In the arms of the angel
fly away from here
from this dark cold hotel room
and the endlessness that you fear
you are pulled from the wreckage
of your silent reverie
you're in the arms of the angel
may you find some comfort here

Angel - Sarah McLachlan

(Zin's POV)

The flames shot towards Stryker like a swarm of angry bees, and I focused with all my might to keep that boy safe. In the corner of my eyes I saw the MRD start to emerge, but shook it out of my mind, the boy's safety is more important. The flames reached them and I shouted at the flames do not harm the boy! But master, you are not strong enough to keep control for that long- NO! I will control you, do not harm the boy! Please master- NO! DO NOT HARM THE BOY! As you wish master. The boy's face emerged and I ran forwards, releasing the flames to go forward as they pleased.

Scooping the boy into my arms, I swung around and ran towards the mansion doors, seeing Ava fighting with Thomas at the same time. The mansion doors opened and I saw Quentin and John there, ready to shut the doors after me.

Soon my feet were pounding against the oak floors and I skidded to a stop. Quickly I let the boy go and I said to him, my voice exhausted

"What's your name mate?"

He blinked "'my name's Isaac, what's yours?" at the end of the sentence he cracked a smile. I smiled back at him and said

"My name is Zin, and that girl out there is my best friend, her name is Ava."

He nodded and said "thank you for taking me from that man. He said he was going to bring in Miss Deathstrike to kill me if I survived."

My eyes widened and I stared at Quentin, could this really be true? Quentin nodded; he must've been reading my thoughts. I frowned and got up suddenly, Ava needed to be told. Lady Deathstrike could kill even Wolverine and Ava. I readjusted my hair and gave Quentin a hug, tears welling in my eyes, fear for my life and everyone else's.

"I have to go back out their Quentin. You, and everyone else, know that I do."

He nodded and hugged me back "Although I do not wish for you to go back out, I know it is inevitable."

I laughed, he was speaking like the legendry Thor that had been on tv in recent weeks. I released him and walked over to John, offering my gloved hand. He shook it and I said to him

"No matter what happens, know that Ava loves you."

He nodded, his face stoic.

Turning on my heel, I found that my left leg was hard to move. Looking down I grinned and picked up Isaac.

"Hey little mate, I have to go back outside but I'll be back in a bit ok?" He nodded "Good! Now you behave for Quentin while I'm gone." He nodded again and I gave Quentin a look that said; if you mistreat him, I will have your skin.

I walked towards the doors and shoved them open, immediately reaching for my hidden blades. I ran forwards and stabbed the guy who was about to attack Jean from behind, yelling to Jean

"How's it going?"

She laughed sarcastically "Oh you know it's just a tea-party!"

I shook my head "I never thought the day would come when you would be sarcastic. How many are there still alive?"

She didn't answer for a bit as I slashed and stabbed another 3 MRD officers. Doing a backflip, I landed right beside Jean again and she answered

"There are about 50 left."


All I got in reply was a grimace; we both leapt forwards and maimed the guy coming up behind each other. Nearby we could hear the war cries of Wolverine and Ava as they fought off more MRD officers. I ran off to where I thought Alpha might be and saw a strange sight; Thomas was handcuffed to the tap and he was trying to climb up the wall upside down.

Shaking my head, I continued onwards and saw Ava facing off against Stryker and a few of his officers and Wolverine facing off against his brother (I should've known that Sabertooth was going to be in this).

My breath caught in my throat as I saw Lady Deathstrike sneaking towards Ava, ready to stab her through the middle. Wolverine had also seen and was getting ready to run at Lady Deathstrike. In those few seconds I calculated that he would never get there in time, his face said that he knew that too; so I sprung forwards in a leap that changed everything.

I saw a face in front of mine, it was Lady Deathstrike. Reaching out my hands, I grabbed her neck and didn't let go until seconds after she had gone limp. Only then did I cough up my first mouthful of that red, metallic tasting, substance. It dribbled down my chin as I felt myself fall to the ground; of course, I would've punctured a lung. She was aiming for Ava after all, and Ava was a good three inches taller than me, then again so was Lady Deathstrike.

Ava fell to her knees beside me and her voice echoed in my ears

"Stay with me Zin! Come on! Keep your eyes open!" She sounded like she was starting to cry "Come on! Stay for me and stay for Quentin! PLEASE!"

I started a coughing fit that drowned out any other sound, I was vaguely aware of Ava or someone holding my head up of the ground.

Memories of Ava and I when we first met flashed across my mind, our young innocent minds having fun in the snow. Ava and I when we had our first crushes, boy was I a bitch when it came to other girls who liked my crush!

Looking at Ava now, she is so much more mature but so much gentler. A slap stung my face and my eyes shot wide open (I hadn't even realised they were closed), and Ava whisper yelled at me

"Keep your eyes open MATE! We're together till the end of the line!"

I nodded and coughed again, sighing as a flame came out and almost burnt off Ava's eyebrows.

"You know Alpha, I think it may be you who lives longer now." I started off quietly "How the hell am I supposed to survive this anyway?"

She shook her head and said to me

"Don't you dare start thinking that way Zinaida Viktoriya Keiji!"

I shook my head, pounding feet coming towards us. Voices started to combine with each other and I looked at Ava in despair, she wouldn't be able to hear me over this. I'm not going to survive this anyway.

I summoned up as much oxygen as possible and breathed out, calling to the flames one final time.

Do my bidding and form. Master, you will not survive. I know. As you wish master, and good luck, we shall see you soon.

The words - Merry Christmas - formed in the sky as the voices became distant, I whispered to my best ever friend

"Have a very merry Christmas Alpha, and…call me Magma."

I could feel myself slip away, feel the heaviness of my body leave me. I watched as Ava hugged my body closer and cried, her shoulders shaking as Logan comforted her. Tears slipped down my face as I saw Quentin running out of the mansion screaming. Then…I embraced the arms of death.

(Ava's POV)

"Nooooooooooooooooooo! Zin!" I hollered, feeling my heart skip a beat. "Please wake up! Wake up!" My arms wrapped themselves around her lifeless body as tears slipped down my face, each breath shaking my whole body. "You have to wake up." I whispered desperately. But I knew she wouldn't.

She was gone.

A muscly arm slid around my shoulders and squeezed me, trying to comfort me. I heard the pounding of feet against the cold, hard snow as Quentin came out the mansion doors to see Zin…dead. Quentin knelt beside me and I heard him start sobbing.

In the corner of my eye I could see Storm, Scott, and Jean head back inside, their faces sombre. However, Logan stayed beside me; grief written all over his face. She must be cold, I thought as I looked down at Zin's pale face. Shaking my head, I gathered my arms under her body and surprised Quentin by picking her up and walking towards the mansion.

"What are you doing?"

His newly broken voice was beside me, and I turned to see the pink haired face looking up at me with a fierce expression. I could tell that my face was cold towards him, but I just didn't care. I blinked and replied simply, "She must be cold."

He walked beside me the entire time, even when we walked into the emptied entrance hall with only the Professor there. I laid Zin down on the wooden floor boards and kissed her on her forehead, my little sister no longer wearing her brave mask. Her face looked so soft, and her lips were curved slightly into a smile. However, a pained expression were in her still-open eyes, and I carefully lay my fingers on her eyelids; closing her eyes for the last time.

A thundering sound came through the air and I stood; that noise was very familiar to me. Quickly, I headed towards the door but and ran back to Zin, brushing a white streak of hair out her face. "I'll be back Magma."

I ran outside. A black helicopter sat on the lawn and a dark skinned man—with an eye patch over one eye—stood beside it, apparently waiting for someone to come outside. My claws extended and I growled, my eyes narrowed. "Who are you and what are you doing here?"

The man didn't flinch, his one good eye staring straight at me. Instead he said to me, "I am here to talk to you about becoming an agent for SHIELD."

I raised my eyebrows and gave him a look that said what-the-hell-are-you-going-on-about. "SHIELD, right, cause I know exactly what that is."

The man allowed himself to smile a little, making him seem slightly more human. "SHIELD is an organization that monitors threats and keeps information that the world isn't ready for yet. SHIELD stands for Strategic Homeland Intervention Enforcement and Logistics Division."

I nodded, suddenly very aware of the blood stained lawn and dead bodies. I also finally noticed the Professor beside me. Looking back at the man I scrutinized him; he held himself with importance and deep tenseness within his eyes you could just see that he was watching me very carefully. It's as if I was a threat to his life, and, given the claws I had, I probably was. I frowned and stated, "You still haven't answered one of my questions; who are you?"

"Nick Fury."

Well, with that last name, least I knew he had a short temper. "And what made you come all the way out here to tell me this? Can't you see I'm grieving?"
He nodded. "I do. However, this opportunity isn't for questioning or waiting. I need you and—"

I frowned. "You need me? You have an organization with plenty of other agents under your nose and at your instant command. What the hell do I have to offer?"

"Skill." he said simply. "Bravery. And ultimately, sacrifice. You're an agent by heart, protecting by throwing yourself in danger."

I watched him. Besides his stern face and burning eye to make me comply, I thought it over. I could stay at the school and continue to feel sorry for Zin's death while comforting Quentin over his loss. But then again, joining SHIELD did mean I could continue doing good in the world and possibly seek revenge on missions that probably included me beating up some bad guy—a bad guy I could take all of my anger out of.

Quentin touched my shoulder, beckoning at Fury with a soft, comforting smile. "Go." he said. "You need to. I'll be fine. And you'll be able to visit too." he faced Fury.


He nodded. "On vacations."

I looked at the others, tears in my eyes as they all smiled comfortingly. They wanted me to go. They knew I had to.

Save yourself before you lose yourself big sister… Zin's voice somewhat whispered in the sudden chilly wind. I looked at her body as the wind blew around my hair. Go! Whispered her voice once again in a gentle manner.

I smiling, I wiped away the tear that slid down my face. "Okay," I whispered, facing Fury with a strong posture as I walked up to him and held out my hand, putting on a brave face. "I'll join."

Before I knew it, I'd hugged everyone and was in the helicopter with Fury across from me. The helicopter lifted and I waved one last time to my one and only family. Knowing I was leaving Zin behind, I close my eyes to sleep, wondering what SHIELD had in store for me.

The sequel is up and it is called Misfits Only Get One Life. Enjoy!