Author here: This story was originally published on Quotev, but not all of you reading will have Quotev. It is co-written with Precious Coardes from Quotev and while we are typing up the sequels I shall be sharing the original with you. Enjoy

Disclaimer: I (we) only own Ava, Zinaida, Thomas and the other OC's. Everthing else belong's to Marvel.

Name: Ava Robertson

Gender: Female

Species: Mutant

Hair: long jet-black hair

Eyes: dark brown

Skin: tan

Mutant Abilities: accelerated healing, claws, superhuman senses and agility

Mutant Name: Alpha

Nationality: British and American

Age: 15

Family: dead

Friend/s: Zin, no one else yet

Language/s: English, Russian, German

Likes: horseback riding, practicing fighting, hanging out with Zin, going on adventures, reading, writing, and taking naps to make up for all her sleepless nights

Dislikes: Stryker, mean humans/mutants, snobs, know-it-all, fakers, those who make fun of others, strict rules, losing control over her powers, death, her nightmares of Stryker finding Zin and taking her away

Personality: Friendly, protective of loved ones, self-less, every day she has at least two cans of root beer and she loves to munch on a bag of popcorn. Ava's bold, kind, doesn't care what others think (usually), quiet, enjoys alone time

Background: Born into an extremely rich family on the outskirts of Scotland, Ava was a free-spirited and adventurous type of girl who was loved deeply by her parents. At the age of nine however, all of that changed when the MRD raided her town and burned all of the houses with mutants inside, including Ava's house with her parents inside. With the help of Thomas, a mutant friend who also lost his parents that night, he helped Ava flee the town before getting captured himself.

Using her grandmother's surname, she fled to America where she lived with her grandmother who taught her everything she knows for the next few years in peace. Just two days after her eleventh birthday, Stryker found her again, and killed her grandmother. Distraught over having lost her only family, Ava's powers appeared and she used them to escape, fleeing into the woods where she met Zin and who explained her own story.

The two have been irrespirable but did split when Ava thought her somewhat wild ways were affecting Zin and her sister. During that time, Ava met a man who cared for her and who trained her how to fend for herself by using martial arts. Stryker appeared that very night, killing that man. Ava fled yet again and, after a short while of hiding in the woods, Zin appeared again when Ava was fetching water from a nearby stream in the woods. The two besties have looked out for each other and Ava swore to always protect her from harm They've lived in the woods for a month now.