"You know what time it is Sid?" Billy choked Sidney harder with his arm wrapped around her neck. "It's after midnight; it's your mom's anniversary." Sidney let out an almost silent gasp. She's trying so hard to escape from Billy, but the sharp knife at her neck feared her.

"Congratulations, we killed her exactly one year ago, today." Sidney felt Billy's breath at her neck and ear, making her cringe a little. Stu is pointing the gun at an arm's length away from her. She's trapped between two psychos who are eager to kill her.

She cannot believe it, her friend for a long time, which she even saved from bullies a long time ago, is here, ready to kill her. And the guy, whom she trusts the most and she loves so much, is wrapping his arms around her. Not for a cuddling moment but with a knife, this in a few moments will be inside her body.

"You see, earlier I failed to kill your best friend. That big breasted woman got some brains after all." Stu mentioned. "She won't have sex with me, that don't make sense because she looked like a fucking whore after all."

Sidney felt the knife slide at her collarbone. It left a cut at her skin. After that, Billy tugged her ear a little using his teeth.

She pushed her elbow backwards, hitting Billy at the waist. Billy groaned in pain after Sidney stepped on his foot again.

Then it happened, the thing Sidney expected. She saw the bullet from Stu's gun coming at her way. Everything felt like in a slow motion movie, Sidney saw how the bulled spun in the air, finally hitting her at the elbow.

"What the fuck Stuart!" Billy exclaimed as he catch Sidney as she fell backwards. "What? We're supposed to fucking kill her after all right?"

"Well you didn't know my original plan after all." Billy strangled Stu which sent them rolling on the floor. "Wh-why Billy, wh-what's the origi-ginal p-plan?" Stu stuttered as Billy, who sits on top of him, chokes him to death.

"Let me and Sidney live together." But as Billy almost stab Stu with the knife; Stu used all his strength to push Billy. Their positions changed, Billy being the one under Stu.

"You know, Sidney was a damn hot woman. She's smart, attractive and innocent." Stu said as Billy struggles underneath him. "And guess what? She's one fine bitch for choosing you. You're a fucking asshole and a psychopath. You killed her mom, kidnapped her dad, yet you got the luck to have sex with her." They both looked at the dining table as they hear a loud noise. It was Sidney tripping over and finally lying flat on the floor. She lost so much blood from the gunshot and her cut. And she was weak at these kinds of bruises. It torments her.

"I wanna have a chance with that fucking girl too." Stu raises the knife up high, preparing to pierce it to Billy's heart. But little he knew that Billy was able to pick up the gun, and was fast enough to shoot him in the head.

"Sorry, you're my friend but that hot girl you're saying is fucking mine." Billy muttered as he got up when Stu lied lifeless on the floor.

He quickly went to the woman silently groaning in pain below the table. "Sid, look at me, it is okay. Sid, don't mind the pain." He swiped her hair away from her face.

"What the fuck is happening here? Sidney!" Billy heard Randy at the door. "She's just in pain, Stu shot her." Randy was startled. "No, you tried to kill me earlier."

"No, it was all just a plan." Randy looked at him, he was so confused. "What's the plan for?"

"Stopping Stuart Macher, the real psychopath."

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