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World's best date and meeting annoying shadow hunters-

I pushed open the door to nerindo's and walked up to the counter. "Hello, I'm meeting someone here?"

The man behind the counter looked up at me, "yes, what is the name?"


The man scanned through a page in a reservation book, "ahhh, yes, Lewis, he is already here waiting for you, this way please."

I gestured with his arm towards the entry way to the restaurant, he led me towards our table, and I could see Simon waiting for me. I smiled and so did he once he saw me.

"Here" the man said.

"Thankyou, hello Simon!" I said as I took my seat."

"Ahhh clary! Taking your time, as usual!" he said in a teasing manner.

"Well, I could come back later and take more time if you like." I started to stand up.

He grabbed my hand and I sat back down, "oh come on, I was just teasing! No need to take it that far clary!"

I smirked at him, "I'll always take it too far, and now, what is there to eat?"

I pretended to look through my menu, "hmmmm" I said, "what should I have?"

Simon sighed, and then smiled, "really! Every time you look through the menu and say 'hmmm, what should I have' then order the same thing every time!"

"Well, one day I might decide on something else"

"Yeah, and when that day comes, I'll give you 20 million dollars." He muttered.

"Oh, is that right, then maybe I'll have the soup instead today, now, where's my money?"

"Ha ha, you're so funny, now let's get the waiter over and will get you your pasta"

I looked at him seriously, "Simon, I wasn't joking about the soup."

He looked at me, surprised, then I laughed, he narrowed his eyes, "oh, so hilarious, I am dying from laughter, please oh please, stop you hilariousness, you'll kill me."
"Oh don't be a baby, it was funny."

He sighed, "clary fray, you'll be the death of me!"

"You don't think I know that? Why else do you think I'd be our girlfriend other than to get you to die quicker?""

He just shook his head and called the waiter over to order for us, he got me my precious pasta, though I did say id have the soup earlier.

After we ate, we went out of the restaurant hand in hand, chatting away. We'd been together for just over two years now. I love Simon, I know I do, but I don't know which way I love him. I used to know, then we started going out and I've been confused ever since. I know which way I want to love him, it's the way he loves me, but deep down, I know the truth, I'm just not willing to admit it to myself. I haven't found anyone else I want to go out with, everyone else are just jerks. Right now, I don't care because I'm only 18, but I feel bad for not letting Simon know the truth, or even myself.

There's one more thing, something I've never told anyone, not Simon, or my "mum". It's that my mum, Jocelyne, isn't my mother, well that's not it, Simon doesn't know that, but she does. She adopted me, the real secret is that, well, everyone thinks my parents are dead, no one knows who they were, it was like I just magically appeared on earth, and that's true, I did. I've never met my parents, but I know who they are, I know what I am. My mother is arch angel Raziel, who everyone thinks is a male, and my farther is god. They are my biological parents. I was told this by arch angel Michael, at first I thought he was crazy, but it did explain how I magically appeared on earth, and then he taught me some powers, things like how to fly, hide my wings, make them appear, use my heavenly fire, heal people and turn myself invisible and also to my full size. So after he revealed my wings, I had to believe him.

I don't know why they put me on earth, but there must be some reason. I don't mind, they don't intervene on my life at all. I'm practically a mundane. Michael also taught me about the shadow world, the downworlders and shadow hunter etc. I've never met any downworlders or shadow hunter, though I have seen them from a distance, but Magnus bane, a warlock, son of asmedaus, and Jocelyne, who I know is a shadow hunter but she's never told me. She found out I had sight, I was teasing a trapped pixie, that's how she found out. Ever since then, every couple of years she took me to Magnus bane to get rid of my sight, well make me forget what I had seen of the shadow world even as I saw it, but his spell never worked on me, Jocelyne never knew, but Magnus found out because when I got older, found out who I was, and understood more, I went to see him, Magnus, and just from remembering him and being able to see him, he found out that his spells near worked. He has kept putting the spells on, knowing that they won't work, just to please Jocelyne. I haven't told Magnus who I am, but I feel like I would tell him first, though I know I should be wanting to tell Simon or Jocelyne first, but I love Magnus more than them for some reason, but not in that way, in the family or friend way, plus his just fabulous.

Anyway, I'm lost in my own mind as I'm walking back home with Simon. His blabbering on about things, there not interesting for me, I should be listening, but I never do. I'm thinking about how I feel about him, about everything. He never realises that I never listen to him, I jest nod every now and then so he thinks I'm listening. When we arrive at my house, I suddenly feel sick, like I'm going to throw up. I have this feeling every time I Simons going to kiss me. It feels wrong, like I'm kissing a brother.

We stop at the door, I decided I don't feel like having that feeling right now, I never do, but today I really don't feel like it, I keep my face either away from him or to the side and quickly open the door to my house, once the fly screen is shut I turn around, it's safe now because there's a barrier between us. I try not to look at his face, but I accidently do and see confusion and hurt. I hate to hurt him. I mutter a goodbye and shut the door, before running upstairs. I push my bedroom door open and fall onto my bed face first, snuggling into the covers and pillows. I do this when I feel guilty.

After a few minutes, I'm just starting to get up to go take a show when I hear a smash. Like a door being broken down. I sit up, alert. I go to my door and open it slightly. I could hear a commotion down stairs, I run silently to the top of the stairs and look down just in time to see Jocelyne drink something and fall to the ground. There are two shadow hunters and a demon next to her. They pick her up and leave, not before one of them takes one of the framed pictures of me and Jocelyne, and they leave the demon behind.

I race downstairs and blast the demon with my heavenly fire before it could even fully turn around and race out the door. They disappeared, probably through a portal. I'm debating on what to do when I hear running feet on the side walk. I jump behind the bushes on our front lawn. The footsteps stop, I can see 3 people as I peek through the bushes, not just people, but shadow hunters. About my age, a girl and 2 boys. They start to talk.

"What the hell, where has it gone! It was in this house before, but now it's not showing on the sensor!" the girl exclaimed.

"Someone must have killed it, that's the only explanation." The dark haired boy said.

"Guys, let's just go and check inside, see what happened, maybe there's someone in there that killed it." The by with the golden hair said, he dragged out the sentence like he was bored, but he didn't seem to sound it.

I don't want them snooping around inside my house, they won't find much anyway, apart from a bit of a mess in a couple of rooms. Before they can get to the porch a step out from behind the bushes and in front of them, blocking there way. They looked startled and take a step back as If to regain balance.

"What theā€¦!" the dark haired boy said.

"Who the hell are you?" the girl exclaimed, almost yelling, from surprise I guess.

"I'm someone that you don't need to know, now, please leave this property, your trespassing."

"How can you see us?" The dark haired boy said.

"And you're trespassing to." The girl muttered, clearly not happy.

"I can see because I have sight idiot, and no, I'm not trespassing because I live here, no again, please go before I make you." I say this, sounding bored, though I was trying not to show any emotion, but boredom was the best I could show I guessed.

"Oh, please, go ahead and try." The girl says, smirking at me.

The dark haired boy shoots her a look saying to shut up, though he thinks she is correct, "look, there was a demon here, it disappeared, and we're just investigating, so please, just move a side."

I smile, "no, now leave, you only get one more warning"

The girl glared at me. The dark haired boy continued to talk, "why won't you let us loo? It's illegal to summon demons, so if that's what you're doing, we'll have to tell the clave, and if you refuse to let us investigate, we'll have to go in by force and also let the clave know."

He talks like his a professional business man. What was interesting for me was the blonde boy hadn't said a word to me; he just stood there watching all of us looking amused. "The clave? Really, oh I'm so scarred. Look pretty boy, I'm not part of their law, I did not summon a demon, I killed it, also, I don't want you snooping around my house, I have more important things to do than deal with you guys, a lot more important things actually because of recent events, but that is none of your business and this is your last warning, so leave now."

"We will not leave until we've done what we came to do." the girl said, clearly getting angry, "and we are more important things to do than talk to you as well, and there more important than whatever you could ever be doing!"

"Izzy, please" the dark haired boy said.

"You're not going to be doing what you came to do, and my things are more important than your stupid little shadow hunting things." I said, taking one step towards them.

"look, we just want to know why your are not under the law of the clave, your name, what you are, how you killed the demon, what you have to do that is so important and what the resent events are? Ok?" the dark haired boy said calmly.

"You're not getting your answers, as I have already said, and now, all your warnings are up." I took another step towards them.

They seemed to finally understand that I wouldn't be letting them past willingly, or be giving them answers. They took my step s as a threat, which I was intending them to be taken, and the girl, Izzy, started towards me, whip in hand. I fake yawned, blinked once, and the 2 dark haired shadow hunters flew back of my property. They golden haired boy hadn't made any advances, so I waited for him to do something.

He smirked and said, "Well, I see this is not a fight I will be winning, though I do have questions, I see no answers coming from you for them, and so I'll be going."

He turned to go; I looked after him and smiled, "thankyou, you can let whoever you tell about this interaction that you were my favourite."

He looked back at me and smiled a real smile. He walked off whistling, the other 2 looked torn between following him or trying to get into my house, they backed down and followed Goldie.

I smiled and yelled after the 2 dark haired, "toodaloo!"

I walked back inside to get some rest, seeing as it was 8pm.