Digimon Tamers: The Battle of Two Worlds

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Chapter 7: Dream a Little Dream

A week had passed since the battle with Gorillamon and since then, Takato had done his best to try and get his fellow tamers to work together like the team that they should be. Surprisingly, Ryan was actually on board with the idea, but neither Henry or Rika trusted the other. Henry didn't want to work with someone who didn't care about artificial life and Rika did not want to hear him constantly criticizing her every time she defeated someone and had Renamon absorb their data. Throughout the week, Takato and Ryan had tried to get the other two to talk to each other, but it never worked.

One day, Takato, Rika and Ryan were walking to school when they saw all the students and even members of the faculty surrounding the soccer field.

"Why is everyone over at the soccer field?" Takato asked.

"Oh gee, I don't know. Maybe cause there's a soccer game going on?" Ryan responded, sarcastically.

"At 7:30 in the morning?" Rika asked.

"It could happen!" Ryan argued.

The three walked to see shocked reactions on everyone faces. They looked at what everyone else was looking at. It was some kind of drawing with a whole bunch of squiggly lines done by the chalk grinder that they use to set up the soccer games. Takato had the same surprised look that many of the other students now wore on their faces. Rika and Ryan each wore confused looks on their faces; after all, why would someone break into the supply shed, take the chalk grinder and make some really crappy drawing on the field? It this was meant as some kind of prank, then it was an incredibly lame one.

Eventually, the teachers and principal forced the students into the school to begin their classes. Takato's teacher, Ms. Azaji, forced the class to take a surprise test, much to the classes displeasure and Kazu's annoyance. Eventually lunch came and Takato, Rika and Ryan were sitting at their usual table and they could overhear some of the theories that were going around in the lunch room. Takato could see Kazu, Kenta and Henry making there way to their table and sat down, much to Rika's annoyance, but she kept quiet since these were Takato's friends.

"So who or what do you guys think caused those lines to appear on the field?" Kazu asked.

"Isn't it obvious?" Kenta asked. Everyone but Rika looked at him, wondering what he was talking about. "Those drawings on the soccer field are just like crop circles and those are made by aliens!"

"Please tell you're joking." Rika asked, pinching the bridge of her nose and shaking her head at what she just heard.

"Yeah Kenta, I mean...Aliens? That's just plain ridiculous." Ryan said.

"I agree with you guys." Kazu said, surprising everyone. "Besides, I know who the real culprit is..." Everyone waited for him to speak. "It was that dinosaur the principal saw or maybe it was a ghost. It was a ghost dinosaur!" Kazu exclaimed.

Rika face palmed. "That's even stupider." Ryan nodded his head in agreement while placing his right hand into his head, hoping that the two idiots that were sitting across from him would go away when he removed his hand.

"Yeah, I gotta agree with these two." Takato said, pointing to Rika and Ryan and he took a drink of milk.

"You do realize how crazy that sounds? I mean, a ghost dinosaur, come on." Henry said.

"Hey! The principal did see that dinosaur a few weeks back and it hasn't been seen since. What else could you call it?" Kazu asked, trying to defend his accusation.

"OK, but how does a ghost eat all of the food from the cafeteria?" Kenta asked, causing Takato to cough up his drink. Everyone looked at him.

"Sorry. Went down the wrong hole." Takato explained. Kazu and Kenta seemed to accept that response, but the other three knew why Takato had done that.

"Anyway, to answer you question; everyone knows that meatloaf is like a ghost's favorite thing. Besides, who or what else could eat the cafeteria food and not die?" Kazu asked.

"Alright, I'll give you that one; this food is pretty F-ing awful." Ryan said, avoiding the F-word with teachers and faculty members walking around. The others agreed with the latter part of Kazu said as well, but the former was too much to buy.

After lunch ended, a few students stayed behind to assist in cleaning. It was offered to any students who wanted extra credit. While most of the students were stacking up chairs and stuff like that, Takato and Jeri were mopping the floor.

"So after all that, they then suggested that it was caused by demons conjured up by last week's spud balls." Takato laughed a bit at that, but when he turned, he saw Jeri not laughing. Now that he thought of it, Jeri had been pretty quiet all day. "You alright?" he asked.

"I...I saw what did it." she answered.

"Uh...What do you mean you saw it?"

"Well, it all started this morning..." Jeri said as she recapped the events to Takato.

Flashback(earlier in the day)

Jeri hadn't been feeling well that day, so she went to the infirmary. There she was lying down and tucked in tight with nothing but the smells of iodine and canter oil keeping her company. It was quiet and peaceful, making it the perfect setting to get some sleep, but her sleep in disturbed when she heard a crashing sound. She sat up on the bed.

"Hello? Who's there?" she asked, but got no response. Deciding to investigate, Jeri got out of bed and walked towards the medicine cabinet. She was still a few feet away when she noticed the medicine bottles shaking.

"Probably just some cat." she said to herself as she slowly walked up to the cabinet. When she was only a few inches from it, one of the bottles knocked over, giving Jeri a eye shot at what it was and it was certainly no cat. Whatever it was, it was small and had glowing green eyes. Seeing those eyes froze Jeri in her place, then suddenly, the little thing jumped out, going passed her head. Jeri screamed and fell onto the floor. After breathing heavily for a few seconds, she spoke.

"Where did you run off too?" she asked, looking around the room for signs of it, while remaining on the floor. Then she looked up towards the ceiling and saw small footprints all over it.

"Footprints on the ceiling? But...But that's impossible." she said, completely freaked out.

End Flashback

"I was just lucky to make it outta there in one piece." she said as she finished telling Takato what happened, just in her own way.

Takato was just left confused at what he was just told. "Well, you're certainly brave." he told her.

The school day quickly ended quickly as Takato had asked the other tamers to meet him at Guilmon's hideout. They all agreed to, despite Henry and Rika's dislike for each other. They were all standing inside the stone shed with their respective Digimon with them as Takato told them the story that Jeri told him.

"Hang on, are you suggesting that a Digimon is the one who drew those chalk lines?" Rika asked. Takato nodded his head.

"Well, it does make more sense than what Kazu and Kenta were suggesting earlier, doesn't it sis?" Ryan asked.

"Hmm." Rika responded, which pretty much translated to Ryan that she agreed with him.

"Even so, it is a bit of a leap to say that a Digimon did that. It was probably just some pranksters who did that." Henry suggested.

"Maybe, but don't you think they would have found a clue as to who did it?" he asked. "Besides, what else could walk on a ceiling?"

"OK, so maybe there is a Digimon in the school. It's no big deal; all we have to do is find him..." Rika said before being interrupted

"And kill him." Henry said.

"Do you really want to start this now?" she asked, getting right in his face.

"Maybe I do." he responded. Before they could get into a shouting match, Takato and Ryan pulled them away from each other. After calming down for a bit, Henry spoke up again. "Besides, how do you suggest we find a Digimon during school hours."

"Maybe we don't have to." Takato said. "I usually go in on Saturdays to feed my classes pet rabbit's. It should be empty, so that's when we can search the school."

"I'd better go with you." Rika said. "It'll be easier for Renamon to search the school and not be seen. Not to mention that we don't want a repeat of what happened the last time Guilmon was at the school." she finished. Takato nervously laughed as he remembered what happened.

"Alright. What about you guys?" he asked Henry and Ryan, but both declined, saying they had stuff to do. "Hopefully, this Digimon is the one that drew those lines on the field."

"I still think it's unlikely, but whoever did it must be really clever." Henry responded. The group called it a day and left to their respective homes.

Morning arrived quickly for Takato as beams of sunlight entered his room. He got up, walked to the bathroom, showered, brushed his teeth and walked downstairs to grab some breakfast. Soon after he finished eating, Rika showed up and after bidding farewell to his parents, the two left. They took a quick detour to the park so that Takato could get Guilmon. Rika asked how he was going to explain to people about the walking Digimon next to him and Takato explained that it was just a costume he created and he was having a friend test it out and to see if people thought it was honestly real. Rika had to admit; that was a very clever solution, but she still preferred Renamon's ability to vanish in the blink of an eye. During their walk to the school, Takato had to explain to Guilmon why it was OK for him to come with them to school and what a weekend was.

When the three arrived at the school, they noticed the principal and one of the teachers looking at another chalk drawing; this one even worse than the previous one. They managed to get past the two and walked to where the school's pet rabbits were. While Takato prepared their food, Rika called for her Digimon.

"Renamon." Said Digimon appeared in a flash.

"Yes, Rika?" she asked.

"I want you to go inside the school and check and see if there are any Digimon hiding in there."

"My pleasure." she vanished just as fast as she appeared.

"How long do you think it'll take for Renamon to search the school?" Takato asked, while still preparing the rabbit's food.

"Not long. If there is a Digimon in there, then Renamon should have no problem finding it." she answered. Takato finished the food for the rabbits and the two walked over to where they were.

"If don't mind me asking, why do you hate Henry so much?" he asked.

"He's too much of a goody-two shoes and anyone who refuses to fight when it comes down to it really gets on my nerves." Rika responded.

"Well, I know he's a pacifist, but I think he'll change if given time."

"I doubt it." Rika said. Takato fed the rabbits as he and Rika both noticed Guilmon and the rabbits sniffing each other. Takato chuckled at the sight of Guilmon making a new friend.

Renamon then appeared to the two. "Did you find anything?" Rika asked.

"No. There were no Digimon inside." she replied.

"There isn't a Digimon around? Then I guess it was some pranksters." Takato said.

"Great. I wasted my time with this." Rika said, making Takato frown.

"Oh come on, Rika. This hasn't been a waste. I mean, hasn't it been nice for just the two of us to hang out? We haven't really done that since I got Guilmon."

"It's not the two of us, it's four." Rika corrected him. "But I suppose if you want, we could drop Guilmon off at his little home and go do something."

"Alright then. Guilmon, let's go boy." Takato called his Digimon, who ran to him. Renamon quickly disappeared, seeing her tamer wanting some alone time. The two quickly made there way back to the park, bid farewell to Guilmon with Takato saying he could come by again later before taking off to do who knows what.

As Guilmon was about to take a nap, he smelled something and that something was a Digimon. He looked around until he realized that it was coming from the hole he dug. He looked down and saw a small white Digimon sleeping.

"Huh?" Guilmon said, tilting his head. That woke up the little guy as he opened his eyes and looked at Guilmon. "Hi."

"Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello! Hello!" he excitedly said. "What's your name?"

"Guilmon, what's yours?"

"I'm Calumon; the most cleverest Digimon ever!"

Guilmon lowered his head to meet Calumons. "Ca-lu-mon?" he asked.

"Right." Calumon responded. Guilmon started sniffing him and Calumon toppled over and started laughing. "Stop it, that tickles." he said while laughing. Of course, Guilmon didn't listen and continued to sniff him.

Hours passed as Rika and Takato were now in a theatre watching a movie. The two had spent the day mostly walking around Akihabara buying packs of cards, playing against anyone who challenged either of them, played against each other, which went as well as can be expected for Takato and grabbed some lunch in between all that. Now they were sitting down watching a movie that had come out last week. Everything was going fine until this one moment. Takato and Rika were sharing a bag of popcorn; they both put their hands in it at the same time to grab some popcorn when their hands brushed against each other. They both quickly pulled away from each other, blushing like crazy. They both muttered an apology and turned their attention back to the movie. Both Takato and Rika's hearts kept beating really fast and they both felt a warm feeling growing in the pit of their stomachs.

'What's wrong with me?' They both wondered.

It was now sunset as Guilmon and Calumon were just sitting at the hideout doing nothing, making Calumon extremly bored. "But playing is like breathing, I'll pass out if I don't do it soon." he said.

"We can't leave." Guilmon said.

"Pretty please, we could play tag or race each other, I'm so bored I'd even play chess!" Calumon begged.

"I'm bored too, but we've got to do what Takato said, he'll be real mad if we're not here when he gets back."

"But he'll be even more mad if you're unhappy, right?"

"Well uh, uh..." Guilmon thought about it, all the while Calumon kept giving him his best puppy dog eyes look. Guilmon thought about it, then looked at Calumon. "You see..." he started speaking, but his begging eyes kept getting to him. "Maybe we should play." he finally decided. Calumon became really happy and started jumping around.

"Great and I know the perfect place to go." he said.

The sunset didn't last for long as nightfall soon arrived. Takato and Rika were walking towards the park with bags full of bread for Guilmon as the plan was to drop the bread off and head to their respective homes, barring another digital field appearing.

"You know what I just realized, Google-Head?" Rika asked.

"No, what?" Takato answered.

"That this was the first day in a long while that there weren't any Digimon to fight."

"Hey yeah. Maybe that means our luck's changing." he said as the two walked past the school.

Of course, unknown to them, Guilmon and Calumon were there. They were standing in front of the school shed, trying to get it open. They looked to see that the door had three locks on it.

"Oh no, there's three door earrings, this thing wears way too much jewelry. Who's it trying to impress?" Calumon asked. While he was talking, Guilmon walked a few feet away from Calumon and started digging. Calumon turned to see Guilmon digging.

"We can dig a tunnel underneath the door." Guilmon said. Calumon cheered and jumped in the hole. They got out the chalk grinder and started rolling it around the field again.

"And don't forget the line that makes you hop like Frogmon, the whole game makes you cross it." Calumon instructed, which Guilmon did.

"Are we all done?" he asked, but Calumon shook his head.

"We need a line that makes you crawl around like Wormmon." Guilmon did that and eventually, they were finished. Although neither of them realized it, the completed lines looked exactly like the insignia on Calumon's forehead.

"Oh, looks good Guilmon." Calumon complemented. Then out of nowhere, a digital field appeared in the middle of it. "Uh, what did you do?" he asked

"Me? What did you do?"

Back over at the hideout, Takato and Rika made the discovery that Guilmon was no longer there.

"Oh man, he's gone! And I told him like twenty times not to leave." Takato said.

"Relax Takato. I'm sure Guilmon is fine and he'll be back here tomorrow." Rika said, trying to calm her now nervous friend.

"Yeah, I guess you're right." he said, but then he saw something and ran out of the shed. "That doesn't look fine to me!" Rika ran out to see what Takato was talking about and saw the digital field.

"Way to jinx us, Rika!" Takato said, remembering what she had said a little bit earlier.

"Oh put a sock in it. It looks like it's over by the school. We'd better get to work. Renamon?" Rika called for her Digimon, who like she normally did, appeared in an instant.

"Yes, Rika?" she asked.

"Ready for battle?"


"Let's go." The three started running.

"Hopefully, Guilmon's over there." Takato said. He noticed Rika pulling out a cell phone, most likely calling Ryan.

"Hello?" Rika heard Ryan's voice on her phone after waiting a few rings.

"We've got a digital field at the school."

"On my way." he quickly hung up.

Back over at the digital field, a black hole appeared in the middle of it. A digimon soon jumped out of it or rather a really small digimon that almost made Calumon seem tall. It was a Vilemon and as soon as he jumped out, he looked towards his right and saw Guilmon. Guilmon sniffed him, making Vilemon jump back.

"Get back hideous creature, beware my wrath!" Vilemon warned.

"Don't be scared, don't worry I wouldn't hurt a tiny thing like you." Guilmon said, inching closer to him

"I'm not tiny, I'm a dangerous Digimon whose power will make you tremble with fear!" he yelled.

"And your tiny." Guilmon said, which angered Vilemon

"I'm just overdo for a growth spurt, okay!" he yelled again. "Nightmare Shocker!" Vilemon fired his attack at Calumon, but he barely avoided the attack, though the chalk grinder wasn't so lucky. Vilemon fired another attack, forcing the two to run.

Outside the digital field, Takato and Rika had arrived. They were about to hop the gate when they heard Ryan's voice. They turned and saw him running with Veemon right beside him.

"Hey guys. Where the hell did this digital field come from? It's been quiet all day." he asked.

"Who knows and who cares? Let's just take care of it." Ryan nodded his head, then noticed someone missing.

"Where's Guilmon?"

"Hopefully in there, but I have a feeling that this involves him somehow." Takato said as the three hopped the fence and ran into the field.

Inside the digital field, Vilemon was laughing and chasing Guilmon and Calumon, though his attention was more on Calumon.

"Why are you picking on me, Guilmon's the one who insulted you." he complained.

"Hey!" Guilmon cried.

"I don't care, I'm just going to destroy you both! Screaming Darts!"

Calumon dodged all but one, making him fall backwards. Vilemon laughed and flied down to him.

"Pyro Sphere!" Guilmon's attack just barely missed Vilemon as he flew towards him. Takato, Rika and Ryan ran into the field and they saw Guilmon being chased.

"Who's that Digimon?" Takato asked. Rika pulled out her D-Power and scanned him.

"Vilemon, champion level. Surprising since he's so short." Rika attached her D-Power back onto her belt. "Renamon, go walk all over him." Renamon was about to go into battle, but Takato stopped her.

"Wait. This might be a good chance for Guilmon to gain some battle experience. If the battle gets too hard, then we send in Renamon." Takato suggested.

"So Renamon's just a trump card. Well, I suppose your Digimon could use the experience. Alright fine." Rika said, making Renamon wait.

"Alright. Guilmon, it's time to level out the playing field!" Takato said as he pulled out a card.

DigiModify: Hyper Wing Activate!

Guilmon now had bright white wings on his back, giving him flight. "Go get him." he ordered.

"Right!" Guilmon flew up towards Vilemon, who became scarred at the flying dinosaur. "Pyro Sphere!" The attack sent Vilemon crashing head first to the ground.

"Not so easy now that Guilmon can fly too, huh?" Takato asked Vilemon. However, he didn't respond as he just prepared to attack again.

"Veemon, it's your turn!" Ryan said.

"Let's do this!"

DigiModify: Speed Activate!

Veemon ran to Vilemon and he flies up to attack.

"Nightmare Shocker!"

"V-Headbutt!" Veemon send him right to the ground The rings of the Shocker nearly hit the tamers, but they duck.

Vilemon is laughing. "Have you had enough yet, fools?" he asked.

Ryan turned to look at Takato, who was searching through his cards. "Will you hurry up?"

"I can't decide what to use." Takato said, making Ryan growl in annoyance. Rika looked over the battle and guess it was time to send Renamon in. Vilemon was about to attack again, until Rika spoke.

"You know, you're too tiny to bother with, but a fight's a fight. Renamon." Renamon got into a battle stance.

"I hate to beat up on a girl, but if you insist!" Vilemon said as he dived in to attack.

"Watch and learn how it's done, boys." Rika said, directing that to Takato and Ryan.

DigiModify: Clone Activate!

"Nightmare Shocker!" The attack connected as Renamon seemed to have been destroyed. "Ha! Gotcha!" Vilemon celebrated as he landed on the ground.

"The only thing you've got is an extreme case of the uglies. Look behind you." Rika pointed up. Vilemon turned to see Renamon in the air.

"Uh-oh." he got out.

"Diamond Storm!" Vilemon was instanly surrounded by the diamonds and and soon destroyed. Renamon quickly absorbed his data. However, what the three tamers and their Digimon hadn't noticed was the odd tamer out arriving a minute earlier and he had seen everything Rika had done.

'This proves it. She doesn't care about digital life; look at Renamon, She didn't think twice about absorbing him.'

The digital field quickly disappeared and that's when Rika noticed Henry, who marched right up to her.

"Don't waste your breath with a thanks. I did it for the data, that's all." she said.

"Data?!" Henry yelled. "Digimon aren't just data; they're living creatures! And you...kill them!"

That's when Takato got in. "I hate to disagree with you Rika, but Henry's right. They may be data, but they are alive." Ryan decided to keep his mouth shut. Though he agreed with Henry and Takato, he thought there was a better time and place to prove to Rika that Digimon weren't just data than here.

"I'll never understand why Takato calls you a friend. You're nothing but a cold hearted...bitch!" he yelled, stunning Takato, Ryan, the digimon and even Henry himself that that came out of his mouth. Rika however, only looked momentarily phased.

"I couldn't care less what you think about me. And one day, you'll see that Digimon are nothing more than data." Rika said. She and Renamon were about to leave when Rika felt someone grab her shoe. She and Renamon looked down and...

"Hi! Wanna play?" Calumon asked. The others walked over to see what made Rika stop and they saw Calumon.

"Who's this little guy?" Takato asked.

"That's Calumon. I met him after you and Rika left, Takato." Guilmon answered. Calumon loved all the attention he was getting, but the mood turned somber quickly.

"You better not touch him!" Henry ordered Rika.

Rika continued looking down at Calumon, forgetting about the surrounding world. When she heard Henry speak to her, she came back to her senses and started walking away from the boys, but not before taking one last look at Calumon before leaving. Unbeknownst to the Tamers especially Rika, that meeting would start a chain reaction that would ultimatly end with Rika getting a new outlook on Digimon.

End of Chapter 7

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