Dyani his entire life and he knew that fashion and appearance were her lowest priorities.

Dyani slapped her brother upside the head. "Um, thank you, milady, but I cannot possibly take your clothes," Dyani stammered, trying to figure out the most polite way to say 'no way in heck'.

"No, but you can take mine," Susan interceded. "I have an outfit that will fit you perfectly. I insist."

Dyani held back a groan, but Orion made no effort in holding back his laughter. Dyani stomped on her brother's foot out of petty vengeance before she walked back down the stairs and took the clothes from Susan. The redheaded girl began unfastening her weapons and armor.

"Um, Ed? Peter?" Susan questioned.

"Yeah?" the brothers responded simultaneously.

"Aren't you going to wait outside with Orion?" Susan asked with a pointed look.

"Right! We'll, uh, just be going then," Edmund stuttered before grabbing Peter's arm and dragging him upstairs.

Dyani and the brunette sisters waited until the footsteps were gone before getting undressed.

"Sorry about my brothers," Susan apologized. "They're not normally this...dopey."

Dyani chuckled. "No need to apologize, Your Highness. I grew up with three brothers and they were all like that."

"Dyani, you don't have to keep calling us by our titles," Susan insisted.

"As you wish."

"Wait, three brothers? I thought Orion was your only brother," Lucy added.

Dyani winced. How had she let that slip? "My other two brothers are, uh, gone," she murmured.

"Gone where?" Lucy inquired.

"Lucy!" Susan hissed.

"Oops! Sorry."

The friendly atmosphere quickly dissolved and the three girls finished changing in awkward silence.


"Why do girls take so long to get ready?!" Peter exclaimed. "They've been in there for easily twenty minutes!"

"Your sisters are probably busy trying to trick my sister into wearing a dress," Orion joked. "If that is the case, we will be waiting for at least another thirty minutes."

The three boys laughed.

"She would not last a day back home," Edmund commented. "Girls are practically required to wear skirts or dresses all the time...unless they're working in a factory."

"What is a factory?" Orion asked.

"It's like a huge fortress where people build weapons and means of transportation and other stuff," Peter explained as simply as he could.

"Your technology sounds so fascinating," Orion replied in awe. "My father would have-" Orion covered his mouth before he finished his sentence.

"Your father would have what?" Edmund questioned.

"Yes, Orion," a female voice added. "Your father would have what?"

All three boys whipped around to see the three girls standing behind them. Susan and Lucy both looked confused, but Dyani looked ticked. She had her arms crossed over her chest as she glared at her little brother.

"Nothing," Orion mumbled.

"Exactly. Now go fetch my armor and helmet. I left them downstairs."

Orion scurried through the door without another word. Dyani let out a deep breath and brushed a stray hair away from her eyes.

"Why bring the armor? It's so bulky," Lucy commented.

"The phoenix on my breastplate signifies me as a knight of Narnia and the helmet prevents enemies from seeing my ears or eyes, my most distinctive features." (AN sorry for the interruption but I just wanted to point out that her helmet does not cover her lower face. I put a picture of a helmet on my profile that I am imagining on Dyani...just imagine it entirely gold, pretend her ponytail comes out where that spike is on the top, and add a visor that would cover her eyes)

Now that they weren't terrified of her reaction, Peter and Edmund were able to take in the fae girl's change in attire. While Susan and Lucy had not been able to get Dyani into a dress, they did manage to make her wear slightly more feminine clothes. Dyani was wearing a white blouse that peaked out from underneath her somewhat loose red corset around her torso. She was still wearing her brown leather boots, which Peter and Edmund just noticed were heeled, but she had on brand new black leggings and red leather fingerless gloves. Her belt with her sword and gold chakrams hung low on her waist. Her fire-colored hair was in a ponytail with two little braids that went along the top of her head before disappearing inside the ponytail.

"Susan I didn't know you owned any pants," Peter stated.

"That's because I never wore them," Susan reminded him. "But Dyani insisted they were much more practical than the skirt I gave her."

"I'm not complaining," Peter defended as he held his hands up in mock surrender. "But if practicality was the aim, why keep the corset?"

"It provides an extra layer of protection from weapons and this type of leather is actually sometimes used in armor for its difficult penetration and flexibility," Dyani explained.

"Well it certainly looks good on you," Peter complimented with a flirty grin.

"Thank you, Peter," Dyani murmured as she looked down at the ground.

Edmund seethed as he watched his brother hit on Dyani. He stormed inside the castle and nearly knocked over Orion, who was coming out with Dyani's armor.

"What is wrong with King Edmund?" Orion asked as he placed the golden armor on the ground.

"Where do I begin?" Peter said with a dramatic sigh. "Come on, Orion. I'm sure we can find you some of Edmund's clothes from our early days in Narnia." Peter put a hand on the griffin knight's back and led him back downstairs.


"So where are you taking us?" Lucy inquired as Dyani and Orion led the Pevensies across a field bordering the beach right below Cair Paravel.

"Did you really think we were the only Narnians left?" Dyani questioned. "We are bringing you to one of the rebel outposts."

"Well how far until-"

"He won't stop staring," a man's voice echoed from the other side of the plain.

"So don't look," another man replied.

"Telmarines! Come on!" Dyani ordered in a hushed voice as she lowered the visor on her helmet.

The six teenagers sprinted across the field.

"Here's far enough," the first voice insisted.

The two soldiers stood up in their boat and picked up their captive: a dwarf. They were just about to let the incapacitated dwarf plunge into the river when one of Susan's arrows lodged itself in the side of their rowboat. The enemies immediately looked toward the source of the arrow and saw four teenagers accompanied by two knights of Narnia. Susan notched another arrow and Peter and Edmund pulled out their swords.

"Drop him!" Susan commanded.

The dwarf mumbled something incoherent while the two soldiers looked at each other and shrugged. They tossed the dwarf into the water. Peter, Edmund, and Orion raced toward the river to save the dwarf. One of the soldiers picked up his crossbow and aimed it at Susan, but she shot her arrow straight into his chest before he could pull the trigger. The other soldier tried to grab his friend's crossbow, but Dyani hit him in the head with her chakram (gold ring disc), knocking him out and sending him falling into the river. The chakram spiraled around before it retuned to Dyani's hand.

Meanwhile, Peter dove into the river and rescued the dwarf while Edmund and Orion swam out to grab the rowboat. Once the dwarf was safe on dry land, Lucy kneeled down next to him and used her dagger to cut off his restraints.

After the dwarf stopped coughing up water, he gave Susan a death stare. "DROP HIM?!" he roared as he flung his gag to the ground. "That's the best you can come up with?!"

"A simple 'thank you' would suffice," Susan retorted.

"They were doing fine drowning me without your help," the dwarf snapped as he pointed out to where the two guards had sunk.

"Watch your tone," Dyani warned. "If I were you, I would not be hurling insults at my rescuers."

"You gonna make me?" the dwarf challenged.

"No..." Dyani suddenly lit her hand on fire. "But this might."

The dwarf and the Pevensies jumped back in fright while Orion remained unfazed.

"What? When I introduced myself as 'the Phoenix knight, fae of fire', that was not just a title."

"Maybe we should have let them drown him," Peter argued bitterly.

"Why are they trying to kill you anyway?" Lucy asked.

"The same reason they are trying to kill us," Orion cut in. "They are Telmarines. That is what they do."

"Wait, Telmarines? As in THE Telmarines? In Narnia?" Edmund interrogated.

"Where have you been for the last few hundred years?" the dwarf drawled.

"It's a bit of a long story," Lucy replied with a small smile.

The dwarf suddenly noticed the lion's head ornament on the hilt of Peter's sword. He groaned. "Oh you've got to be kidding me. You're it? You're the Kings and Queens of Old?!"

Peter held out his hand in greeting. "High King Peter...the Magnificent."

The dwarf looked at the hand and then looked at the others with an 'are you kidding me?' expression.

"You probably could've left off the last bit," Susan muttered.

"Probably," the dwarf said with a chuckle and a small smirk.

Peter retracted his hand and pulled out his sword. "You might be surprised."

"Oh, you don't want to do that, boy," the dwarf challenged.

"Not me," Peter corrected as he handed his blade to the dwarf. "Him," Peter added with a nod toward Edmund.

Edmund smirked happily and gripped his sword. The dwarf glanced at Peter's sword uncertainly before he grabbed hold of it. The blade immediately dropped to the ground. The Pevensies shared a confident grin, but Dyani kept a ready hand on the hilt of her sword. She was aware of how aggressive and tricky dwarves could be and this one struck a nerve in her.

Suddenly, the dwarf started swinging the sword dangerously close to the top of Edmund's head. Edmund crouched to dodge the blade, giving the dwarf just the opportunity to elbow the younger king in the nose.

"Edmund!" Lucy cried out.

"Oh you all right?" the dwarf questioned in a fake-concerned tone.

Edmund and the dwarf proceeded to fight. Dyani used every ounce of self-control not to jump in and finish the fight herself because she knew that in order to convince this dwarf of the Pevensies' identity, Edmund would have to prove himself. After about another minute of metal-on-metal, Edmund used a windmill trick and moved his blade around continuously in a big circle and knocked Peter's sword out of the dwarf's hands.

The dwarf gaped at the fallen sword and then at Edmund before he dropped to the ground. "Beards and bedsteads!" the dwarf exclaimed as he looked at the four siblings. "Maybe that horn worked after all."

"What horn?" Lucy asked.

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