[ 20 years later. ]

A boat was sailing through the seas, discovering new parts of the world, caring many people on its deck.
Waves were approaching, only being pushed away by the huge boat.

"Today we're going to Greek" a man said, holding a map in his hands.

"So, what's up in Greek? Did something happen there?" a red head grinned, only being slapped by others afterwards.

"Of course there's an unnatural phenomenon, why would I even be interested in Greek if there wasn't something interesting going on?" the man with the map deadpanned.

"So can you please already tell us" another man frowned, he was getting bored.

The man with the map grinned "Why of course!" then his gaze turned serious, he lifted up his finger, pointing to the sky "There's a village in Greek, where there's a musician. They say that his music enchants people, captures them, to be exact."

"What the hell… that's not interesting. Good music can make you feel that way, that's nothing new" someone deadpanned.

The man sat down and put his map away and rested his cheek against his hand.
"But what if I told you the musician had been there for over 20years, never looked like he grew older, no one knew who he is, nor where he lived. He came to town every morning, and left at sundown…."

The crowd turned speechless. "They say that the musician covers his eyes, no one has seen his eyes, ever. And there's an over 150 years old myth, that Medusa lived in that town" the man then grinned, looking at the surprised faces of his crew.

"So we leave now, or should I be worried of your condition?" the man stood up and stretched his arms and back.

The crowd blinked a couple of times, their brains processing the information given to them.

"Tch" the bored man just looked away.

"Aw, come on Yuu-chan. This is going to get interesting. We haven't had such an interesting one for so long" the red head grinned and skipped over to the man and patted his back.

Yuu drew his katana "Don't call me that, or do you have a death wish. Usagi" and gave Lavi a death glare.

Kanda yawned and walked to his room. Opening the door to get a special surprise.

"Lenalee, what the hell" Kanda said with a bored tone

"He… I was found out" Lenalee giggled.

She had papers and books over her legs like a blanket while sitting on the floor.

Kanda walked towards Lenalee and grabbed one of the notes that were covering her. " At least clean up afterwards " then he locked the notes in a small chest in his room.

"No fair. I wanted to read your dream notes" she pouted.

"Yes fair. It's my dream notes, not yours. I won't share them with you if you just take them" Kanda glared at Lenalee.

"Well we're going to Greek because of…that. And I think your dreams are somehow connected to this… I remember you talking about your weird dreams." she struck her tongue out. Kanda snapped and pushed her out of his room, slamming the door close after she was out.

He put Mugen next to his bed and lied down. This was going to become a long week.

Allen stopped walking in the middle of the way when he heard rushed footsteps running to the harbor behind him. He had his hair covered by a hood and a cloth tied around his head to cover his eyes.

Usually Allen didn't stop in the middle of the way, while others rush or walk passed hi. But today was different.

"Oi! A ship is approaching the harbor! A black ship!" a man shouted.

"Is it the Black Order" a child asked.

"I don't know dear. Let's find out" a kind voice of a mother answered her child.

It was unusual for ships to come to this village. Allen didn't know what the Black Order was, but he had had a bad feeling in his gut when he woke up this morning. His day wasn't to go as he planned, wasn't it?

He continued walking, ignoring the shouts of happiness and rushed footsteps.
He opened a door, walking in to a room filled with alcohol, sex and smoke.

"Welcome again" the bartender greeted. Allen just nodded and found his way to the piano, across the room.

He seated himself in front of the piano and took a deep breath. The room went silent. It felt like a switch from the noisiest chatters to complete silence.

Allen began playing the piano singing songs, giving off a fake smile while he sang.
20 years had passed, he hadn't met his love. He should have been reborn 20 years ago. But something made Allen feel like he shouldn't move from the village and just wait patiently.

The silence was interrupted when the door opened and people stepped inside the bar.
Small murmurs were heard as they talked to the bartender. And the bartender showed them a way to a table. Even while Allen sang, he could hear everything around him.


"Yes, he's known as the immortal musician" the bartender answered.


"Yes, but he doesn't talk, only sings" the bartender answered



Allen only heard the bartender talking, not the person asking the bartender the questions.
Allen wasn't that interested who the person was, but even if he was, he couldn't just take the cloth off and look, it would cause more trouble.

Many hours had passed, and Allen still sang. Something sparked inside Allen, why didn't the people leave their table? Other villagers had come and go, but they stayed.

Allen finished his song and stood up. He bowed to the audience and made his way to the door.
He could hear some applauses as he reached the door.
He made sure his hood was till on his head. He never took off the hood in public and thus he continued his walk down to the shore. Why did he feel so unsure today, what was going to happen?
What if this was going to hinder his meeting with his lover?

He started singing as he walked, thinking of his lover.

Is this the final scene, in out tragic play?
Only curtains remain to fall.
There's no reason left to stay in this play.
We move backwards against the wall.
Conversation's over, communication's down, the monologue is taking over.

I'm still broken.
I took you in with arms wide open.
My color fades to gray, there's nothing left to say.
Now it's all dead.

Are these the final cries of our aching souls?
How come yours don't make a sound.
With broken wings we're falling faster as we go…
…But somehow we don't touch the ground.

I'm still broken.
I took you in with arms wide open.
My colors fades to gray, there's nothing left to say.
Now it's all dead…

I'm still hoping.
That we can find the words unspoken.
My sense's about to break.
How long are we to wait?

Allen stopped singing. He stopped walking. He had reached the shore.

"Why are you following me?"

? P.O.V

We stood up from our seats a couple of minutes after he left the bar.
We noticed him walking down towards the shore. Why would you go to the shore at this time of evening?
He started singing. Even though we were pretty far away from him, we could hear him clearly.
His song sounded lonely, broken. Filled with sadness and longing.

We reached the shore, suddenly he stopped singing and just stood still. It was quite a surprise that we already were here. It felt like his song had captured us, unconsciously stopped to listen.

"Why are you following me?" the man said, turning towards us.

His eyes were covered by a tight cloth.

"Eh… we were just wondering why you seemed sad" Lavi broke the silence.

"Wondering about me? If there was a girl crying in town, would you follow her home just to ask her if she's fine?" the man asked.

'Trying to be a smart ass?' Lavi thought.

"We're just wondering, need to ask us why" Kanda snapped.

The man pressed his lips in to a straight line, and then just shuttered "K-kanda?"
He soon covered his mouth and turned around and walked faster.

Of course, Lavi, Kanda and Lenalee decided to follow the man.

'Why did he say Kanda? Does he know you or something' Lenalee asked.

'Don't know him, never met him' Kanda hissed.

They saw the man enter a big cave far away from the village. The trio stood in the cave opening and looked inside. Far away from the cave entrance was a big stone door, in front of the door stood silent screaming stone statues.

The man opened the door.

A mirror could be seen behind the door, and so the door closed.
Leaving the trio confused.

"No fucking way"

Yea… I'msosorry. Boring chapter isn't it. Well shit is about to happen ^_^ soon…