Okay, so here's the second last chapter, the next chapter is more of an epilogue.

Many Questions

I trudged down the streets of Idris, I just arrived in Idris and I was very glad that I was an angel so I didn't have to walk all that way. I realised that the others must have been here for no more than half an hour. My guess would be that they were at the Penhallow's house, seeing as that's were they stayed last time.

As I was walking down the streets, I frowned. The people on it, as well as the streets and houses, looked a bit wrecked. When I finally came across the Penhallow house, I knocked on the door, just in case they weren't staying here. It took a short while before the door finally opened revealing Aline on the other side.

"Ahhh, clary! We were all wondering what happened to you!"

I gave her a tight smile, and noticed that she looked horrible just like all the other shadow hunters, "so are they here?"

"Yeah, of course. Come in."

She turned and started walking off, expecting me to follow I would guess. I followed her in, shutting the door behind me and continued after her until we reached the living room. As I walked in the heads of the institute shadow hunters and jai Penhallow turned to face me, all looking terrible as well. When they realised who it was they stood up and came over to me.

"Clary, where the hell have you been?" Izzy yelled as she gave me a hug.

Before I could answer, Maryse spoke, "why didn't you come through the portal after us?"

They all kept firing questions at me, giving me no time to answer a single one. Jace whispered in my ear while the others continued to through questions at me, "there's a clave meeting in half an hour."

I understood why he said this; I nodded my head so he knew I understood. He was telling me that I might as well wait until then to answer the questions so I don't have to answer them twice over.

"GUYS!" I yelled, my voice above everyone else's, "guys, if there's a clave meeting, I'll wait till then to answer questions, and it'll be easier that way."

Izzy, Aline, Alec and max all groaned.

"Anyway, what happened while I was gone? You guys all look horrible."

They all gave each other a look before Alec poke up, "well, valentine attacked Idris, we were in New York when it began, but it was still going when we stepped through the portal, so we were instantly put into battle."

It was Izzy's turn to speak, "we were fighting, and then all of a sudden, they stopped attacking us, and they just fell back and left Idris. The battle only finished about ten minutes ago actually. The clave wanted to give us a little bit of time before the clave meeting, which was going to in twenty five minutes, so we'd better start washing up."

Everyone nodded in agreement and stood up to go get ready. I looked down at myself, I was wet and covered in sand, and it was probably a good idea for me to get washed up as well.

I took a quick shower, and then dried my hair before dressing. I waited in the living room for the others to be ready, and by others I meant Izzy, jai and Maryse as all the boys were ready. I plopped down next to jace who held my hand as I sunk into the couch sighing.

When everyone was finally ready, we left.

We arrived and sat down ready for the meeting which would start at any moment. Only a few seconds after we arrived and were seated, the meeting started. Before anything else could happen, a new consul was to be chosen as Malachi was killed in battle, good riddance. Seeing as I was not a shadow hunter, I could not vote.

In the end, it was Jai Penhallow who was chosen, and she took her seat at the front. After a few matters were dealt with to do with the war, I was called up in the heat of an argument.

"Clary, could you tell us first what happened to you?" jai asked.

I grinned at her, "ahhh, finally, a question that I can answer, about time. You see, I was the last person to go through the portal at the New York institute, and when we started going through the portal, we only had a few seconds before the cut of, and as I was the last one, I missed it. I ended up in Lake Lyn."

There were murmurs all around, jai continued after a few words to the people around her, "and what happened at lake Lyn?"

"Ahhh, you see, I swam out and when I reached the beach, I saw movement of someone. It was valentine, he had come to the lake to raise the angel, and by the way, the lake Lyn is the mortal mirror. Anyway, he razed the angel, but before he could finish the summoning, I wrote something in the sand. When the angel was raised, she killed valentine."

The room erupted into noise, and it took several moments for the consul to quieten them. Before she could speak again, someone spoke up, "the angel would have known she was there, something else must have happened, and how did you get here so quickly afterwards? It would take about two hours to reach Alicante from the lake."

I looked around, "your right, I came out, had a, well, conversation with her. Also, to answer your other question, I didn't walk. How I got here was to do with what I am, which I am not going to be telling you right now. Maybe I'll tell you when I leave.

When everyone was quiet, the inquisitor spoke, "firstly, what did you and the angel talk about exactly?"

I shook my head, "that is also to do with what I am, but I found out something that are to do with me, and no, I will not tell you."

I noticed now that some shadow hunters were giving me dirty looks, I just brushed them of and wait for the next question.

"And, what did you mean when you leave?"

I shook my finger at her, "that's to do with what I am! But I will tell you this, I found out my true name."

The room was at complete silence, everyone staring at me, "and that name is?"

"A name which you won't know, but I'll give you the full name of which I was given by my adoptive mother, it is Clarissa."

As everyone talked amongst each other, I sighed. I was tired of being asked all these questions. I almost feel like telling them that I'm an angel, almost.

"Alright clary, you can take a seat." Jai said.

That was exactly what I did.

After the meeting, I was stopped just outside the hall by a hand on my arm. I looked to find its owner, Jocelyn. She took me to the side and waited for everyone to go past before speaking, clary, how did you find out your birth name?"

I looked straight at her, "I have known who both my parents are since I was twelve, I can't tell you exactly how I found out that they were, or how I found out my name, but I did."

She frowned, I understood her expression, it was but I'm the women who raised you all your life, how come you can't tell me, but those weren't the words she spoke, "what is your true name?"

"I'm not telling you."

She groaned, clearly annoyed from the lack of information coming from me, "at least the first letter?"

"Fine, it starts with an S."

I was just about to walk away, but she grabbed my jacket so I wouldn't. By my grabbing my jacket, it made the scroll fall out of where I placed it at the lake. Jocelyn grabbed it before I could, and before I could stop her, she opened it.

Her face was confused," why do you have a scroll with nothing on it?"

I grabbed the scroll from her grasp and looked at it, there were things on it, I realised that she probably just couldn't see them.

"You can't see them, but I can."

Then I left, I headed for the Penhallow's house. It was time we go back to the institute. When I reached the house, everyone was waiting. No one had had time to unpack, so they were ready. I grabbed my bags and joined them. As we stepped through the portal, jace's hand found mine.