A young woman named Laenna ran through the woods. She had to get the child away from him. She and her husband Xavier agreed that since the now had a child of there own, they had to get out of his father's house. His father wanted to make her kids death eaters, but that wasn't about to happen. Plus, Merlin knows what her father would do if he found out about Maya. He wasn't a killer like the other guy, but he was still evil. Snapping back to reality, she realized she was at the monastery. Laying Maya on the steps with a letter tucked in the blankets, she turned and ran. She met up with Xavier at the meeting place.

"Did it go well?" he asked.

"Has he figured it out?" she questioned.

"We'd know if he had," he answered.

"Then, yes, it went well. What do we do now?" she asked.

"We go into hiding in the muggle world and pray that none of our relatives find us." he answered. With that, the two headed into the woods.

1 year later

"It just had to be twins!" the couple thought as they raced away yet again to entrust the children in safer care. The two girls would be under glamours this time due to the fact that they had to fit in to their new family's. The two girls, Brasilia and Columbia would go to some old frieds they made back in Hogwarts. Brasilia's new identity would be Diara Impeariaz and Columbia's new identity would be Ginevra Weasley. Both families had agreed to raising a child. Finally they each reached their separate destination's. After each child was safe with the other family they went back to their house.

3 years later

"My sweet Minevra, I will come back to collect you as soon as it's safe." Laenna told her youngest child. Everyone thought X's father was dead but she and X new about the horcruxes. They couldn't come out of hiding yet. That meant that they had to give their youngest away. A sqib couple who live three hours away were over the moon to raise the baby. They decided to call her Savanna.

"Goodbye my child." Laenna told her as she placed her child on the doorstep and left.

Nobody heard from the couple after that.