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The cool evening air slips around me like a tight embrace.

"Bye have fun!" Tori's voice calls out. Before I can respond though, I hear her window rolling up and see her white pick-up truck rolling down the road, engine sputtering. She needs to get a new car.

I look in front of me at the grand mansion that has to at least be 5 stories. This, belongs to Marcus Eaton. Strict business man. I've never met him but from what I've heard he isn't all rainbows and sunshine. But no, I'm not here for the scary business man. From what I've heard he's out of town, which gives his son the perfect opportunity to throw a birthday party.

Tobias Eaton. The first person in the future senior class to turn 18 years old, his birthday being the weekend after school gets out. He's the popular guy, quarterback and whatnot. Do I really need to go into all this cliche?

The point is that I'm not some cheerleader. I'm basically the loner of the school. So how exactly did I get invited you might ask? Well, let's take a trip down memory lane shall we?


I sigh as I pull my locker ajar and look at the mess before me and cringe. Crumpled papers, unsharpened pencils, and dare I say it, an unused pad lay scattered around my locker. Yep, it's the day I've hated since 6th grade when I first encountered it; locker clean-up day. But not just any clean-up day. No, the last one of sophomore year.

Just looking at all this crap makes frustration well up in me. With a groan I slam my locker shut and look at all the other girls who slip their textbooks into their Vera Bradley bags and give their mirrors one last check.

"Stressed, are we?" I hear a voice pipe up next to me and I nearly jump out of my skin. I look over to see none other than hot-shot Tobias Eaton.

"It's alright, my friend Zeke's locker is WAY worse."

I'm at a loss for words and apparently he finds this amusing. A small smirk etches it's way onto his face and he raises an eyebrow, "Tris right?"

All I am capable of doing is nodding dumbly.

"Well Tris, I have something for you."

He hands me a flyer style paper and I read the heading. 'You're invited to the Sickest Birthday party ever!'

What? Is this a joke? I look up at Tobias who seems to be studying me carefully.

"Do you want me to deliver this to someone or...?" I ask him totally confused as to why he would be giving me this.

He laughs, a deep large masculine laugh. "No. I'm inviting you."

This is a joke. This is definitely a joke. "Alright let's just cut to the punch. Where's the hidden camera?" I ask.

"Tris. I'm being serious. You should come, it'll be fun. And Uriah's gonna be there, you guys are friends right?"

"Well yeah."

"Well you won't be totally alone then."

His words hit a rough spot in my heart because I am usually totally alone. Uriah has been my best friend since Kindergarten. But in Fourth grade when popularity kind of took action he started drifting away and hanging out with the more popular crowd telling all the jokes that used to be for me and him. But I have no reason to be mad, I didn't own Uriah then and I still don't today. But did he ever think about including me? We still hang out though, every Tuesday and Sunday he comes over and we play minecraft. But it bugs me whenever I hear his friends ask him what he was doing, he makes up some excuse. It's like he's embarrassed to be my friend but he does it because he feels bad for me. Like I'm some charity case. And I hate it.

Apparently Tobias sees that his words offended me and makes a quick save,"I'm sorry I didn't mean it like that. Just that I know that it isn't your crowd and... yeah. Just come okay?" (AN: Okay. Jkjk nah I ain't about that!)

He extends the invitation out to me and I take it lightly. "I'll think about it."

He gives me an understanding nod and awkwardly walks away.

Flashback Over

I guess I felt guilty because he looked like he felt bad and maybe he was opening his mind up to let me make new friends. And that felt good.

And I only go to a few parties a year but no one's that's really my age. Except Uriah. But even then I feel left out in the crowd.

But the crowd will be no different at Tobias's party, I think to myself.

But something's different this time. Maybe because I don't feel like a charity case because he barely knows me. He wanted to invite me. To make me feel included.

Keeping that final thought in mind I somewhat march up to the door and open it.

Heavy dubstep blasts throughout the Eaton Mansion and couples make out sloppily, grind against each other, and I spot some even taking body shots. Yep definitely not my crowd.

Looking around I see Uriah chatting it up with a golden haired girl. I recognize her as Marlene Hrapchak a girl on the cheerleading team. I guess from how often Uriah speaks about her on the days that we do hangout he has a crush on her. Uriah, the guy who is not shy at all except around girls he likes. I remember in second grade there was a girl Cindy who he was crushing on and whenever I suggested he talk to her he would immediately yell "No way Jose!" Which was his favorite phrase to say. He said the same thing when I suggest he speak to Marlene, minus the Jose part. But here he is casually speaking to her. But it's not until he extends his hand out to her as a gesture that they should move on to the dance floor and she takes it, that I notice he stumbles his way there.

Hmm... Sometimes all it takes is a couple drinks to gain some courage.

I also spot Tobias grinding against a bleach blonde, spray tanned chick. He's obviously tipsy as well.

"Presents go over there." I hear a cheerful voice to my right say. She's pointing do a table with presents piled up to the ceiling.

Damn, I'd hate to be him, writing all those thank you cards.

"Thanks." I tell her and stride over to the table with my black wrapped present.

Not really being a pal of his I wasn't sure what to get him. In the end I decided on one of my many paintings that I've created. Basically it's some incredibly detailed flames with a quote painted in manuscript in front of it. It says, 'We believe in ordinary acts of bravery, in the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.'

Basically I google inspirational quotes and this was my favorite. I chose this because despite being popular Four still decided to invite me. I feel that that's brave of him. He might get hate for it like Uriah feels he'll get it he reveals our friendship, but he doesn't care. If he did he wouldn't let me out here in the open at his birthday party.

I set the present in between a small cream colored envelope and a large gift wrapped in Cheeta print paper which is definitely from one of his admirers.

I return to the table and see the girl still standing there, two beers in hand. She hands me one and I take it hesitantly. I have drunk alcohol before but it's never often.

After I pop it open I take a sip and grimace. The next one is better. "So," the girl swallows her sip, "I'm Christina. What's your name?" Getting a closer look at her I realize she is also on the cheer team. She's a flyer. I know because I enjoy watching the flyers. Soaring up in the air like a bird.


She nods, "Lemme guess, one of your friends dared you to crash?"

I should be offended by the question, but I'm not. Maybe the way she says it, so good natured, with an easy smile. Maybe that's how I know she meant it in a different way.

"Um, no. Tobias invited me."

Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise, "Really? He must have his eye on you." She winks.

"Um, no. I think he was just being nice. Guys are never interested in me."

"Nice, my ass. He is never nice to people he doesn't know. And yeah, guys are interested in you look at all those guys!"

Looking over to where she gestures I see a group of guys checking me out, or rather my body in the black lace dress that was once my mother's. According to Tori she wore it on her first date.

"That doesn't count. They're staring at my body, that's all they're interested in."

I spot a guy, a cute guy, looking at Christina, not at her body. But at her face.

"Like that guy." I tell her, "He is a good example of 'being interested in.'

As soon as Christina looks his way he blushes and ducks his head.

Raising her eyebrow, Christina analyzes him. "He is pretty cute." She decides, then turns to me, "Should I make a move?" She asks hesitantly.

"Hell yeah! Go sister!"

As soon as I see her awkwardly scurry over there and talk to him with a bright smile, I decide I like Christina. Soon they jump on to the dance floor, and I realize I'm alone again.

I glance at the door with a sigh, I should just leave. As I'm heading to the door I hear a voice behind me, "Aren't you at least going to say goodbye? Or I don't know, Happy birthday?"

Spinning around I see Tobias, the nearly orange girl no longer attached to him. His hands are stuffed in his pockets and he has a critical look on his face.

"Happy birthday Tobias. It looks fun but I should probably go."

"Ah, I get it, we're not your kind of people." He takes a few steps closer to me.

"Yeah. You're not. So why'd you invite me?" I ask.

Suddenly his expression changes. What was once neutral disappears as a regretful face takes it place.

He looks down and my heart beats, different possibilities of why he invited me rush through my head like a river. Is it true what Christina said? Does he like me?

But the answer is not what I expected, "It was a dare."

Many emotions run through me: humiliation, anger, disappointment. But all I can do is repeat his words with malice slicing through my voice, "A dare?"

"Look Tris I'm sorry I didn't have a choice-"

I cut him off sharply, "Yes you did have a choice! You didn't have to come up and talk to me! You could've just ignored it!" People are staring, and for once, I don't care. I was wrong. Tobias Eaton isn't brave at all. He's a coward.

He closes his eyes, "I'm sorry. I really am."

"No you're not. Because you don't give a damn about me or anyone else but yourself. I know people like you. Selfish people." People like my father. But I don't say that.

Before he can speak again I grab a red solo cup of something that's half drinken and dump it on his head. Gasps flood the room. But all I'm doing is running.

I run down out the door, down the stone staircase that leads up to his house, across the bright green grass, and down the street.

The only thing I hear is Christina calling my name.

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