It had been a little while since our friendly neighborhood virus saved all of Manhattan from a nuke. With his help and the army (they never worked together though, they didn't even know he existed anymore since he worked in secret) they cleared out the infection. Eventually, the army and Blackwatch left when then they couldn't find Alex Mercer who they thought died in the nuke's blast. Manhattan slowly built its self back up, and things were relatively peaceful.

But things tend to never stay peaceful for long. At least Manhattan won't be the focus again.

"Alex, I need to tell you something," Dana said, taking her eyes away from her laptop. Her brother appeared instantly next to her.

"Is it Blackwatch?" he asked.

"It's not Blackwatch."

"Then I'm not interested." Alex started to turn away, but a hand on his arm stopped him. He looked down to his sister, her eyes told him that this was important. "What is it?" he said, slight concern leaking in his voice.

"Before I show you this, I need you to to try and remember something. Something big happened in NewYork, a few years before you became... you. Go through your memories and search for things on Empire City and a man called Cole Mcgrath."

"Dana, just tell me what's going on," Alex said, looking over her and at the computer's screen. All he saw was something about Seattle before Dana closed the laptop.

"You won't understand anything until you search your own memories first."

Alex had to stop himself from rolling his eyes. "Fine, I'll look." He closed his eyes and did something akin to a google search inside his own head. Cole Mcgrath, Empire City, New York. Instantly, all the voices in his head started screaming about a giant monster that ravaged from Empire City, all the way to Louisiana; less of them knew about the man who slayed it though.

Cole Mcgrath, the Demon of Empire City. Funny, Cole should have been called Zues and he should have been the Demon of Manhattan. Cole was a legend that not many knew well. Yes he was called a demon, but a few people Alex consumed had actually been saved by him before, somehow with the power of electricity he was able to heal the wounded. It was a little odd to say the least, but the man did save everyone from that monster, sacrificing himself and all other conduits in the area. How he saved them, he wasn't sure.

Conduits, that was an interesting topic. People who can develop superpowers that can range from electricity to paper. He wondered what would happen if he consumed one, not that he was really out for any more power, his own worked just fine, but it would be interesting to see.

Alex opened his eyes to Dana watching him. "Alright, I got everything. And how come I never heard of this? It seems pretty damn important since people with freaking superpowers are running around."

"Well, it seems that your memories are kinda outdated. Recently, a new department is working with the government to corral all conduits and lock them away." She moved away from the laptop, inviting her brother to read what the webpage had to say. "It's the Department of Unified Protection, or just the D.U.P. It's been getting out of hand lately." She was quiet as she let Alex read over the page, and it seemed that the more he read, the tighter his fists balled and his jaw clenched tightly.

"The D.U.P is going to become another Blackwatch," he growled.

Dana nodded. "Yes, that is exactly what I'm afraid of."

Alex flicked his eyes towards Dana. "What are you expecting me to do about this though? If I do anything, Blackwatch will be all over us again."

"They think you're dead," she pointed out. "Anyway, you're not going to be doing what you did here in Seattle. I need you to set a good example for conduits everywhere."

Alex crossed his arms and raised a brow. "Really? Me setting a good example for anything is a horrible idea."

"Think about it Alex, no one outside of Manhattan knows about you, the government made a good job of that, hell I'm sure that the D.U.P doesn't even know about you. But what I need you to do is show that not all conduits are bad-

"You want me to follow Cole's example," Alex stated.

"I- yes, that's what I'm saying. It's just that, someone needs to do something. I understand that you need to be wary of conduits, but they're taking it too far. People who don't even have the gene are being corralled and discriminated against. I'm also worried about what happened to Abigail, she hasn't answered my calls in a long time." The last part she said more to herself.

"Dana, I'm not even a conduit," he said softly. "I'm a virus wearing a man's skin, I would scare the people into hating conduits even more. The only thing I can do is kill all the D.U.P forces, but I'm sure that's not what you want."

Dana sighed, plopping back down into her computer chair. "Alex, I understand what you're saying, and I'm not going to force you to do something that you don't want to do, but I have a feeling that if left unchecked, something horrible will happen. A conduit who is tired of being pushed around is going to push back, and not in a good way, or the D.U.P is going to become too controlling. No one is stepping up to help." Alex was silent, and it seemed to be an eternity before he answered.

"I at least can try," he said, giving her a rare, gentle smile. "It's not like I have anything else going for me right now, I was thinking of traveling, but this is more important. Masquerading as a conduit shouldn't be too hard, but convincing people I'm the good guy isn't something I'm good at since I'm not a good guy."

"Cole was hated and feared by everyone in Empire City, but they eventually grew to love the guy. If he could do it, then I'm sure you can too."

"Dana." Alex reached into his hood and ran his hand through his hair. "I can't guarantee that there won't be death, I can't change what I am."

Dana looked away from him, wringing her hands together. "I know that there will be death, just try to tone it down a little? Not to the extent of how you acted then..."

"I understand, only to a minimum. But, if I start fighting, I might have to... you know." Alex never like mentioning that to her, to see that look of fear on her face broke a part of him like nothing else could. He couldn't change what he was; he was a virus, and eventually a virus must consume something.

"I can get you a flight to Seattle by tomorrow," she said, avoiding the topic that Alex was glad about dropping. "I just hope we're not doing more harm than good."

Sorry if a few things may not add up, I'm pulling some strings with the timespan of events, but other than that, everything is cannon, up to this point. I also never played Cole's Legacy, so nothing from that will be included.

Funny, I was going to publish a Dragon Age and Prototype crossover first, but seeing no stories about Delsin and Alex meeting spurred this little thing to life instead. Please tell me what you think, it's been a long time since I last wrote anything.