I'll return to Once Again Is Not The Same As Another Chance (Or Once-Chance, since the name is too long), I promise. Just... let me work out the writer's block. For now, have disgustingly fluffy Hidashi.

Paw Print 01 – Scent Marks


Hiro awoke to the sound of his brother purring and a tongue licking a long stripe up his spine. With a shudder, the younger Hamada uncurled and stretched, a contented yawn leaving him.

"Mornin' Hiro," Tadashi murmured into his fur, licking at the base of his younger brother's head. Hiro giggled when Tadashi nuzzled the back of his ear, the appendage flicking nervously at the ticklish feeling of Tadashi's whiskers brushing against the sensitive tips. "Turn over for me?"

"Morning 'Dashi," Hiro purred. The smaller black cat rolled onto his back, exposing his stomach.

Tadashi took the switch of positions in stride, licking at Hiro's chest and moving up to his face soon after.

"Ew," Hiro mumbled as his brother lapped at his nose and mouth. A rumble of laughter vibrated through Tadashi and buzzed pleasantly through Hiro wherever their bodies touched.

The younger Hamada pressed his wet nose into the other's cheek, nuzzling the sensitive spot by the whiskers before burying his face into the sleek black fur of his brother's neck.

Hiro loved Saturday afternoons. It was the day when Tadashi would – literally – lather him with attention. There was so much to look forward to: the cat nap in the sun, the following tongue bath Tadashi gave him after they woke up, and a full day of warm cuddling.

Saturday was Hiro's favourite day.

"There, done," Tadashi said in a tone of satisfaction.

Hiro's ears drooped a little. That bath had been too fast for his liking. "Are you sure you didn't miss any spots?" he asked his brother quizzically.

Tadashi shook his head and huffed amusedly. "I ran over every inch of you. You're as clean as a newborn kitten."

The smaller cat pouted. So much for prolonging Tadashi's showering of attention.

Getting up onto all fours, Hiro shook his body out, fluffing up his fur back into its original state. After stretching his stiff muscles, Hiro curled back into a ball, ready to take another nap.

"Ah, Hiro, don't go back to sleep-" The younger Hamada opened one eye to look at his brother. "You don't have a scent on you yet," Tadashi explained.

Hiro lifted his head and blinked. Burying his head into his shoulder, the younger took a sniff, noticing that most of his natural scent had been washed off.

"Oh," he stated lamely. "It's alright. It'll come back," Hiro protested, completely missing what his brother had meant.

Tadashi chuckled. "Not yours bonehead, mine."

Hiro felt heat flush through his system pleasantly with the way Tadashi had growled out the last part.

"You're gonna scent mark me?" Hiro asked almost excitedly.

Tadashi's response was to rub his cheek against his brother's and mumble, "What does it look like?"

Hiro laughed and rolled onto his back once again. The younger Hamada spread his paws out, as if asking for the humans' equivalent of 'hug?'

Tadashi easily slid in between the four outstretched limbs, larger body practically covering his younger brother's. The older black cat wasted no time in rubbing his cheeks into Hiro's face, making sure his scent was thoroughly scrubbed into his brother's fur.

Hiro's body vibrated underneath him with the force of his purrs and Tadashi returned the gesture, purring loudly as he rubbed his scent all over Hiro's head, neck, and chest area.

Tadashi was so caught up in marking what was his, that he almost didn't hear the muffled meow. The older Hamada pulled back to let Hiro speak clearly.

"Me too," his brother mumbled, pressing his nose over where Tadashi's scent gland was and inhaling his musk. The rest of Hiro's sentence dissolved into mutters and broken purrs.

Tadashi licked at the younger's brow and made a questioning sound.

"I want to scent mark you too," came the answer, clearly this time.

A Cheshire's grin pulled at Tadashi's face. His only response to the declaration was to resume his mission to make Hiro smell completely like him.

Tadashi didn't mind. Hiro wanted to mark him as his? That was fine with him.

It was just the two of them anyway. It always had been - and always would be.

Just the two of them, loving and belonging to one another.

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