"You see, Billy boy. Ever since you got here, girls had been head over heels with you. Even my sweet little Sidney. She fell for you, and it's so obvious. I'm tired of pretending being friends with you, because you annoy me as fuck." Stu grabbed my collar. I could not even fight back because his friend, Roman tied my hands.

"I did not do anything. I did not even want her at first." I lied. I've been seeing Sidney for three months already.

I've only been here for five months. When my dad had his job transferred here at Woodsboro. I was reluctant to live here at first. But when I saw Sidney Prescott, everything changed.

I first met Stuart Macher, but he ended up to be a real psychopath. When he knew that I liked Sidney, he started beating me up. But I loved Sidney Prescott so much to let her go.

"He would make a great accomplice, Stu. Imagine it, Sidney's boyfriend ending up to be the one killing her mom. That would be a wonderful plot." Roman said.

"What the hell? No! I wouldn't kill Sid's mom! She's too nice to me!" Stu's hand went up to my neck, choking me.

"Nice? Nice enough to break my family? To be my father's fucking whore? You see Billy, you wouldn't need to come with me and kill that motherfucking slut. But, you.." His grip on my neck tightened.

"You will take all the blame. But don't worry, you won't go to jail. We have the slut's other man to do that. But just in case Sidney discovers the truth…. You take all the blame."

"NO! FUCK YOU BOTH!" I struggled to get out of them. But one will always be outnumbered by two.

"No? How about you seeing Mrs. Loomis' head exploding in to thousands of pieces?" Stu pulled the gun from his pocket and pointed it at my mother, who is sitting tied up at the corner.

"I'll do it. As long as I would never kill anybody."

I remembered all the times Stu used me to cover his Psychotic plans. He used my father recently to agree to the plan of killing Sidney. But little did he know that I planned to save Sidney all along. But my plan didn't go to well because Sidney got hurt.

"Billy, Sidney's awake." I heard Deputy Riley. He's standing in front of me as I sit here outside the operating room.

Sidney was badly shot, fracturing her collarbone. The bullet was also trapped at her shoulder area.

Dewey already knew the truth. We've been waiting for Sidney here for four hours that I already decided to tell him the truth. He had a hard time believing it at first, but he still did.

I walked towards Sidney's room. I waited for an hour because Dewey and Gale wanted to talk to her in private.

"Goodluck boy." Gale messed my hair a little.

I went in.. "Sid."

She looked at me, her eyes spelled shock.

"GET OUT OF HERE YOU FUCKING PSYCHO! HELP!" Her words broke my heart.