Inuyasha and Fairy Tail

Title: The True Ruler

Summary: Fairy Tail finds out that the King of Fiore is NOT the real ruler of Magnolia. Instead, it's none other than our favorite time traveling Shikon Miko!


"The King is not the REAL ruler?!"

"Ehe~! It's just that I've been too busy to rule properly~!"

Everyone sweat dropped at that.

"So, how's it been? Was there any troubles recently?" She suddenly turned serious, and asked.

"Just the usual. Guilds bringing trouble, especially them. But, it's not much of 'troubles' as you say." The King said, while nodding his head towards the Fairy Tail guild members.

"So, how's the guild doing Makarov?"

"The guild is doing fine as always, if you can call it normal, anyways."

"So, are those kids new members or something? 'Cause the last time I've been there, they weren't there."

"They came after your visit, but Lucy here just joined not long ago."