I am so sad right now! I heard about the AirAsia flight crashing, the poor eight-year-old boy who doesn't even know his father might be dead. I heard about the bodies found, and I'm crying over the keyboard. So here is my tribute to all of those who died in the AirAsia or Malaysian Air crashes, ad to all of those whose relatives died in them.

Disclaimer: I do not own Percy Jackson. Only my own OC's.

Dizzy's Story

I knew something was wrong as soon as Mom dropped the phone and sniffled quietly into her sleeve. I just didn't know what. I just hoped that Dad would be able to fix her when he came home.

My name is Dizzy, and I'm ten. My real name is Isabelle, but no one uses that name anymore. They just call me Dizzy. My daddy is Aaron, a son of Zeus. Mom is Arabella, daughter of Hecate. I am a legacy.

Dad's job is to fly across the ocean with passengers. He's a pilot. I want to be just like him some day.

"What's wrong, Mom?" I asked her, worry quickly building up.

"Eh, it's nothing," Mom sniffled quietly, offering me a smile that I didn't buy. Later that night, I could hear her crying herself to sleep. I crept over to her room, full of worry.

"It's okay," I told her. "You can tell me. I'm a big girl now." Mom sniffed again, drying her tears against her nightgown, eyes red and puffy.

'I c-can't tell you," Mom choked out. "It hurts too much."

"Okay," I said softly. "You can tell me when you're ready." Mom nodded and crawled back to bed, as I slipped quietly back to my room.

Dad was still at work. Sometimes he would stay at work for days. But he had to come home...Mom was devastated! Something must have happened. Something only Dad could fix.

The next morning, I woke up, with Mom there for me. I stood up shakily, my legs feeling like Jell-O from the nights sleep.

"I'm ready to tell," Mom said sadly, her eyes welling up with more tears.

"What is it?" I prompted her, sure that Dad would be able to fix it, whenever he came home. What she said next made me wish I'd never asked her.

"Your...your father is dead," Mom managed out. "Dizzy, your father is gone." Then she started crying again. I stood there, still processing what she'd said. Dad couldn't fix things, could he? No! He was dead! Crashing into the ocean! Poseidon took his life!

With a wail, I crumpled to the ground like a paper doll, my legs giving out underneath me. My body wracked with sobs, I howled to the sky. "Why did you take him from me? Why?" Mom went over to where I lay, howling my grief.

"We'll be okay," she murmured, picking me up and cradling me against her chest, her crystal tears falling into my hair. "We'll be okay."


That is the story of Dizzy and her father. I found enough courage to do this through my flu, so others my see how those relatives suffer from grief. My own relatives were not on that plane, so I have no grief, just incredible sadness. Please review about this, and put your own thoughts about the crash.