NEW CHAPTER A DAY EARLY! YAS! So today in band we got to name our instruments, so I named mine Tobias. So this guy was like, "Who's Tobias?" So I told him he was from Divergent. And he was like, "There's no Tobias in divergent!" So I thought he was a movie fan so I told him, "Four is Tobias." And he was like "Great! I'm half way through the book and you already spoiled it for me!" And now I feel really bad for spoiling it... But it's not THAT big of a spoiler. So yeah.

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See"So yeah it was super fun."

"Mmhmm..." I say, trying to figure out a way to get out of this conversation with a redheaded girl who approached me moments after Tris stormed out.

As she opens her mouth again I quickly cut her off, not wanting to hear another word about when her and her friends went to Vegas. "I have to go change my shirt." I tell her, pulling on the dress shirt that's drenched in alcohol.

"I could come with you." She winks flirtatiously.

Normally I wouldn't refuse this offer, but with Tris, and the guilt ripping me to shreds, I'm not really up to having sex with a random girl. "There's no need for that. I'll be back soon." I tell her, but I hope for my sake that she finds another guy by the time I get back.

As soon as I enter my bedroom I rip off the shirt that is almost stuck to me, but then come face to face with a couple playing tonsil hockey on my bed. They pull apart and look at me in surprise.

I point a finger sharply at the door, "Out."

They obey and I shut the door gently behind them.

I run into my closet and pick a simple black V-neck, nothing too fancy because I'm kicking the guests out pretty soon, despite the fact they were supposed to stay about 3 hours more, I'm not exactly in the mood to party anymore.

I feel an ache in my heart. I hurt someone today. I've hurt people before physically and verbally whether it was intended or not, but Tris was different. I remember that day that Peter and Eric pointed her out to me. "That's the girl who you have to invite." Eric said. She was only walking up to her locker, her black backpack slung around her left shoulder, one hand stuffed in her jeans pocket. She looked so vulnerable, her blue-grey eyes looked so innocent and gentle. She wasn't asking for any humiliation at all, but there it was, about to be handed to her.

"And if I don't?" I asked them hesitantly. Peter laughed, a laugh drained of any humor at all, "What do you think? You'll no longer be known as the bravest guy in school. More like the coward who couldn't take on the easiest dare in history."

I have a lot of regrets. But this has to be in my top ten. Just the look on her face when I told her it was a dare, the look of betrayal. I'm sure that was the look I wore when I saw my mother for the first time in 7 years. That thought alone increases the pang in my chest.

Part of the dare was if she arrived I had to tell her it was a dare. But I try to look on the bright side and think that at least I got it done, because she would've found out eventually. I know because when you look at Tris. At her. You see someone who's always thinking. You can see it in her eyes, the intelligence, the humanity. Argh. I feel fucking worse now.

As I head back down the stairs I spot the redhead in the exact same spot I left her. When she sees me her eyes light up and I'm just about ready to yell for everyone to get the hell out. But then I feel two hands shoving me.

I turn and see Uriah, and he looks mad.

"What the hell'd you do Tris huh?"

I'm about to open my mouth with a weak response but he cuts me off, "Why the fuck did you screw with her? Her mother's dead. Her dad's an asshole. Her brother is in College. She doesn't need you to add to her problems. People at school treat her like she doesn't exist, No one even talks to her they're all jerks!" He stops as realization and regret take place of the anger on his face, "In-including me. But you know what? I would never accept that dare, whether if it was for Tris or a random girl.

"Declining this dare would not be a pansycake move." Normally it's hard to take Uriah seriously when he uses that word but under the circumstances right now it isn't so hard.

"She's human. She has feelings. Put yourself in her shoes."

Then he walks away leaving me standing like an idiot. As I see the redhead walking up to me I get up on the nearest chair. "All right, party's over! Get the hell out!"

Protests fill the room but slowly they pool out. Before the redhead walks away she puts the signature hand phone up to her ear and mouths, 'Call me.'

Um, gonna be hard to do that if I don't have your number hun.


After clearing all the rooms of couples making out, I begin ripping open presents, totally ignoring the entire mess. Hey, who cares? My dad gets back in 3 months, I got time.

I open a cheetah print package and see many objects. I pick up a bottle of summer breeze cologne and inspect the package that contains three bottles of breath freshener. The note on the cologne reads, Not that you don't already smell amazing but here's something to get you into the summer spirit. Xoxo, Nita

Ugh, Nita. We hook up one time and then she's obsessed with me. I'm making a bet that Zeke invited her. Ugh, that bastard.

The note on the breath freshener says, 'Something in handy for when we make out ;) -Nita'

I gag.

I pick up the last box in all its glory. And of course, how did I not see this coming? Condoms. I pull the note off, 'Do I even have to explain these? ;) -Nita'

I literally throw up inside my mouth And slide the box over to the other side of the table.

The next present is wrapped in black paper. There's a note at the top; Um, hi Tobias! Not being chummy with you I didn't really know what to get you but I hope this will do! Thanks for inviting me, it's truly appreciated! Hope you like it! -Tris

Guilt pinches at my stomach. I don't deserve this. But I rip the paper off anyways and see a painting. Flames are delicately painted and a quote lies over them, 'We believe in ordinary acts of bravery. In the courage that drives one person to stand up for another.'

Her signature is at the bottom, and even if it wasn't I would still be able to tell that it was her work. Don't ask me how.

After reading this quote I realize that accepting the dare wasn't brave, that was cowardice. Uriah was brave. He stood up for Tris.

Guilt, guilt, guilt. The thing I've felt a million times in the past hour courses through my veins. I will apologize to Tris, and I will be this person she thought I was for her. I will be brave. Actually brave.

I take a glance at the other presents and decide they can wait. I'm going to bed.

Once so reach my room I take a thumb tack and put it in the wall over my bed before hanging the canvas up. This is the only piece of artwork I have up and that includes posters and pictures. The Orange flames seem to stand out on the black walls.

Nodding with sastifaction I settle in to bed. A certain blue eyed artist clouding my dreams.


After I finish breakfast and am about to start off to apologize to Tris, I realize an important detail. I have no idea where she lives.

Sighing I try to think of solutions. Then I remember something, Christina was talking to her last night and she followed her out the door. Maybe she knows some idea of where she could be.

I pull my phone out from my pocket and find her on my contacts list. Apparently it was crucial for every football player and every cheerleader to have each other's numbers. Though I haven't used more than half of them. Including Christina's.

After I hit the green call button I put it up to my ear and wait. It answers midway through the 3rd ring.

"What do you want?" I hear Christina's voice snap, "And before you say anything you were a total jerk to Tris."

"Yeah, I know. And that's why I need your help. I want to apologize, so I need to know where she lives. Can you help me?"

"Lemme ask you something pretty boy, if I even have this information, Why should I give it to you? How do I know you don't want to egg her house or stalk her?"

"Use your lying super power thing. See if I'm lying."


"Christina please." I plead.

She sighs, "Okay so I followed her and saw her walk into this place called 'Prior's Pasta and Pizza.' You could try there?

"Thanks Christina. I owe you one."

"Yeah, yeah. Make things right! She's actually really cool!"

"All right, bye."

"See ya."

I hit the end call button and sigh. Time for operation 'Find Tris'


Prior's Pasta and Pizza is only a small Italian cafe. People sit at the small round tables working or conversing with fellow companions if they have them.

I see a man, he has brownish gray hair and a strong jaw. Be wears an apron and a name tag that says 'Andrew' on it. But by the blue-gray eyes he has he is no doubt related to Tris. He stands at the cash register and seems to be ringing people up with to-go orders. Then a family of four enters and he seems to excuse himself from the conversation.

"Beatrice!" He calls out.

Tris's voice responds, "Yeah?" She seems to be in the back room behind where Andrew, or Mr. Prior is standing.

"Costumers! Get out here and off that stupid phone for a change."

This emerges from the yellow door. She also has an apron except unlike her dad's it's tied at her waste line. A black splatter paint t-shirt hangs loosely off her shoulders and I see dark blue shorts peeking out from the bottom of her apron. A pair of worn out black converse are on her feet and her hair is in a neat French braid.

Now that I think about it of all the times I've passed her in the hallways, the first time I ever talked to her, and even at the party, she was always wearing a French braid. It'd be kind of weird to see her in anything else but a French braid.

She rolls her eyes, "Dad I wasn't on my phone, Jesus. I was reading up on a new intricate kind of painting that I want to make for Tori on her birthday."

"I don't care young lady. And just for that eye roll you are working a double."

Her jaw drops, "But dad! Tori's taking me out later!"

He shrugs, "I don't care. Cancel. Now go, they're waiting for you." He gestures to the family.

She grumbles something and begins walking up to the general area I'm standing in, now's my chance. I can feel the heart beat in my toes, the sweat on my palms as I stuff them in my pockets. I look over to her dad and see him chatting with a customer who he seems to know.

I go and stand in front of her and block her path. She nearly runs into me.

"The hell?" She mutters. She looks up at me and her eyes widen in surprise, "Tobias? What are you doing here?"

Oh scratch the back of my neck, "I just... like I wanted to apologize for what I did. I thought what I was doing was brave but it wasnt, it was cowardice, because I couldn't stand up for you and tell the guys who gave me that dare no. I felt peer pressured. It would be been brave if I had told them no, truth is that painting doesn't fit me. It fits people like Uriah. Yeah, he defended you."

Her eyebrows shoot up in surprise, "Uriah? Really?"

"Yeah. You guys are friends and I'd also like to be your friend. I'd like to get to know you, Tris because you seem nice and I'm sorry I hurt your feelings. But I understand if you don't forgive me yet. Or ever."

She sighs, "I was mad and humiliated. I shouldn't have run out. But you know what?" She throws her arms out in an 'I don't care' gesture. "Dude, if you want to be my friend then that's your problem but I mean sure." She smiles a little.

I nod and we're probably standing there for 30 seconds in awkward silence.

"I need to go take this order." She breaks it.

"Okay, but let me have your number." I request.

She furrows her eyebrows, and I wonder if she was actually forgiving me completely or getting there and if I went too far with asking for her number.

"Okay." She decides and grabs a Sharpie off of the table before grabbing my arm. Her touch is warm and soothing. She writes her number (or at least I hope it's her number) on it and puts the sharpie back.

"I'll see you later, I guess..." I say awkwardly not knowing how I should end this conversation.

She nods and goes to the table, and I stand there for about 5 seconds, before I exit the shop.

So I hope you liked it! It was fun to write. Some of you may have wanted Tris to make him feel more guilt and stuff but Tris, to me, has always seen the best in people. And well the reason why she forgave him so easily will be revealed next chapter.

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