Here is what my OC means.

Akio=Bright Man, Hero, Manly

Jin=Tenderness, Gentleness

(To all new and old readers, this story is going to undertake in some tune-ups within the next few days. Some things will change but it's too make the story a little more as should we say...Sensible. To be honest, when I wrote this story I never had the plot all thought out. As it progressed, I just thought over it over time and developed the story and left in some parts that I didn't really like. I've had some help however...)

Akio Jin, a seventeen year old high school student of Fujimi Academy, in his third year, who has dark hair, was about five foot eight, had light red eyes, and was a rather silent, yet smart and creative individual. One thing that really makes him differ from his fellow students is the fact he was born as a Force sensitive individual, meaning he was different from any other normal human, giving him an edge in physical activity however, there was one disadvantage. He is able to sense the emotions and thoughts of other people, even if he tries to block them out. Reason being is, if an individual is connected to the Force, then they can feel the energy and flow of life surrounding them.

There were two kinds of Force practitioners, Sith Lords and Jedi Knights. He had experienced both methods of training. The Sith were rather aggressive, and trained through methods of torture and hatred, teaching the apprentice selfishness, while the Jedi's training would consist of compassion, teaching the apprentice selflessness. Another major difference between the two was, the Sith held onto their emotions and uncontrollably excelled in them, while Jedi were to let go of emotion and feeling through training in control, but yet however discourages it's suppression.

Akio, throughout his life, had experienced the training from both sides, making his emotions internally conflicted within him, even though he doesn't show it. He takes on more of the Jedi role, as he cares more about others than his own well-being.

Throughout his time in school, he had always been quiet about his past, and NEVER, showed his true colors to anyone, solely because of his fear of people's reactions.

From the face of the earth, Jedi Knights have disappeared from people believing they were evil, and to the lack of belief in the old traditions, being drowned by modern society. What happened to the Sith Lords?

No one can really say. Although the war that dwelled on between the two groups, it was the Jedi that had acted as a part in maintaining peace and justice around the world then one day...It had all ended. The practiced religion appeared to have faded away and their symbolized weapon, the lightsaber, have too been destroyed. The mystery still had dragged on for thousands of years of how the lightsaber came to be and who developed but no one, not even Jedi or Sith knew the answer.

All anyone knew is that they existed and they could be built. Lightsabers however have been feared by millions and have been afraid of how this special type of sword could be created so as a result, the lightsaber disappeared from society's view, never to be found among illegal weapon trades around the world.

One of the secret Jedi still living among modern society is Akio's father, Jedi Master Juro Jin.

Akio's father has too been quiet about his Jedi powers but, he's the one who's been with him since the beginning. He has seen the struggles of his son, and has saved him countless times from the temptation of evil, and taught him everything he needed to know on how to go down the right path as a Jedi Knight, secretly practicing lightsaber use and powers in the Force.

Akio had never always been a silent person. In fact, he was once the most happiest individuals filled with pride and passion. Being in the third and final year of High School, all that had changed on an unfortunate, unspeakable day before the beginning of his second year and after his finals in the first.

He had been rather famous in his time in Fujimi Academy. For one, he was considered a legend on his academic level, surpassing expectations of both the teachers and students alike, making it among the top five in the exam results when compared to multiple school's across Japan.

Although he couldn't express his part in the dead Jediism religion, he was still able to contribute with the swordsmanship he had learned from his father.

He has participated in the Kendo Club as an assistant and demonstrated in his great swordsmanship by using his skills he had gathered over the years in his experience in lightsaber combat and applied it so he may be able to become an efficient duelist.

When using a lightsaber, he had learned the ways of many forms but the forms he had been most favorable upon were Forms III and V. Form III allowed him to master the techniques of defense, to give him time to discover the habit of an opponents fighting style while Form V gave him the strength he needed in order to break through an opponents technique.

Many elite swordsman on the Kendo club, even the team's most delightful captain, Saeko Busijima, haven't been able to surpass the quality and elegance of his technique but Akio wasn't planning on becoming part of the team as a member but had instead, helped them win more tournaments and improved their sword techniques.

Sure his name was highly respected all around the school and people would become inspired from his own influence and actions but his own preference appeared to have revolved around one person. He may have been associated with Saeko Busijima and the rest of the Kendo team but he only remained truly social to someone who he had been friends long before his name was a popular name and well known.

Mizuki Muto...Blue eyes, brown hair, close to about five foot three. Who had a rather timid personality towards people she was unfamiliar with but when she got to know people better, she became more friendly and expressive towards them.

She too was sensitive towards the Force and has known Akio for a majority of her life, living as another resident in the care of Akio's father, Juro, learning to harness the power of the Force to study the way of the Jedi just like Akio. Some could say that both her and Akio had something more occurring between them than a highly structured friendship and bond. Maybe they did...

Maybe that's why Akio became the silent person he was in the second year. Mizuki was not even present for the opening ceremonies, nor for the rest of the year. When concerned students around the school asked him what happened, Akio would only plainly respond, trying to hold in his shattered feelings.

"...She's gone." He would tell them.

After that, his life turned gloomy and never really talked to anyone, ever. Not even his close friends he has made at the Kendo Club. The only thing he would do ever was, complete his school work to the majority of his ability, and practice his swords techniques and form alone during the day, whether if it was during lunch or after school...He did it alone, continuing this for the rest of his time in High School.

September 2012

Fujimi Academy

Akio was sitting in his bio-chemistry class, he would normally be a focused student, listening and observing all the facts that the teacher was laying out however today, his mind was wandering, and he blanked out, with his head still facing the front, while attempting to listen very closely to the lesson.

Through the Force, he could feel grief emotions coming from someone in the school. A boy with spiked black hair and brown eyes, close to five foot seven, and being a student, he wore the regular school uniform. Takashi Komuro.

In his mind, he could see Takashi sulking on a stairwell. He tried to search for the cause of the sadness, and it appeared to revolve around a friend, Rei Miyomoto, who was a slender girl, with long brown hair, with red-brown eyes. The force showed him visions of Rei, with a another boy named, Hasashi Igou, who had grey hair, and brown eyes, who was not only Rei's girlfriend, but Takashi's friend as well.


That was the screaming of his teacher, Mr. Ito, which snapped Akio back to attention. The teacher's voice was mixed with annoyance and concern. Akio stood up, and everyone around him tried not to stare at him, as he silently scanned the room.

He didn't hate them, nor did they hate him however, something inside of Akio wished that he could just be a normal human being. Due to his rather 'Silent' nature, his fellow students got the wrong idea, and Akio's reputation was degraded. He was never always silent, he used to be so cheerful in his first few years at Fujimi Academy and people loved him.

"Akio." His teacher signaled him to pick up his bag and leave his books. "Out." He began to do as his teacher instructed him. He took one blank glimpse at everyone sitting silently. Everyone didn't want to know what would happen if they were to make Akio mad. There were those certain individuals who took a shot at looking at Akio, but were instantly petrified by Akio's blank, yet dark look.

Hmm…I did it again. Oh well. The blank Akio thought.

He began to walk down the hallway, then he felt a hand on his shoulder.

"I need to talk to you."

It was Mr. Ito, who just came out of class, telling his students not to talk about Akio.


Akio turned around, and looked straight at his teacher, who was holding his hand behind his back, and stared at him with the same blank expression.

"This is the third time Akio, mind telling me what's going on?"

Akio didn't want to admit to him that he was a Jedi so, he attempted to turn around.

"Your father called."

This stopped him from even turning, or even his teacher leaving his eyes.

"He's finally told me about what kind of special people you are and what kind of gift your family has."

Akio's father and have become close associates ever since the mysterious vanishing of Mizuki Muto and Akio had the feeling through the Force that he could trust him.

"I'm not a bad person." Akio murmured.

His teacher leaned closer, and started to whisper.

"There's nothing wrong in being a Force sensitive person and expanding those gifts to be a Jedi. I understand, it must be difficult, right?"

"Especially when I feel…too much." Akio admitted. "And the world doesn't see me as righteous so I have been unable to show who I truly am or what I can do."

"But you have already done plenty in the past. You should be proud." Mr. Ito smiled. "Now, I need you to take a walk, relax, then you may return to my class."

Akio was about to turn around again, but his teacher stopped him once more.

"Your father dropped this package off. Listen..." He handed Akio a small rectangular card-boarded, sealed box, which Akio kindly accepted and put it in his bag. "I know that you are very intelligent and respectful. You have shown me that for all the hard work you have done. I truly hate to see you sad. I hope that after tomorrow, this chapter in your life will end, and you will begin a new one. Maybe not now but surely one day, you can re-vitalize your own people. Okay?"

With that, Akio gave his teacher a bow and walked away from his teacher down the opposite ends of the hallway. He inspected the package, there was a note that read: "Use it for the greater good son, and remind yourself why you fight."

Five minutes into the walk, he heard the sound of metal banging in the distance, which was coming from outside. He tapped himself into the Force, and located the source of the sound. It was the front gate, with someone banging himself against it, and he could see a couple of teacher's inspecting the disturbance. There was Mr. Teshima, Ms. Hayashi, and a couple of other teachers. He witnessed Mr. Teshima attempting to grab the trespasser, and pull him back against the gate, then suddenly the person bit him on the arm, and he squealed in pain, and slowly, the life that was once in him, left him.

Inspecting if he was alright, the teacher's looked in shock at the dead body, then suddenly Mr. Teshima woke up, got up, grabbed Ms. Hayashi, and bit her on the neck, causing blood to spurt, and making one of the other teacher's faint, while the other ran away. After that, it was Mr. Teshima eating Ms. Hayashi's dead body.

Akio quickly sprung back to reality, and make a sprint down the hallway to head towards his locker.

He got to his locker, quickly opened it, and pulled out his own wooden Bokken that he had always used to train with for the past year.

The PA system suddenly came on, it was the principal, who announced there was an emergency situation taking place in the school, and they had to follow teacher's instructions, and evacuate. The Mic was hit, and caused it to up-ring. What followed was the principal begging for someone to stay away from him, then cries for help, then total silence.