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Character Profile for those who have forgotten:

Name: Brianna "Brina" Oxana Wallace (Means: Noble/Strong/High Foreigner/Stranger)

Age: 14

Disorder/Health Issues: High Functioning Autism with co-morbid ADHD and slight OCD; Arrhythmia caused by Anxiety (Minor); Hypermobility

Medication: Sarafem (10mg; To help control most of her anxiety/panic attacks), Strattera (10mg; To help control her impulses)

Grade: Sophomore (Started school a bit early)

Birthday: September 11th

Birth Place: Memphis, Tennessee

Eye Color: Amber

Hair Color: Golden Brown (Shoulder blade length in pigtails with a pair of Odango/Ox-Horn buns and a small, shaggy strand sticking out from her widow's peak)

Skin: Pale

Height: 5'4''

Body Type: Scrawny (would be sturdier if she wasn't on Strattera for her impulses)

GPA Average on a 4 Scale: 3.2 (B)

Dream Career: Photographer

Parents: Died due to terminal illnesses (Father: Died from Pneumonia; Mother: Died from Ebola while in Africa), adopted

Personality: Sanguine-Choleric (Stubborn, Impatient, Laid back, Cheerful, Emotional, Snarky, Loyal, Passionate, Idealistic, Goal-oriented, A do-er, Friendly (if you get on her good side), Easy to tick off, Can be somewhat aggressive if provoked, A bit prideful, A bit blunt, Honest to a fault, Sometimes rude/crass, and Unintentionally harsh), Intelligent (is prone to blonde moments))

Hobbies: Gaming, Drawing (anything artistic for the most part), Taking pictures, Watching anime, Jumping on her Therapy Trampoline, Pranking, Collecting random things, Learning, and Pushing past the limits.

Most Favorite Music Genres: Techno and Classic Rock

Least Favorite Music Genres: Rap and Classical

Favorite Bands: The Subdigitals, Steppenwolf, and Kansas

Favorite Songs: Fight Fire With Fire (Kansas) and Born to be Wild (Steppenwolf)

Preferred Clothes: Anything loose and made of cotton. Typically wears red bell bottom pants, a maroon t-shirt with a large, pink sakura flower, and pink and black runners with crew cut white socks. Owns a casual maroon dress with pink and white sakura flower prints and a bow in the back. Also owns a heavy fleece hoodie that is black with a gold color zipper. Her night gown is black with a red cloud pattern on it. Owns a cosplay costume.

Fun Facts:

-Brina has a habit of cursing.



Fourteen year old Brina Wallace sat impatiently in her dorm room in the orphanage. She was recently transferred to the orphanage in Amity Park due to many people taking her back for being "too hard to handle". In Brina's mind, they didn't want to put up with her period. She thought they would rather have a child who was dumber than a brick and would be the perfect suck up. She knew she wasn't the easiest child in the world, nor was she the most perfect. She always gave off the "chaotic juvenile" vibe to most people, especially to stuck up snobs. She was sick of being singled out for how she behaved and how she thought. She assumed that everyone hated her and was out to get her. When she spoke that thought, she was immediately told to shut up and thoroughly be "proven wrong", making her look like an asshole in the process.

Brina flopped onto her bed in annoyance, groaning at the lingering thoughts of what every single person who had adopted her just to send her back had said. They had said she was disobedient, annoying, distant, creepy, zombie-like, a screw up, a monster, a disaster waiting to happen, someone who should have never been born, and her personal least favorite, mentally retarded on multiple occasions. She loathed the term "mentally retarded" so much, it made her want to strangle someone every time she heard or saw its usage. It was very derogatory and the way people threw it around her casually as if it were a pet name made her seethe with rage.

The door of Brina's door cracked open to reveal a young orphanage lady, which a small smile on her face. Brina frowned, not wanting to take part in any activities that were planned for the day.

"Brianna, a nice couple arrived here looking for a nice girl to adopt." the lady said, "This could be your lucky day."

Brina blew a raspberry and turned away from the door with a grunt. She had heard that so many times and each time she heard it, it felt like a slap in the face.

"Ugh… Ms. Jones… It's Brina!" Brina groaned, "I have heard that way too many times to know that is not true! Every time I get adopted, my adoptive parents always dumped me back in the orphanage a few days later! Leave me be!"

"Can you please tell me how many times that has happened?" Ms. Jones asked as she sat on Brina's bed, giving a quizzically look at the girl.

"One hundred and ten times…" Brina said trying to hold back her memories and the tears that accompanied them.

"Oh don't be silly." Ms. Jones said, "There is no way that can be true."

Brina got off her bed and shuffled to her desk. On the desk laid a star covered journal. She grabbed it and flipped it to the back, inner hard-cover section and showed it to Ms. Jones. Plastered on the hard cover were one hundred and ten tally marks with the title "Times Returned" written angrily above it. She jabbed her finger at it numerous times with a serious face making Ms. Jones sweat drop. Brina realized Ms. Jones had nothing to say, she sighed.

"Let's just get this over with so I can be back here by the end of the week and make it one hundred and eleven…" Brina griped with a scowl.

Brina tossed her journal onto her bed and followed Ms. Jones to the lobby. She had expected the couple to be nicely dressed with a shiny new SUV in the parking lot. What she saw instead made her do a double take. The couple were dressed in hazmat suits with the husband wearing an XXL orange hazmat, and the wife wearing a slim blue hazmat suit. Instead of an SUV, she saw an armored RV, making the girl sweat drop with a cringe.

'And they say I have a tacky sense of fashion...' Brina thought.

"Is this the girl you were mentioning?" the husband asked with bright curiosity.

"Jack, Maddie, this is Brianna," Ms. Jones confirmed. "It turns out she was not exaggerating about being rejected over a hundred times. Brianna, these are the Fentons."

"Who wouldn't want this girl?" Jack asked, confused. "She seems like a great addition to any family!"

Jack reached over and pinched Brina's cheek, making her flinch away out of discomfort.

"That's what they all have said according to the reports she has submitted." Ms. Jones stated sadly, "She has spoken to the counselors about this and unfortunately, the families that adopted her were ill equipped to deal with her and apparently left some nasty remarks that are not to be spoken of again."

Brina rolled her eyes at the last part, 'Of course she would say that...'

"Why couldn't they take care of her?" Maddie asked, giving a curious frown.

"She has…" Ms. Jones looked for a good way of putting it, thinking way too much about Brina's sensitivity, "Special needs... And tends to get into awkward situations. Majority of them were inappropriate to the point that I am not going to repeat them in front of her."

Brina smirked at the part about inappropriate behavior. Those families deserved the mental scarring she gave them. At the same time, Maddie got a good idea of what had happened, but had her own opinions on what might have had happened.

"Is there any we will need to take care of her mentally and physically?" Maddie asked, "Such as medication?"

"Yes," Ms. Jones said and pulled out a couple of prescription notes and a book, "This one is for Strattera, for her ADHD, as much as I would personally want her off it due to some of the side effects, it has been the only one that worked for her. The second one is for Sarafem, an antidepressant for panic attacks and anxiety. It works to a degree, but it does keep her meltdowns short and less severe. As for the book, it should help cover the basics of dealing with a child with Autism."

Jack grabbed the book and analyzed it, "Isn't that one disorders that causes intense focus on a single subject?"

"It is," Jones replied, hoping the answer wasn't what she thought it was, "Why do you ask?"

Jack beamed with a big smile full of excitement.

"That means I can talk to her non-stop about ghosts!" Jack cheered.

Brina was left gobsmacked at that proclamation. She frowned and went over to a nearby wall and began aggressively banging her head on it, hoping to pass out. Ms. Jones became very alert and used all of her strength to pull the stubborn girl away from the wall. After a few attempts, Ms. Jones succeed on that front, but Brina substituted head banging with hand biting. Ms. Jones swatted at her hand.

"Keep your hands out of your mouth." Ms. Jones scolded. "You don't want to ruin your chances of being adopted."

'You're not listen to me!' Brina thought bitterly as she squirmed out of Ms. Jones's grasp.

Ms. Jones returned her attention to Jack and Maddie, "I am so sorry about this. She is very prone to inflicting self harm. We are fortunate she doesn't uses blades on her wrists, but headbanging and biting is not any better."

After hearing that Maddie and Jack began to discuss on whether they should adopt her or not. Brina yawned, feeling bored as the discussion dragged out. In the end, they both turned their attention to Ms. Jones and smiled.

"We'll take her!" Jack proclaimed.

"Really?" Brina asked, feeling a bit suspicious. "Are you sure?"

"Don't worry, I am sure we will be able to take care of you." Maddie said. "We have two kids at home who would love a younger sister. Jazz might even like talking to you."

Brina gave a small smile, but it only lasted for a few seconds. She did not want to get her hopes up.

"Go pack your stuff, Brina." Ms. Jones said, "I will get the adoption papers and the papers required to enroll you in the school they chose to put you in."

Brina nodded and went into her dorm room. She pulled out her suitcase and began packing her clothes, necessities, a digital camera with different lenses, her sketchbook, her laptop running the latest edition of Portals, her games' CD ROMs, complete box sets for Inuyasha, Naruto, Code: Lyoko, Hetalia, and a box set that contained the first seven seasons of Supernatural, her fandom posters of the Akatsuki and the depiction of Gabriel the Archangel from Supernatural, Her plushies of Inuyasha and Odd Della Robbia, and her journal.

Once she had everything packed, she began attempting to close the suitcase, which was easier said than done. She tried keeping the lid down so she could zip it, but something either poked out and get in the way of the zipper, or the zipper would fly open, causing her stuff to leap out of her suit case. After removing her plushies from the suitcase, it finally allowed her to zip it shut. She then picked up her phone and earbuds and shoved them into her pocket. She grabbed her plushies and tied them to her suitcase handle with yarn that she had found, and began walking with her suitcase rolling behind her. She went back into the lobby and approached Ms. Jones.

"Are they done?"

Ms. Jones looked at her and said, "Almost. Are you all packed?"

"Yes." Brina stated, "I have everything with me including my cuddle buddies."

"Good. They also managed to get the paperwork filled out for your school and are currently working on the last portion of your IEP paperwork." Ms. Jones said. "They say that you will also love your new school."

Brina cringed, knowing full well that was a load of bullcrap.

"I do like learning, but school kids are nothing but a bunch of assholes. They are rotten and poorly behaved."

"Go wait patiently for them to finish," Ms. Jones sighed, "Remember to talk to the therapist that the school provides you with, and use your chill pass. I don't want to hear that the rumors of your vanishing acts are true."

"I will not make any such promises." Brina stated flatly.

Ms. Jones sighed once more. Couldn't Brina just say "yes ma'am" like other kids?


It wasn't even ten seconds into the car ride and Brina was hanging onto her seat in the RV for dear life. Her face was drained of all color as bile began flooding up her esophagus, demanding to escape through her mouth. Her eyes darted all over the place as she tried and failed to calm her overactive senses down.

Maddie, catching onto the severe motion sickness, provided the girl with a bucket to use. After receiving it, Brina instantly began spilling all of the contents of her stomach into it. The smell scratched Brina's nose, making her want to retch some more, which she proceeded to do.

"Why hasn't he received a speeding ticket yet?" Brina moaned to herself, unable to form it as a thought instead due to the nausea feeling being present.

After a few more minutes of physics breaking driving, the RV finally came to a stop, with Brina having the posture of a rag doll in her seat and looking very dizzy from the ride. She slowly sat up a bit more and took a look out the window and looked highly confused at what she saw.

"Welcome to your new home!" Jack piped up.

"What, the hell is that?" Brina asked pointing at the contraption on the roof as she got out of the RV.

"That, Brina, is our OPs Center," Jack replied looking very proud of himself as he too stepped out of the armored vehicle at the same time as his wife, "It is where we deploy our ghost shields and it even turns into a blimp!"

"Why would you guys ever need a blimp?" Brina asked.

"Blimps are cool!" Jack proclaimed, making Maddie chuckle a bit.

'I hope they know what they are doing,' Brina thought as she took one last look at the contraption as she approached the door slowly, 'So far, so good… I have not made them regret anything yet… Don't screw anything up and you will have a home here for approximately a week.'

Brina's hand shook as it slowly inched closer to the doorknob. A memory flashed quickly through head, making her freeze with terror. She tried to calm herself, but only succeed in making herself lightheaded. She quickly grabbed the doorknob and used it to keep her balance while making it look like she was opening the door. And to her surprise, it did open on her, startling her a bit.

On the other side of the door was a girl who seemed to be three years older than Brina. She had orange-red hair that was swept back with a headband and wore a long sleeve black shirt with blue pants. Her turquoise eyes looked at Brina with curiosity.

"Mom, dad? Who is this?" the girl asked. "And why does she have a suitcase?"

"Jazz, meet your new sister, Brina." Maddie said.

"What?" Jazz asked.

"We adopted her because we wanted to give you guys another sibling but found out we could no longer make any more of you guys!" Jack said with a grin.

Brina resisted the urge to snicker at the fact at what Jack was hinting at, but failed as a few hisses of laughter escaped her lips, thinking, 'Me and my dirty mind'. Jazz on the other end looked completely grossed out and mortified.

"Ew!" Jazz groaned into her left hand "Did you really need to say that to everyone in town? That was too much information!"

Brina, feeling an impulse to say something, asked "Where's my room?"

With that, Maddie lead Brina through the living room and all the way up the stairs. Eventually, after passing a few doors, they came to a stop at a door that seemed it did not get opened very much.

"Sorry if it seems rushed," Maddie began, "We haven't had a lot of time to really prepare it with everything that has been going on."

"It's okay." Brina automatically replied and entered the room.

The room's structure was medium sized, about two to three times the size of her dorm room. There was a bean bag chair in one corner, a simple metal desk next to it with a swivel chair, a twin sized bed with fresh sheets and pillows and a fresh comforter, smooth wooden floors, a dresser, shelves, and a decent sized closet. Brina entered the room and placed her suitcase on top of the bed and opened it, taking out her nightie and the cosplay outfit her biological parents had made when they were alive (which still fit her perfectly). She hugged the outfit and set it down. Maddie saw it and spoke up.

"Who made that for you?"

"My mom and dad. They made it so I would feel more comfortable at comic con." Brina replied.

Maddie nodded with a smile and turned her attention to the toys that Brina had began setting on her bed. She picked up the irritated looking doll with long white hair and dog ears.

"What is this toy's name?" Maddie asked.

"That's Inuyasha, from an anime of the same name." Brina responded, "He's a half demon who is treated horribly due not being a full human or a full demon. I can relate to him. He also likes to fight and act like a jerk due to not having any parents."

Maddie looked at the doll with surprise and set it down before picking up the other, which had blonde hair with a purple splotch and a purple and yellow cat costume.

"What about this one?" Maddie asked, hoping its story wasn't just as negative.

"That's Odd Della Robbia from Code: Lyoko." Brina said, "He is the jokester and flirt of his group and goes into a virtual world with them to defeat a computer virus that has evolving motives every season ranging from murdering to brain washing people and committing acts of terrorism. His jokes are very funny."

Maddie slowly set the plushie down. That backstory sounded a bit worse than the first due to the "terrorism" and "murdering" bit. She was definitely going to look up those shows and be certain they were appropriate for Brina. She was not going to let her watch something that was above the PG-14 demographic.

"I'm going to the store soon with your new father to pick up some stuff for dinner, some treats, and your medicine, okay?"


With that, Maddie left the room, leaving Brina to her own devices for a bit. She was about to pull out her camera and begin uploading some images that she had took during her transfer from Memphis to Amity Park when she heard the front door open and some yelling. She got up and went peeking in front of the stairs, wondering what was going on. At the bottom, she saw Maddie scolding a boy who was one year older than her. He had black hair in a reverse mullet, blue eyes, a white shirt with a red oval and trimmings, and light blue jeans.

"Danny, where were you?!" Maddie asked, "You said you would be home before we got back!"

The boy shuffled a bit under his mother's glare, "Uh… Bad traffic? Ummm, I will be in my room! Nice chat!"

Danny sped up the stairs, trying to get out of explaining whatever he was doing against Maddie's protests. Instead of making it to his room, Danny ran into Brina (who squeaked), knocking his forehead into her's. They both fell over with a bruise where they had made impact.

"Ow…" Brina moaned, rubbing her forehead.

"Who are you?" Danny asked, looking very off guard.

"That depends on how you answer this: are you their son?" Brina asked.

Danny gave the girl a funny look and replied slowly, "Yes…"

"I believe that makes me your new sister, Brina, for now…" Brina replied as she got up.

"What do you mean for now?" Danny asked.

"I do not like playing questioning games." Brina stated bluntly, "But I have a track record of being dumped back into the orphanage, sometimes in a few days, other times by the end of the week. I hold the record of being returned a hundred and ten times and if I am correct, my one hundred and eleventh time is coming up."

Danny stared at Brina (who was rapidly twitching her leg), having a hard time believing what he had just heard. Then there was the way she put it. She said it so bluntly, he had no idea how she did it. With a drawn out "okay", he got up and went into his room. Brina shrugged her shoulders and went into her's, not caring what that was about.

'At least he didn't do what the last sibling I had did...' Brina thought, trying to ease her nerves that were firing deep down.


Danny knew there was something atypical about the girl. Most people in Amity Park did not get that nosy, aside from him, his friends, and Jazz. They were oblivious or just uncaring of what happened under their noses. Brina was watching him until the moment he came up the stairs and crashed into her and he didn't even know it. He knew he was going to need to look out for any hints of her eavesdropping on him. Whatever was different about her, he needed to learn about it and fast. And one thing for sure in his mind, it was likely his parents did not ask about her and just randomly picked her.

The teenage boy went over to his computer and signed onto the video chat that he used to communicate to his friends, Sam and Tucker. Thankfully, they were already on, going on about something.

"Ugh, Tucker… That was so lame…" Sam said, face-palming.

Danny turned on his webcam and said, "Hey guys."

"Hi, so what's up?" Tucker asked.

"Okay, bad news, my parents decided to randomly adopt a random girl to be Jazz and I's little sister." Danny said.

"Why would your parents adopt without a reason?" Tucker asked.

"Well, I am just glad she has a home now." Sam stated, looking a bit concerned, "It's likely they won't give her up; they are looking for someone to pass the torch down to."

"That's not the problem." Danny said, "She seems to be an eavesdropper. I mean I ran into her while coming up the stairs and had no idea she was even there! It's really creepy."

"And you're worried about letting the cat out of the bag," Tucker injected, "You should try to relax, maybe she will do something that your parents absolutely hate and return her. I'm sure you have nothing to worry about."

Sam was seething at that comment and glared dangerously at her webcam.

"Tucker, be glad this is a web chat!" Sam spat.

"Which means I can do this." Tucker piped up and pressed a button on his keyboard with a giant smirk.

In Sam's window, Sam was livid and growling at what Tucker did to her display via hacking.

"Tucker, get this video off my computer right now," Sam yelled as she tried closing it out fruitlessly from what Danny could tell, "Or so help me!"

"What are you gonna do?" Tucker teased, "Send me virtual threats? Kill me in Doomed? Oh I know! Upload that picture that you took of me wearing one the dresses your parents bought?"

Sam's window went black. Tucker's smile turned into a frown and then he began panicking, realizing what she was about to do. She was going to beat him to a pulp and Danny did not need to even hear his fading comment on it to know that it was coming quickly.

"Dude, you have to help me!" Tucker pleaded, "I'm too young to die!"

Danny cringed, feeling very bad for his friend, "Sorry, Tuck, but you kinda asked for that one. You know she hates that kind of stuff."

Tucker's window blacked out a few moments later and all that seemed to be left on was the mic. Said mic began capturing every sound of Sam's combat boots smacking Tucker and lots of shouting.

"Ow! Ow! I'm sorry! Sam! Ow!" Tucker screamed, "Please be reasonable! NO! NOT SASHA! I WILL DO ANYTHING, within reason, JUST DON'T HURT MY BABY!"

With that, Tucker's mic was shut off. Danny rolled his eyes, wondering how many times their video chats involved violence. It was weird how no one bothered to crack down on it, but oh well, it was better than his secret being thrown out into the open. So with that, he slowly cracked open his door and peered across the hall to see Brina's shut bedroom door covered in drawings that reminded him of the anime Sam liked. Just as quietly and slowly as he opened it, he closed his door and backed away from it.

"Since Sam and Tucker aren't available right now," Danny said, "There is one thing I can do."

With that, he quietly transformed into his alter ego and flew into Brina's room using both invisibility and intangibility. He looked around and saw a barely unpacked suitcase on the bed, partially pulled out sketchbook, and a half-haphazardly thrown journal. And much to Danny's horror, he found Brina's t-shirt, pants, socks, and shoes lying on the bed.

"Okay, I don't even want to know why she is running around in her birthday suit!" Danny said with disgust.

Danny took a look at Brina's plushies and assumed nothing of them. To him they were just toys. He then picked up the sketchbook and and flipped through it, finding some disturbing drawings ranging from depicting verbal harassment to sketches he could not make out due to them not being inked like the others. He put it down and looked at her walls to find her posters. He looked rather uncomfortable looking at the Akatsuki poster due to how menacing the people on it looked ranging from being very sadistic to downright bloodthirsty, something Danny did not see everyday despite fighting evil ghosts every day. The other poster gave no comfort as it depicted several pictures of a man with sand colored hair with a super mischievous grin plaster to his face that could only spell massive chaos. The words "Hellooooo Trickster" near the top center and "Okay Gabriel -They call me Gabriel" written just below it (IMAGE: tinyurl*com/hs7qc2b).

For the moment, Danny could guess that Brina could get along with Sam. Once he found her newish looking laptop, he then added Tucker to it, as any piece of technology would get the approval seal from Tucker.

"So far, nothing out of the ordinary if you don't count the fact she's a nudist." Danny whispered to himself as he found his eyes wandering to her journal, "I know I shouldn't, but…"

Danny grabbed the journal and began reading it to only be underwhelmed by what was written. Most of the pages had simple phrases that described the weather to being "bitten by a horse". There were one or two pages dedicated to smack talking kids who did some really nasty stuff, but they were just as blunt and to the point as the entries involving single sentences. There was no hints of hiding anything or enough proof to consider her a problem.

"Obviously no secrets there." Danny said placing the journal back the way it was, no need in letting it be known he snooped through it, "Looks like I will have to spy on her… I am so not telling anyone if this goes nowhere."

Danny then dove invisibly into the floor and watched as his parents began leaving the house. From what he could judge based on the look on his dad's face, they were probably going to get some fudge, ranch dressing, and cookies.

"So what kind of fudge are we getting?" Jack asked, validating one of Danny's assumptions, "Please say double fudge!"

Maddie giggled, amused by the childish wonder her husband had, "I'm not going to spoil it. All that I will say is that you will love what I will get, you deserve it after getting rid of the Crate Creep after letting him lose."

With that (and a disgusted look from Danny as Maddie and Jack kissed), the two left the house and closed the door behind them. Danny heard the RV's engine turn over and running. Once the RV was no longer in the driveway, Danny began trying to find Brina. He searched the living room and the kitchen for any signs of her, but found none. He was about to check the OPs Center, not even questioning why she would be in there, when his ghost sense went off. He could hear a very loud "BEWARE" coming from outside, irking the teen.

"Ugh!" Danny groaned in annoyance, "Not you again! I'm not in the mood for this!"

With that, Danny flew outside to deal with the Ghost Zone's Most Annoying Pest. He would spy on Brina later, from the way things were looking, the Box Ghost was going to take awhile this time. Something he was not happy about no matter what he was originally going to do.


Brina looked around the lab that she had found with curiosity shining in her eyes. She had decided to wear the cosplay outfit her parents had made, wanting to feel like they were comforting her still. It was not exactly the most appealing thing. It was a horrid clash of a cyan body suit made from a pair of zip-up thermal long johns with an oversized, cropped black tank top and a black skirt. On the tank top was an ironed on cyan heart. On her feet she also wore cyan slippers to keep her feet warm.

"Wow…" Brina breathed as if she were in a trance, "This place looks like one of those labs from sci-fi programs like World War Z and the Andromeda Strain mini-series!"

Brina grinned as she began to explore, taking a look at every single detail that she could. She stared into a beaker that held a florescent green goo and watched as it softly glowed in the dark corner it was in with fascination. She even looked at diagrams that had various small details that triggered more curiosity.

Just when she was about to go look at something else, she heard something fall and then a click of a button. She instantly turned around and found a plug lying on the ground. She knew that was a hazard, so she walked over and picked up the plug. With no second thoughts, she put it back into the socket.

Once that was dealt with, she carried on in her exploration. What she had found this time was a large scorch mark that had a green hue to it. Brina tilted her head at it, confused as to what could have made it. It was weird and made her a bit uncomfortable due to the fact it was mess that needed to be cleaned up in her mind, but at the same time knew it would most likely never come out as it was a burn, not an actual stain.

Wanting to explore other portions of the house, Brina began walking to towards the stairs as she began getting a creeped out feeling. She continued forward, believing it would go away once she left the lab, but she never made it that far. Instead, she felt herself being grabbed by a metallic hand that came out of nowhere, making her to yelp.

"WHAT THE HELL?!" Brina screamed as she began squirming frantically, "WHAT'S GOING ON?! LET ME GO!"

She heard a dark chuckle coming from her captor. She turned around to find a man made of metal with flaming green hair styled into a mohawk. The mere fact she was being held against her will sent her adrenal system into a frenzy, feeling the desperate need of getting away from the offending stimulus.

"Feisty child, I could work with this…" the metallic man said.

Brina took a look at the gadgets that adorned the man's body, making her even more nervous. She continued to kick and flail around, doing anything that could loosen the man's grip on her.


"Where would the fun be then, runt?" the man asked.


Brina tried slugging her captor with a balled up fist, but wound up with a hand that felt very sore and would not stop shaking from said pain. She did her best to hold back her screams of agony. All this did was amuse the metallic man to a degree.

"Can you remove your arm so I can vent on you?" Brina asked with a dirty look on her face, "I don't have my therapeutic trampoline to take this stress out on yet."

The man laughed and said, "Why would I do that? Besides you would make good bait for my prey, but then again, why waste you on that? I have better plans."

"I ALREADY TOLD YOU!" Brina once more yelled, "I AM NOT ANYONE'S TOOL!"

With that, Brina slipped out of the man's grasp by using her hypermobility. It was not exactly a comfortable feeling, but it did what it is was suppose to do. She landed on the floor, looking rightfully angry. She then smirked when she saw that she was beginning to be in her own words "a pain in the ass".

"If you want to catch me, you need to stop having buttery fingers!" Brina exclaimed while flipping the bird at the man and then began to dart in a random direction while cackling.

The man seethed at the insolence Brina was giving him and gave chase after the mad girl. He analyzed her, looking for any form of weakness and found one in her very method of escape. Her hypermobility may have given her immense flexibility, but it also gave her poor joint stability and made her clumsy, as evident as she tripped on her feet a couple of times. He aimed to capitalize on this weakness, but she instantly changed course and ran to another area of the lab with a surge of more energy, infuriating him.

As he chased her on the new route, he became intrigued when Brina began to shudder and become dizzy. Not even questioning what brought this on, he lunged at her, prepared to grab her. Brina however, managed to snap out of her pre-syncope and got out of the way. The man was once more irritated with this and decided to take on a new tactic. He began to slow his chase after her, aiming to make Brina think she was safe and grab her once her guard was down and make sure she did not slip out of his hands again.

To his never ending surprise, she actually fell for it and dove into one of the most dangerous parts on the lab. What could be currently known as the giant, metal hole in the wall thanks to his earlier meddling. Whatever possessed her to make her think that was a safe place to hide, he didn't want to know. He just wanted to thank it for making his job a bit easier. He disappeared from the visible spectrum and waited for her to make another dumb move.

Brina burrowed into the wires, hoping to completely hide herself from her assailant. What seemed forever was really a couple of minutes, her heart beating erratically as she became dizzy and lightheaded again. She could hear her heartbeat like a bass drum in her ears, making her feel even worse. It progressively got more sporadic as an extra beat found its way into heart's normal rhythm as it sped up. Sweat poured out of her, making her not only feel cold, but also numb as her heart was beating out of normal sync.

'Is he gone? Am I alone again? I can't see anything in here,' Brina thought as she slowly got up from the wires, 'I need to find a light switch or something before I leave. That guy could be anywhere.'

Brina began feeling around her surroundings, but found it highly difficult due to being completely tangled up in the wires she burrowed into. She was stuck and could not free herself from her imprisonment of cables and wires, making it ever more important to find a light switch and wait for help.

'Of all time to not have my phone, it was when I am about to die.' Brina thought, which frightened herself further into panic. She squirmed around frantically in her reachable radius, looking for any form of a switch to give some form of light in the dark hole. What she managed to find was a pair of buttons. One was up and another was pressed down, 'Could that button be the light switch?' Brina crawled towards it, with all intentions to press it despite a part of her screaming for her not to as it would get her in major trouble. 'No, I am not going to let myself get killed! For once, I actually want to LIVE!'

With no holding back, she slammed the button with a defiant look on her face. She expected there to be light, but not the way she received it. She began screaming as she was assaulted by energy. She twitched as she finally found herself free of the cables and wires, but she could not escape the current running rampant through her entire body. And she thought getting a terrible sunburn was the worst physical pain ever. She then lost all consciousness as the pain and the panic and the overwhelming stimulation caused her brain to shut down, unable to process everything.

Outside the machine, the metal man reappeared, smirking with glee. Sure, this may have not given him exactly what he wanted, but it would be enough to be proud of until he could. A temporary form of satisfaction to keep his dreams up. He darkly chuckled as he saw the girl writhed in pain. Once the machine produced the well known portal, the man went forward and dragged his catch out, thinking 'Come to me my feeble little prey.' What he saw was almost as revolting as before.

Before he wanted to gouge his eyes out due to the eye bleeding color match up the girl's clothes had. Now, he knew that she would not match with anything he had as a pelt or a head on a pike. It was too soft and girly. The girl's brown hair had become a light, dodger blue, similar to that of his girlfriend's but it was in that ridiculous hairstyle that no one in their right frame of mind find good. Her clothes were mostly pastel pink with a white tank top and a white skirt. On the tank top was a pastel pink heart, making her look cute more than threatening. He did not want to be laughed at for catching something cute. There was only one thing that seemed remotely okay to take was her eyes. Those had went from amber to a fluorescent golden yellow.

"Ugh, looks like I will have to settle with gouging your eyes out…" the man groaned as he revealed a eye gouger from his wrist.

The man go on top of Brina and began inching the gouger closer to Brina's face as he held one of her eyes open. Before he could even get gouger positioned right, he was sent back by an unexpected force. The prey that he could never seem to catch had arrived looking very grossed out at the sight he had saw.

"Dude! You've sunk to a new low!" Danny exclaimed, wanting to hurl, "You can't just dismember bodies in here! That's gross and so not okay!"

"Hello, whelp." the metal man said as he retracted the eye gouger, "I will admit, this is the first time where I am not in the mood for your pelt."

"Wait, what?!" Danny asked, fully surprised, "Did you get into a fight with Ember again?"

"You wish, whelp," the metal man said as he went through the portal.

Danny flew over to Brina's unconscious form and shook her a bit, hoping that who he assumed was a random ghost was alive. Brina's eyes opened as she rotated her shoulders a bit and moaned a bit.

"What the hell happened?" Brina asked and turned her head towards Danny, "And what the hell happened to you? You look like you fell into a vat of extra strength hair bleach, Danny."

The look on Danny's face sold everything he was previously thinking, but at the same time, he also had other thoughts going through his head. Right now, logic as far as he knew had packed up and moved somewhere far away.