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Naruto had enjoyed his time in the sauna. Not really because of the heat because as a fox demon he could make fox fire so fire and heat were not issues to him anymore. He really wished he had that ability when he dealt with Sasuke and his stupid fire techniques. No it was fun steering the conversations towards topics that caused Dracula to squirm uncomfortably. Such as Mavis, what is was like to be a traveling monster and Mavis again. He even found combining the two topics together made Dracula almost explode with anger and worry.

Dracula tried to get Naruto out of the way by making him move tables but was annoyed when Naruto was moving them one at a time by hand. He had a schedule to keep! "Just stay in the corner and stay out of my way."

Naruto leaned against a wall and gestured with one hand for Dracula to go ahead.

Dracula started ordering tables by number to move to various locations. The tables had faces and would fly through the air to various locations around the room.

Naruto's ear twitched and he gained his pranking smile that many people have come to fear more than his battle face. At least in battle their suffering would eventually end. Naruto counted the tables and hopped on one.

With a grin on his face. "Table nine up!"

And a table three too his right rose.

"Ha ha ha! Love the fact that even though you are probably the most powerful being in the world, you are still an idiot. How could you screw up counting?"

"Hey it's an honest mistake, it could happen to anybody."


"Whatever, twelve up." And the one to his right rose.

"Sigh, now that just sad."

Naruto's tails and eye twitched in annoyance. "Oh yeah, what number is it then mister know it all."


"Yeah right." "Thirteen up." And the table he was on rose.


"Bask in the glory that is I."

Naruto started playing around with the table relishing the fact that he could fly again even if it was with the assistance of a table.

"I for one am glad you can't fly anymore. You have enough trouble as is without adding another plane to screw up in."

"But imagine the pranking potentials."

"Psh, a true pranker wouldn't need it."

"Whatever." But he agreed with Kurama. There was only so much awesome one person could contain. And between him and Kurama they were at the limit.

"Damn strait."

Naruto was getting the hang of his table so Naruto decided to speed past Dracula at full tilt. "C'mon gramps, is your age getting to you?"

Dracula was surprised but something inside of him woke up and wanted to accept Naruto's challenge. "Oh you are going to pay for that."

Dracula then raced Naruto around the room with his own little army of flying tables but Naruto moved with experience and a little bit of insanity. Dracula tried to get one up on Naruto by flying upside down and defying gravity. "What's up gravity face?"

Naruto gave him a dead pan look. Sticking to surfaces was a genin trick. "Lame."

Dracula decided to up the ante by creating a wall of table to block his path.

Naruto saw there was enough room to slip between the gaps but what was the fun in that? Naruto jumped off his table and kicked one of the tables in his path out of formation and into Dracula's table on the other side causing Dracula and him to be jettisoned out of the room and through the hallways on the same table as they wrestled good naturedly. That was until until their high speed table crashed causing Dracula to tumble from the table and get tangled in the sheet that fell with him.

Dracula couldn't help but laugh in joy. "Ha ha, now that was fun!" Dracula pulled the sheet off of him and looked around for Naruto but he was gone. Where was he? "Suit!"

A metal suit of armor appeared. "Sir?"

"Where is Naruto?"

"Quasimodo has him tied up and is taking him to the kitchens."

Damn. He was going to cook him. Probably into some stupid pie. "Stop him."

The suit of armor gave Dracula a crisp salute. "Yes, sir!"

Dracula turned around to speed towards the kitchens but was stopped as he came face to face with his daughter. "Mavis what are you doing awake? The sun is up and it could kill you."

"Oh dad, have you seen Naruto?"

"No sugar bear." Wait… "Why do you want to know?" Dracula watched in horror as his Daughter blushed and tucked her hair behind her ear in embarrassment. No, Martha did the same thing when… no!

"No reason."

He didn't want to believe it but he had to be sure. "Blood orange do you like him?" Please say no…

"Of course not."

Dracula sighed in relief until Mavis continued.

"I mean is he completely dense, or does he not know that he's a dream boat?" Mavis remembered how Naruto made her feel. It was like her first safe touch of sunlight on her first sunrise but on the inside. For some reason she shivered but at the same time was warm. Was she getting sick?

Dracula would have paled if he could.

The suit thankfully interrupted the awkward moment. "Sir, they have made it to the kitchen."

"Grr, what do I pay you for?" Dracula stormed off to the kitchens to take care of this problem himself.

The suit of armor turned to Mavis. "He doesn't pay me."


Naruto was having a great time spinning slowly over the useless flames in Quasimodo's kitchen. He was right to put that stupid rat under an illusion to make it think he was human.

"I have got to hand it to you Naruto, your plan is coming along perfectly."

"Yep, proper set up is key. The more I build it up, the greater the unveiling will be."

Naruto and Kurama were enjoying their inner dialog when Dracula swooped in and 'freed' Naruto from the fire.

"Sir Dracula, why are you protecting this human?"

"Don't be ridiculous, he isn't a human. He is a fox monster."

"Demon fox sage." Corrected Naruto.

"Whatever. Anyway he isn't a human."

Quasimodo wasn't convinced. "If he is a monster then let him scare Esmerelda."

"The rat? Psh, without a doubt." Even a human should be able to scare a rat.

Naruto locked eyes with the rat for an instant and released a sliver of killing intent at the rat. The rat was so terrified it immediately passed out standing up on the crate is was on. But Dracula and Quasimodo didn't notice that because Naruto directed his killing intent only to the rat.

"That should show the vermin who its betters are." Kurama saw though Naruto's eyes that that pesky rat had been salivating at the prospect of eating them. That could not stand.

Naruto agreed with Kurama. He wasn't going to have some stupid rat think it was better than them. Maybe he should cook it.

"Yes, over very spit that hunch backed fool thought he could cook us with his puny flames."

"After the big reveal." What? Did they honestly think they could try to cook and eat him without pay back? He was a laid back guy but no one is that laid back. Besides, food doesn't cook him, he cooks food. "Let's see how he likes it when we cook his precious pet in front of him? Any seasoning suggestions?"

"I suggest a teriyaki glaze. After a good tenderizing of course."

Quasimodo took the silence as Naruto's failure and proof of his status as a human. There was only one thing to, tell everyone! "Human! Count Dracula brought a human into the castle!" Quasimodo was literally jumping off the walls and banging pans in an effort to make as much noise as possible.

Dracula couldn't allow that and froze Quasimodo so that he fell to the floor petrified.

If Naruto was angry before, now he was furious. This scum was a traitor. After all Dracula has done for him and other monsters, this was how he repaid him? 'Those that break the rules are trash, but those that abandon their comrades are even lower than that.'

"I don't want to eat his filthy rat anymore." Even Kurama was appalled.

"No, I say we still go through with it, but make him eat his own filthy rat."

Naruto was brought out of thoughts by Dracula gripping his shoulder.

"Come with me. There is something you should see."

Naruto was led to a dark room with heavy drapes and a coffin against a wall. How cliché.

"It is probably useful for blocking sunlight while he sleeps and is padded."

"Still seems stuffy. You think Mavis has one?"

"Doubtful, it would just be as easy and more comfortable to use heavy drapes. He probably does it out of habit. Like how you still trap your campsites and use clones as lookouts."

"You have never complained about it before."

"Just because I doubt there is anything powerful enough to even hurt us anymore doesn't mean I am going to make you break good habits. My point is you do it out of habit and training rather than fear of being attacked anymore."

Kurama had a point. Naruto still kept kunai hidden on him even though he could make hand sized bijudama in an instant and throw them like a grenade or fire them like a laser beam. Naruto looked up to see Dracula looking at a painting of a woman. He could have sworn he had seen that painting somewhere before.

"That castle in Europe. That would be the lady whose family died in that fire."

"I remember now. There was this castle in Europe that this lonely Count lived in. Then he meets this lady" Naruto gestures to the painting. "and they fall in love and have a baby. Then there is something about a mysterious fire and they all die. It was a really depressing story."

Dracula looks at Naruto. "The story is wrong." Dracula pulls of the sheet covering most of the painting and reveals a happy Dracula standing with the woman. "Only the wife died. And it is no mystery how the fire started. It was started by your kind!" Dracula turned to Naruto with glowing eyes and told Naruto the true story and how the humans attacked them. "That is why you can not be here. You are a good human but still a human. You can stay for the party so you don't ruin Mavis' birthday. But after, you must leave."

"I can't stay because I'm human? Fine, I will stay for the party as Mavis' friend but afterwards I am gone. I don't want to be in a place where I am discriminated against because of my race."

"Mavis' friend? Man you are dense. Even the overgrown bat here sees it."

"Sees what?"

"Figure it out yourself." Kurama then cut the mental connection and went to sleep before Naruto gave him a headache. Not only can't he see her feelings he can't even see his own.

"It's not that Naruto. I have nothing against you but you must understand that I have duty to protect my daughter and the other monsters from the humans."

Naruto understood where he was coming from but in Japan, the mob he had to run from were fan girls. Both Naruto and Kurama shivered. He would have preferred torches and pitchforks. He was well received as a nine tailed fox but just didn't want the attention. "Dracula, the world has changed from what you remember. You should give the world a chance."

"Can you promise me that if we came out every human would accept us? Everyone?"

"No. But no one can guaranty that. But you can't hide behind these walls forever just because of what some humans might do."

Dracula and Naruto talked for a while and made some of Dracula's friends before leaving the once grim room in laughter.


Naruto was at the party having a good time his previous bad mood now long forgotten. Besides how could he stay mad at the conclusion of a huge prank?


Naruto turned his head to see Mavis in a new waist length cape. It looked good on her. "Hi Mavis, enjoying your party?"

"Absolutely. This is the best party ever. So what is my present?" She had been waiting all day for her surprise.

Naruto smirked. "This morning I gave you a taste of the world of light and now I give you a glimpse of the world beyond these castle walls." Naruto gestured behind Mavis.

Mavis turned and saw images of places around the world like Paris and Hawaii in perfect detail. Even the other monsters were taken aback by the detailed images.

"Was the lame speech really necessary?"

"Yes, you suck at intelligent speeches."

"I thought it was lame."

"Only you would."

Mavis needed to express her emotions some way or she would explode. "Naruto, let's dance!"

Mavis and Naruto danced until Mavis and Naruto's eyes met and the music seemed to fade away.

Slowly Mavis leaned in and gave Naruto a kiss.

"Get it now?"

Someone pointed out this to Dracula and he got in between them and faced Naruto in outrage. "How could you?"

Mavis was confused by her dad's reaction. "Relax dad it was just a kiss."

"No, you are not allowed to kiss."

"Dad, I am allowed to do things. I am not eighty three anymore. I am allowed to like someone or go see the world."

Dracula couldn't believe it. "What? You saw it." Dracula grabbed Mavis' arms for emphasis. "You said you didn't like it."

Dracula let go of Mavis' arms as she responded. "Maybe I can give the village another chance. Just blend in and be like Naruto does."

"No, you can't go to the village."

"Why not? Naruto says to be yourself. We can show them that we can be friends."

"No that isn't possible."

"It could. It is all in how you present yourself."

"It won't make a difference." His plans were falling apart.

"Why, why not?"

Dracula had enough and let slip. "Because that village doesn't really exist!"

Suddenly all the music stopped and everyone stared at Dracula.

Mavis didn't understand. So in a quiet and careful voice she asked. "What do you mean it doesn't exist?"

Dracula reluctantly explained how he built the town and had the zombies play the villagers.

Mavis turned her back on her father.

"Please understand that if you really went out there and something happened to you I wouldn't be able to live with myself."

"Mavis turned back around. "But you can live with this? Lying to me? Tricking me? Keeping me here forever when you know it was my dream to go?"

Dracula's face fell and he opened his mouth to answer when Quasimodo appeared being rolled in a wheelbarrow still frozen and now with a finger in his nose. He tried to talk but no one could understand him in his frozen state. That was until a human fly claimed to speak frozen volunteered to translate.

"He says Dracula has brought a human into the castle." Everyone gasped at the possibility.

The fly pointed to Naruto. "He says there is zee human. He has a French accent."

Frankenstein wouldn't hear of it. "Naruto isn't a human, he is a fox monster." Frankenstein got in frozen Quasimodo's face. "He's lying."

"What if he wasn't?" Everyone turned to stare at Naruto as he said that with his arms crossed.

One of the monsters in the crowd fearfully asked. "Is it true?"

"I am not denying it." Naruto replied with a shrug.

"But you're not saying it's true either."

The monsters took his statement as an admission and started freaking out. As they did Naruto turned to see Mavis staring at him.

Mavis walked right up to him and asked. "So you're a human?" She looked into his eyes for a moment then threw her arms around him. "I don't care. I still want to be with you."

"Seems like you have got yourself a keeper."

"Yeah." Naruto slipped his arms around her warmly and looked at Dracula in the eyes, his message was clear. The next move is yours.

Dracula was torn between draining all the blood in Naruto's body or something even worse. But when he looked at Naruto and Mavis together he knew what he had to do.

"Monsters please hear me out!" All the monsters turned to look at him. "Yes Naruto is a human but is he really a bad one? To tell you the truth I don't know if humans are bad anymore."

The werewolf agreed. "Hey it was fun hanging out with the guy."

Frankenstein looked around. "He told awesome stories."

The mummy who was wearing a pharos head piece added. "Naruto is the life of the party. And the best party planner I have ever met."

Some other monsters agreed but most were still afraid.

Naruto saw the opening he needed and backed away from Mavis and gave her a wink. "I don't think it really matters what race you are. I have been all over the world and have seen many things and I have learned that people are just people everywhere you go whether their human or there not. But before I leave I suppose a proper introduction is in order."

Naruto threw a handful of smoke bombs down and blanketed the area. Then the lighting shifted, kabuki music started playing and real sakura petals started falling from ceiling. A closed traditional red Japanese umbrella came up out of the smoke then opened up revealing the design of a nine tailed fox and swept the smoke away to reveal Naruto still in his monster form but with gold eyes and orange eye liner wearing a red jacket with orange flames standing on the back of a crouched ten foot orange fox. Naruto began his introduction dance with his umbrella and his henged clone stage.

"I am the immortal ninja traveler from a faraway land, the sage with foxy grin, the fox with nine tails, the heroic and sexy demon fox sage, Naruto Uzumaki!" as Naruto finished the falling sakura petals caught alight with bluish white fox fire.

"Build up check, props check, cool dialog check, lights check, sound check, effects check, being awesome double check, seeing the looks on people's faces after I do my intro, priceless."

"The fire at the end was a nice touch."

"Thanks Kurama. A perfect intro, ero-senin would be proud."

Dracula was confused. "Wait you are a monster? Then what was with your human appearance and why not just say so?"

Naruto nodded his head. "First I am a nine tailed fox so, illusions and secondly because it was more fun this way. Besides why should it matter whether I am human or monster? And finally I never said I was human, I have always introduced myself as a fox. You just assumed I was human and I didn't feel like correcting you."

Dracula and everyone thought about it. He had never actually said he was a human and he had always said he was a fox.

Dracula was angry. He had compromised his hotel for nothing?! "You tricked us."

Naruto shrugged. "You deserved it. You guys needed a wakeup call. Hiding all the time is not living. The human world doesn't even hate monsters anymore. I usually disguise myself as a human just to avoid the attention."

"Evil fan girls. They are the true demons." Naruto and Kurama shivered.

"I think that's why Sasuke really left the village and was all emo. If you are nice to the fan girls they swarm over you." Kurama and Naruto shivered again.

When encountering a fan girl in the wild best to act aloof and cold or they will charge. A fan girls screech alerts and attracts other fan girls in the area so never startle one.

"Naruto! There is no fan girl here. There is no need to go over the rules for surviving fan girl encounters right now."

Naruto was brought out of his haze "Thanks Kurama."

After Naruto's big reveal that wasn't really a reveal the party went back to normal but Naruto and Mavis left the next evening to begin there travels around the world with Dracula's blessing. Albeit his slightly reluctant and teary blessing but blessings the same.

Naruto and Mavis went to travel the world. Where did they want to go first? Who cares, as long as they went together?

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