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Mental talking

Demon mind speak

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"Oww." Naruto rubbed his head as he looked around wondering where the hell he was. He appeared to be in a forest next to a lake during a full moon.

"Naruto, are you ok?"

"Kurama? What happened?"

"You don't remember? We had just won but beating Kaguya caused the dimension we were in to collapse and flung us here."

One of Naruto's tails twitched in annoyance "So where is here?" Wait… tail?

Naruto whipped his head around and saw nine fluffy orange tails with snow white tips behind him. Naruto bolted to the lake to get a look at himself.

Naruto stood there in the same tattered orange jumpsuit that he had been fighting Kaguya in at a new five foot ten with his same generic look but with a few new additions. He now had orange fox ears sticking out of his spiky blond hair, more pronounced canines, his sky blue eyes were now slitted and did he mention that he had nine tails?

Naruto hoped everyone was ok back home except for Sasuke. The battle had gone bad and Sasuke had been fatally wounded causing them to rush sealing Kaguya and breaking her illusion.

"Everyone is fine Naruto. But without any time space techniques we are stuck here."

(Time Skip Four Years)

Naruto was now twenty one and had topped out at an even six feet much to his joy. He had always hated being short. Naruto had to buy new clothes to accommodate his new height. He was now wearing a dark orange hoodie and black combat pants with a few sealing scrolls stuffed in his cargo pockets with all his things sealed away.

Naruto felt like he had adjusted to life in this new dimension rather well. Naruto had found out he was now some immortal fox demon and that he and Kurama were stuck together permanently. Summoning didn't work and since Naruto was only an intermediate fuinjutsuist he didn't know any time space jutsu that he could work out to send him home so he did the only thing that made sense. He traveled.

Naruto had used a kage henge to hide his extra parts as well as round his eyes and cover his whisker marks. Naruto had lost most of his extra affinities and his cloaked form but had gained some extras in exchange. He had gained the mokuton kekkei genkai, enhanced senses and the ability to finally be able to cast illusions. Naruto could still go into sage mode but it only changed his slitted eyes gold and gave him the orange eyeliner. Naruto's physical abilities such as strength and speed had also gone through the roof due to his new demon status. He had all of his cloak abilities and stats from when he and Kurama had fought Madara but didn't have to glow yellow to do them.

With his ninja skills Naruto had forged himself an ID used his abilities to make money by growing plants for sale while on the road. Naruto had advanced the mokuton to where he could make any plant at will and sold rare ones for a nice profit to pay for his wanderings. Really rare plants sold for tens of thousands of dollars per sapling so he was very well off.

Naruto walked around a forest in some place called Transylvania he thought. He was actually a little lost. But since he had no real destination he wasn't worried.

Naruto was looking around when he smelled something burning. He turned his head and saw a fire about ten miles into the forest. Naruto was a sage so he rushed to stop the fire if it wasn't natural. Naruto arrived a minute later and saw a town on fire and went to put it out. By gaining the mokuton Naruto had gained a water and earth sub affinities. So Naruto made a dozen clones and set them to work on stopping the fire before it spread. Naruto saw little flaming lights farther ahead and went to investigate.

Naruto arrived to find a bunch of people on fire calmly waking into a tunnel and grew confused. Naruto entered sage moment for a moment and couldn't believe what he was sensing. No one in this world had chakra but they all had some form of life energy. Except that these people didn't even have that. It was like they were walking corpses. Naruto dropped his sage mode and decided to follow them to see what was going on.

Naruto was discreetly following them when his clones dispelled and gave him some interesting news. Even though at first glance it looked that the town had been there for a while there were no roads leading to or from that town. So after they had put out the fire the clones had investigated the town. They had discovered that the town was brand new and that all the buildings were hollow and empty. Someone had apparently gone to a lot of trouble to make a fake town in the middle of nowhere. But why?

Naruto followed them for twenty minutes and caught his first view of a modern castle on a large hill. So Naruto shunshined to the top of the hill and decided to walk in with the rest of the crowd of… creatures. Naruto shrugged, he had seen weirder.

Naruto walked into the building that looked like a hotel lobby and was impressed. The place looked first class and was huge. Naruto saw someone coming at him at high jonin speed and dodged someone that looked like a stereotypical Dracula complete with pale skin and cape.

The man got up and grabbed Naruto's shoulders and started questioning him about humans invading and how many of him there were. Naruto figured that he thought Naruto was human and that was a bad thing. Now Naruto could just drop his henge and let them know he wasn't human. But where was the fun in that?

"It's just me. So what is this place?" Naruto said in an innocent voice.

Dracula was about to take him outside when a flood of guests came in and starting badgering him. To hide the human he ran with him into a closet. "We can't let anyone know a human found this place. We have to hide you somehow."

That gave Naruto an idea. "I got it. Just give me a second." Naruto jumped behind some boxes with props and made some rustling sounds and dropped his henge. He would be a demon pretending to be a human disguised as a demon at a hotel for monsters. This prank was getting better and better. Naruto stepped out from behind the boxes and started his dance. "Introducing the man of legend that wanders the land, the sage who makes even Mother Nature blush, the foxiest demon any woman has ever seen, the great fox sage, Naruto Uzumaki!" Naruto finished his dance one foot with sakura petals falling from nowhere and his tails dancing as if caught in some kind of breeze. That was awesome. The illusion petals were definitely a nice touch. Next time he needed some music, oooh, and lighting. Naruto was nodding to himself while Dracula stared at him in disbelief.

This guy is a moron. But his costume doesn't look half bad. He had no idea what he was supposed to be. A fox creature of some sort apparently. It didn't matter so long as it fooled everyone until he could get him out quietly.

Dracula grabbed Naruto and directed him to the lobby door until they were stopped by a little man with a rat. Dracula got distracted bout some kind of food mix up so Naruto took this opportunity slip off.

Naruto headed for the stairs and got to bottom just in time to see a pregnant werewolf trip and fall. Naruto caught her rather easily. "Are you alright ma'am?"

The werewolf got up and thanked him. "Thank you very much young man."

"Yeah thanks a lot you really saved us."

Naruto turned around and saw a beautiful young woman with shoulder length black hair in a little black dress with red and black striped stockings, long black lace fingerless gloves, black nails, lips, eye shadow and red converse. When their blue eyes met though something happened. Before Naruto could contemplate it the guy from before came in front of him and blocked his view with his cape.

"Honey are you ok."

"Yeah dad I'm fine I was just thanking that guy behind you."

"Well I need to borrow him for a minute blood orange."

Dracula grabbed Naruto and whisked him upstairs with his abilities. Naruto was impressed that this guy could move that fast.

Naruto turned around and faced the other guy. "While this is fun and all why don't we introduce ourselves. I'm-"

"I saw your ridiculous dance once already Naruto. I am Dracula."

Why does everyone dis the dance. It had to be the lack of music.

Dracula saw him nodding to himself again. "Didn't you hear me? I am Dracula." He always got a response from that.

Naruto was brought out of his planning and nodded. "Yeah I heard you you're a blood sucking vampire."

"I don't suck blood. Human blood is so fatty and you never know where its been. I drink near blood or blood beaters. You can't taste the difference."

Naruto nodded his head. It made sense. Who would want to bite some strangers neck and risk catching whatever they had. "So now what?"

"Now you leave this place and never tell anyone about it. I made this place as a safe haven for monsters so that they could come without fear of the humans." Dracula turned into a bat and grabbed the back of Naruto's jacket and took him to the balcony when another bat appeared and started talking to him.

"Where are you going dad."

Dracula knew that this opportunity was lost so he flew back inside with Naruto followed by his daughter and they both turned back into their human forms. "I was just… giving our new party planner a tour of the castle."

"You, mister control freak hired someone to help you?"

"Yes. Since this is such a special birthday I decided to hire someone around your age to help with ideas."

This got Mavis exited. "Wait your close to my age? I'm a hundred and eighteen. Do your parents get all up in your business too?"

"I am a little younger and not really, considering I never had any. I am an orphan."

Now Mavis felt bad. "Then who raised you?"

"I did." Naruto gave her a smile to show he wasn't mad.

Mavis tried to change the topic. "So you want to hang out and get to know each other?"

Before Naruto could answer Dracula stepped in. "Mavis honey, if he is hanging out with you he won't be planning."

"Oh, ok." Mavis turned to Naruto. "If you have time maybe we could hang out later?"

Naruto gave her a grin. "Sure."

After Mavis left Dracula turned and faced Naruto with a stern look. "You won't be hanging out later because you are leaving now." Dracula opened a secret passage in the wall and motioned Naruto to follow.

After wandering for ten minutes Dracula opened a wall to reveal utter chaos. A werewolf, Frankenstein and mummy were beating on some zombies and throwing them into stuff. The werewolf even had one in his mouth and was shaking him while some werewolf pups helped. Naruto had seen weirder.

Naruto suddenly got depressed. He had seen weirder? He had one weird life.

"At least it's not boring."

"You're right Kurama. At least I won't have a boring eternity." Naruto stood back up and smiled.

Dracula looked at Naruto incredulously. He could not predict what this human would do next. Maybe he was unstable. But he put that to the back of his mind for now. "Stay here and wait for me." Dracula went out to deal with the latest problem with his hotel.

As Naruto was standing there enjoying the show Dracula's daughter showed up. He was pretty sure Dracula called her Mavis.

"Hi there party planner."

"Hi Mavis."

Mavis cocked her head in confusion. "When did we introduce ourselves?"

Naruto gave her a dead pan look. "You were the reason I was hired. Of course I would know your name." Naruto was a ninja. They were infiltration specialists. This kind of thing was his bread and butter.

Mavis blushed slightly in embarrassment. Of course he knew who she was. That's why he was here. She finally gets to talk to someone her own age and she makes a fool of herself. Twice. "So what are you supposed to be?"

Before Naruto could answer the people outside noticed them. "Hey, who's that?"

Mavis dragged him out by the arm in front of everyone. "Everyone, this is the party planner that dad hired. His name is…" Mavis tuned to him and looked at him encouragingly.

Naruto smiled. Naruto started his intro dance. "I am the greatest traveler of this world and the next, the purveyor of awesome, the man who makes the ladies swoon with a swish of his tail, the immortal fox sage, Naruto Uzumaki!" He finished his dance on one foot again with a rose petal illusion this time.

"Did he have back ground music?" asked the mummy.

"Did the lighting change?" questioned the werewolf.

Dracula was the most shocked. "You have more than one of these intros?"

Dracula's comment caused everyone to sweat drop.

Naruto nodded to himself. The lighting and music were defiantly nice touches. But he was missing something… he needed a stage to wow the crowd! Jiraiya had the toad summons but what could Naruto use without a summons?

"You could have a clone henge into a fox." Suggested Kurama.

Yes that could work. "Great idea Kurama!" But how to hide the clone until it transformed…

Naruto was brought out of his internal brainstorm by Mavis waving her hand in front of his face. Mavis turned to her father. "Is he ok?"

"I don't know honey bat."

Naruto cocked his head in confusion. "What were we talking about again?"

Everyone face faulted.

The invisible man recovered first. "If you are the party planner, you are in charge of picking the band right?"

Naruto grinned. "Of course. Are you auditioning freckles?"

"Of course we are!" Answered the werewolf.

They proceeded to play a slow song that almost put Naruto to sleep. "Stop. Can't you guys pick it up? Here let me show you." Naruto took the guitar from the mummy and started playing some rock for everyone.

Frankenstein grabbed Naruto after his bit. "That was awesome!"

Mavis was exited. "I loved it! I am so blown away right now."


Naruto got roped into the festivities with everyone. At first he thought it was going to be fun but quiet bingo followed by charades in an auditorium put Naruto to sleep, literally. It wasn't until dinner poolside that things started to pick up. Naruto was sitting next to Mavis in orange and black swimming trunks and a red t shirt. Mavis was wearing a black and red stripped one piece.

He was telling her and the others at the table stories of some of the places he had been to in the last four years.

"I can't believe you went to the Sistine chapel. No monster has ever been there." Said Murray the mummy.

Naruto shrugged. "I am really good at blending in. Last time a human saw my real form was in Japan, and let me tell you the mob was horrible."

Mavis leaned in closer. "Did they try to bite your toes and stick bread with garlic in your face too?"

"What? No. It was the oppo-"

Just then Dracula literally butted in, emphasis on the butt and handed his daughter a bagel. "Here honey bun. Your favorite, bagel with extra scream cheese."

"Holly rabies dad thanks. Naruto you have to try some scream cheese." She held up the bagel that had actual screaming cheese on it.

Naruto took a big bite out of it. He had eaten bugs for sage training, what was a little cheese compared to that? To Naruto's pleasant surprise it was actually delicious. "That really is awesome."

Dracula grabbed Naruto and dragged him away and whispered "You have to keep a low profile or people will get suspicious."

"The only thing that is suspicious is you whispering."

Dracula looked around to see everyone staring at them. "Just go into the pool and pretend to hurt yourself so you can leave."

Naruto crossed his arms in defiance. "No way. I will get chlorine on my tails. Chlorine messes up the glossy coat of my awesome tails. Fresh water is fine, but not chlorinated pools."

"Seriously!? Your worried about messing up your tails!?" They were stupid fakes anyway.

"Hey a young man has got to keep himself well groomed." Interjected the werewolf.

"See Wayne gets it."

Dracula face palmed in frustration. This human was trying his patience.

"Hey Naruto want to go to my room?" asks Mavis. It would be nice to just talk with someone who had been so many places for a while. Maybe he could teach her how to blend in so that she could travel too.

"Sure Mavis."

Dracula freaks at hearing that. "No! Me and Naruto have some more party planning to do… over there!" Dracula then grabbed Naruto and whisked him over to the cemetery. "What do you think you're doing? You are supposed to be making excuses and leaving. Enough of this! I will just tell everyone you finished your planning and left." Dracula's eyes glowed red. "You will forget having ever found this place. You will leave here and never return. Now go."

Naruto turned around and walked away. With the Counts work done he left back to the castle. As soon as Dracula left Mavis appeared. "What's up Naruto? This seems like an odd place to plan a party. Wouldn't it be easier to plan a party in the castle?"

Naruto turned to Mavis and smiled. "Normally you would be right but out here is a great place to plan certain parts." Like a weak mind technique like that would work on Naruto anyway.

"Like what?"

"Wait and see."

"Just a hint."


"Follow me."

The change caught Naruto for a loop. Normally he was the unpredictable one. "Huh?"

Mavis wasn't waiting for him. "Come on Naruto, keep up."


Mavis had lead Naruto to the roof of the castle were they had talked the night away about the world beyond the forest. Mavis had never felt so in tune with someone before and Naruto had never felt so at ease. Mavis had spent her whole life yearning for something more that had driven her need to travel. But with Naruto that feeling was mysteriously absent. While with Naruto, he felt he could be himself in way that he had never before experienced. Before they both knew it the night was over and the sun was starting to peak over the horizon.

Naruto looked towards the sun just starting to peak over the horizon. "The sunrises here must be amazing."

The sunlight touched the tips of Mavis' toes causing them to smoke and causing her to draw in her feet closer to her.

"Oh, I guess you have never even seen a sunrise."

"No, why?"

Naruto thought about it for a second then offered Mavis his hand. "Come here, I have an idea." Naruto slowly back Mavis out of the suns rays while she focused on the slowly rising sun. He backed her all the way behind a chimney on the roof as she watched her first sunrise.

Mavis couldn't believe that something so beautiful could be seen from her roof.

Naruto had another idea and ran it by Kurama. "Kurama, what do you think?"

"It should work. I say go for it."


Mavis turned to face Naruto.

"Do you trust me?"

She hesitated for a second before answering. "Yes."

"Ok." Naruto went completely still and closed his eyes. The telltale signs of sage mode appeared around Naruto's eyes.

When Naruto opened his eyes Mavis was surprised to see his blue slitted eyes had become golden. "What happened to your eyes?"

"Not important right now." Naruto took her hand into his own and brought it towards the sunlight.

This caused Mavis to freak out a little and struggle. "What are you doing? Sunlight burns vampires."

Naruto just gave her a warm smile and squeezed her hand gently. "Trust me."

Mavis let Naruto take her hand into the sunlight and felt the sun touch her skin. But for some reason it didn't burn. It actually felt kind of nice and a little tingly. "How?" She couldn't believe it. It was impossible. Vampires burned in sunlight, that had been true since… always.

Naruto gave her a mischievous smirk. "Didn't I introduce myself as a fox sage? Well that sage part allows me to do things like this. But it only works while we are in contact and if I will it." He didn't want to give her the false impression that he had cured her. "Think of this as an early birthday gift. I will give you your real one later."

Mavis eyes widened. "There's more?"

"Of course. You only turn one eighteen once after all. Happy birthday Mavis." Naruto turned around and walked away. "I better finish planning your party for tonight."

Naruto then fell through the roof into a sauna and landed on all fours in a crouch.

"Ha Ha Ha! That's what you get for trying to act all cool."

"Shut up Kurama!"

"Some ninja you are. A roof hoping ninja falling through a roof. Ha Ha Ha!"

Naruto got a faint blush that nothing to do with being in a sauna.

"What are you doing here!?"

Naruto turned around and saw a steaming Dracula. "Um… I am here to steam?"

"Then why are you fully dressed?" asked the invisible man.

"Why are you the only guy without a towel?" Shot back Naruto.

"Well why don't you join us?" asked Murray. He was going to support his fellow canine.

"Um, ok." Naruto left to the adjoining changing room and stripped of his clothes and put on a white towel around his waist before going back into the sauna. Naruto sat down at a corner using some of his tails as a backrest. Naruto looked around and noticed they were staring at him. "What?"

"Most monsters aren't cut like that. You have defined muscles that I didn't even know people had." Replied the invisible man.

Naruto looked down at himself in confusion. Naruto was all hard compact muscle without an ounce of excess fat on him. Naruto was a training nut so getting a body like this was natural to him. That and his brand of immortality kept his body in peak physical condition permanently.

Dracula on the other hand was actually mad at Naruto, but not for the reasons one would think. Dracula was not jealous of Naruto or anything. Why would he be? He was just a human. The problem was Mavis. He knew that she liked him and that women tended to like men with bodies like Naruto's. And for some reason Naruto had been able to break his powers somehow. So he had to think of another way to get rid of Naruto before this whole human in the hotel thing grew even more complicated. The longer he stayed the more likely he was to be discovered and that would ruin the hotel and his daughter.

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