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Small snowflakes danced down from the sky down to earth, still shy to touch the ground.
Some of the snowflakes landed on his eyelids, soon melting and the small amount of water ran down his cheeks. The man hummed and walked through the market, still having his eyes shut tightly.

The man knew where everyone stood and were every building was build, he knew this small village like the back of his hand. The man wore a hood, covering his pure white hair and his closed eyes. The man seemed happy at first, but when you took your time to listen to his melody, it seemed sad and lonely.

"Sir, why are your eyes closed?" a little girl skipped towards the man and the man stopped to turn his face towards the sound "Are you blind, sir?" she asked.

The man shook his head and looked upon the sky "I am cursed" he smiled.

Not knowing what he really meant, the girl beamed with a big grin on her face "Are you like a hero from a fable?" she asked.

"Whatever you say" he said, and ruffled her hair and continued his walk down to the shore.

The ice was biting the sea, trying to cover it with its frozen blanket, only being crushed by the big waves that tried to reach the sand on the beach. The man walked, listening to his surroundings, only know he allowed himself to open his eyes. Facing the ground underneath him, he opened his eyes, reviling gray eyes that shifted silver, turning his gaze upon the cloudy sky upon him. The man walked through the long beach, to a cave hidden far away. The beach wasn't crowded this time of year, only at summer would the man have problems leaving his cave.

The cave was near the sea, still hidden from the rest, not easily found by men. That's where this lonely self-had hidden him away from the crowd for many years.

He climbed and rounded a couple of big rocks that blocked the entrance, soon finding himself in his cave.
Water drops echoing through the cave as they fell from the ceiling as the man walked past. As you had walked in to the cave for some time, stone statues would eventually come up.

At first there was a few statues, and then more and more came. Human shaped stone statues, giving frighten looks as they were to die soon. The man sighed and opened a big door in front of him, walking through the stone hall. A single mirror standing in the center of the room. The man stood in front of the mirror and took off the hood, reviling his face.

White hair fell down trying to reach his shoulders. Gray eyes looking into the mirror, gazing back at himself.
Wearing a white dirtied shirt, and black baggy shorts, wearing gloves on his hands.

"I'm back" the man said, slowly white snakes with black eyes and black snakes with white eyes, started crawling down from his hair, seemed like they appeared out of nowhere, but in fact it was his hair that turned in to snakes. Still blending in to the white hair he had. His eyes turned black with two red circles in it, with a small red dot in the middle.

The man left the mirror, and walked past the mirror to a lonesome statue standing behind the mirror.
The statue was of a man who seemed to show no fear, his right hand placed on his heart, bowing down slightly. The man had long hair and gave of a small smile through his lips.

"I wish you came back" the man said, giving a small hug to the statue.

The mans' eyes watered up, slowly blood dripping, dirtying the mans' silky skin. The man cried blood, he cried and cried. His snakes only traveling to his face, licking the blood that fell down his cheeks.

"Ah, your hungry aren't you?" the man chuckled, drying up his tears. The man took of his gloves, reviling an ugly arm under the left glove. His hand seemed green and seemed like it was made of small bits of metal. He held his left hand up, the snakes attacking the arm, surprisingly their teeth went through the skin, and they drank. The man giving of a small 'Tch', when the teeth hit his skin.

Soon after the man covered his arm and hid his hands under the gloves again.
He walked to the next room, there was a small couch he found somewhere in the past, and a beautiful piano. He tapped the piano with his finger, but then walked over to lie down on the couch, closing his eyes.

The stone statues were no mere statues, only humans with stopped time.
Only being cursed by this cruel fate of looking in to the mans' eyes, slowly turning in to stone and having their time stopped. Even if their time would start to turn again, their family and friends wouldn't recognize them or they would be dead already. The man had been here for over 250years.

This mans' name was Allen Walker.
He was known as the Medusa.

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