Binas: I have decided to take the short chapter approach with this story as an experiment. I have been finding it hard to write long chapters as of late, and I hope this does not turn you guys away.

Another note, I have another story in the works called "Halfas vs Leviathans", for those who are curious, go check it out. I plan to exercise my ability to write bits of horror with that story. Yeah, as you can tell, I am not much of a horror writer, more of a comedy, family, and friendship kind of author. Yeah, familial and platonic love is my thing.




"WHOA!" Danny shouted out, hitting the floor, covering his head as a small torrent of chartreuse-yellow ectoplasmic-fire sailed over his head.

Brina sniffled as she rapidly rubbed her nose against her arm. Something had gotten into her nose and it was refusing to leave. This lead to another fiery sneeze. Thankfully it was pointed away from Jazz and Danny. As a result, there was now a small blaze burning on the linoleum covered reinforced-metal floor. Danny quickly put it out with some ice, which promptly melted into water.

"Okay, that is one I have no clue on how to use." Danny said, cringing at the scorch mark.

Jazz quickly jotted down "ecto-fire" as one of Brina's powers. So far, aside from the main ghost powers (invisibility, intangibility, flight, and spectral body manipulation) and her fire powers, she had only demonstrated telekinesis. No sign of ice powers or its offshoot, the ghost sense, which was tested when Danny decided to catch a random, mindless, small blob and drag it back. Brina had initially given it a weird look then began fiddling with it in her hands with a look of weirded-out curiosity.

The fact that they were able to confirm Brina lacked a ghost sense posed a problem. While, yes, it could be absolutely annoying, it also helped alert the user of a potentially malicious ghost. That would mean if ghost wanted to harm her, they could very well likely sneak up on her. If their parents took this well, Danny was definitely going to ask them to make Brina something to compensate for her inability to sense ghosts. Well, as long it was not obnoxious. He had a feeling if she found it obnoxious, she would probably outright refuse it, regardless of whatever argument got thrown at her.

"I have to say, the fire is pretty fitting…" Jazz commented, "Hot headed, impulsive, energetic, prone to sudden outbursts, I am not all that surprised."

"Well, at least we are finding about it now and not later when she is slowly cooking herself alive." Danny said as he got up from the floor, assuming that fire powers were similar to ice powers to be on the safe side. "Pretty sure that would be worse than becoming a human popsicle stick."

In the background, Brina's free hand was slowly inching closer to her nose. She had full intentions of digging into her nose to fish whatever got in there out. Seeing this, Danny stopped her, looking grossed out. He then said, "Don't pick your nose! Here."

Danny pulled out a tissue and handed it to her. Brina took it and began blowing her nose.

Jazz approached Brina, and asked, "So, do you feel this helped you more?"

Brina shrugged her shoulders and gave out a "hn" sound, clearly showing she was not paying attention all that much. This made the eldest female teen sigh a bit. While she could see the clear improvement over what Danny had told her in terms of behavior, she needed to know how this approach made her feel. If Brina felt like this approach was helping, it would make future sessions easier to breeze through.

So far, Brina's control was very shaky. Flight was still mediocre and definitely not something anyone would want to write home about. Intangibility had gotten a lot more cooperative when called upon than it had been, but still acted up when she was in pain majority of the time.

Invisibility remained a pain in terms of duration and accidental slip ups, though she was oddly not bothered by it. She said that it was "not severe enough for her to freak out over." Danny had tried to tell her that was not exactly the best thing to think when it came to malfunctioning powers, but his words fell on the ears of someone who was done talking about invisibility slip ups and wanted to move on.

Now it was time to see how she handled overshadowing. Since the usual test subject, Tucker, was not present, Danny got the bright idea of having Brina overshadow one of her plushies. The lucky plushie that was selected was the plushie of Odd Della Robbia.

Danny set the toy on the ground in a sitting position and backed away from it. He was not going to let her pull a silly trick on him. He had lost all doubt about her being that type after seeing the mischievous glint in her ghost form's eyes. He was so glad that Brina was not going to be one of the ghosts who terrorized the town. At the same time, he was worried. He had a feeling that her lack of interest in harming others would not stop any shenanigans that poked the line non-stop for the satisfaction it ticked someone off.

'Tucker was right… Brina IS someone who would pull tricks...' Danny thought with a look on his face that read "oh crap."

Brina, having what Danny defined overshadowing to be in mind and discarding the blob ghost haphazardly, carefully slipped into her plushie. It slowly went from limp to more animated as Brina got a feel for the object she was possessing. She flicked the toy's tail a couple of times to test the waters before moving onto the limbs. Once she figured out how to move the toy, she shot straight up and began running all over the lab, wearing the plushie as how one wore a suit of armor.

Brina raised her plushie's arms and made some "phew, phew" sounds, pretending to fire Laser Arrows. This made Brina grin; it was awesome to her. She could imagine all of the pranks she could pull once she felt more comfortable. She had yet to fully warm up and had no intentions of letting her guard down.

Once Brina was done, she slipped out of the plushie, causing it to fall into a limp sitting position. She grabbed it and held it tightly, practically daring anyone to take it from her.

"I think that is enough for now." Danny said, reverting to his human form.

Brina nodded and followed suit, still holding her plushed toy close to her person as she swayed back and forth on her heels. It was also at that moment the three siblings heard the front door open and close.

"DANN-O!" a booming voice called out cheerfully, "I GOT SOMETHING FOR YA!"

Danny then became nervous. He had no idea what his dad had for him and prayed it was not something from his nightmares. Jazz saw this and placed a hand on his shoulder.

"If you want, I can go with you." Jazz said with a smile.

"Thanks, Jazz." Danny said, feeling a bit relieved that his older sister was supporting him.

Brina, on the other hand, fiddled with her fingers as she averted her gaze. The shame she had been feeling since she had been released from the thermos was still present in her heart. Danny and Jazz might have forgiven her for having such a big meltdown, but Brina could not come to terms with her mistakes herself. She still felt as if the weight was still there, bagging her spirit down. She felt sadness come up but managed to suppress it. She was not going to let them know she was still hurting.

'You may say I am not a burden, but I am still one.' Brina thought.

"You might want to come up stairs with us." Danny said, bringing Brina out of her mind and back to reality. "Just in case anything happens."

Brina made no gesture or sound that notified them that she was for or against the suggestion. Instead, she followed her older siblings out of the lab and up the stairs. Her mind raced with possible outcome that seem logical to her. All of them involved Brina being either told to leave or being forced back into that cramped device that she swore would give her claustrophobia at some point.

Once the three of them got into the living room, Danny and Brina were absorbed into a highly unexpected, big hug. Jack then said, "I am sorry for thrusting you two into this mess," leaving the teenagers confused.

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked, feeling nervousness grow inside himself.

"Here," Jack said and trusted a box into Danny's arms, knocking him a bit off balance, "I hope you like it. I know it can't fix everything but I just want to let you know that I care about all three of you and you can tell me anything."

Danny opened the box with caution. He felt around the inside slowly, hoping not to set off any traps. Sweat poured down his forehead as he felt his hand grab something hard and smooth. He slowly lifted it out and what he saw made him sweat drop out of pure confusion and the expression he had on his face could tell an entire story as to what he was thinking.

Right in his hand was a rock. A gray rock that was the size of the palm of his hand. He looked at the side of the box and it happily read "PET ROCK." Danny had no words to describe the situation. His dad, had given him a pet rock as an apology for something he had no clue about as his dad gave the three kids no details to work with.

Jazz stared at the pet rock, just as confused as Danny. As to how her dad came to the perfect conclusion that a rock could fix any problem, even if imagined, she had no clue. To her this was another bumbling moment that she knew Danny was going to complain about at some point. The primary reason being that he wanted a dog since he was little, not a rock.

"You know pet rocks were created by some guy who thought he was being a comedian in the 70's, hn?" Brina blurted out, sounding unamused and not leaving the words in her head like she should have.

"Not only that, they were extremely popular with everyone!" Jack stated, oblivious to Brina's snark and the confusion residing in Danny and Jazz, "I hope you all forgive me."

"What are you talking about?" Danny asked putting the rock back in its box and setting it down on the coffee table, "You haven't done anything wrong."

At that moment, Jack realized he had gotten so caught up in trying to earn the right to be forgiven by his kids that he overlooked the most important part. The reason why was asking for forgiveness. He face-palmed, muttering to himself about how he could be that bumbling again.

"Your wrong, Danny-boy…" Jack said, as his face became haunted by downcast and shame, "I should have kept a better eye on you months ago when you brought your friends over. I should have noticed that day changed you and I should have been more careful with my words and inventions."

At that moment, it hit Danny and Jazz like a flaming semi-truck. Jack knew that Danny was half ghost as well. Danny blanched to a bleach white and prepared for the worse. After a second or two had passed, he realized that Jack had only figured out part of his secret, not the fact that he was Danny Phantom, former Public Enemy Number One.

"So do you forgive me now?" Jack asked.