Spy's Bet

Chapter 1: A Typical Game

It was a typical capture the intelligence game between the two warring teams, the Red versus the Blue, the spies on both of the two teams were always at each other's throats.

"Get back here!" roared the Red Spy as he chased down his Blue counterpart whom had the Red team's briefcase with him.

"Ha, looks like my team wins again!" laughed the Bue Spy.

"Not so fast mate!" roared the Red Demo as he began to fire rounds of grenades.

However, before the Red Demo could even try to take out the Blue Spy, a Blue Sniper ended up fragging him, while the Red Spy dodged another sniper bullet as he turned the corner.

"Ha, looks like after this one, my team will win again!" laughed the Blue Spy.

The Blue Spy was being guarded by two Blue Soldiers, along with a Blue Demo shooting sticky bombs on the area of their intelligence.

"The task is nearly complete" laughed the Blue Spy.

But as the two Blue Soldiers were going to help, the Red Spy stabbed both of them in the back.

"Spy!" roared the Blue Demo as he fired rounds of grenades at the Red Spy.

The Red Spy ended up taking out his pistol and ended up shooting the Blue Demo, which made the Red Demo's sticky bombs disappear. The Red Spy soon ran toward the Blue team's intelligence and grabbed it.

"Ha, looks like this time you won't win!" laughed the Red Spy.

"Well, you won't either, because I got your intelligence still" laughed the Blue Spy.

Suddenly a rocket from a Red Soldier was fired fragging the Blue Spy, which the Red Spy quickly took back the intelligence giving him a win for his team. As the rest of the Blue team were trying to regroup, the Red Spy decided to take a break to taunt his Blue counterpart as he headed toward their waiting room on the other side.

"So, that was an interesting game, but not interesting enough" laughed the Red Spy.

"You already kicked our butts" said the Blue Engineer, "it's bad enough you have to come over here and taunt us."

As the Blue Spy continued to read the newspaper to pass the time he noticed a want ad section, Freddy's Pizzaria needed not only one security guard, but two.

"I bet you can't even do this sort of a job and claim victory" laughed the Blue Spy as he read the instructions about the dangers of the security job.

"Give me that newspaper" said the Red Spy as he began to observe the want ad, "watching animaltronics, how hard can that be?"

"It says they move at night, and security guards at that place have either gone missing or ran out screaming like babies" continued the Blue Spy.

"You're putting me up to something" said the Red Spy.

"Oh, I am, that I am going to take this job offer and show you that I am better than you" continued the Blue Spy.

"And what if I wanted to partner up with you, what'd you do to me?" asked the Red Spy.

"That place has lousy pizza" said the Blue Sniper, "I never trust a place with lousy pizza."

"Da, their pizza is yucky" added the Blue Heavy.

"He reads their reviews" continued the Blue Scout.

"So it's a bet then?" asked the Red Spy, "Shall we shake on it?"

"Deal!" laughed the Blue Spy as the two spies shook hands.

As the next day soon happened, they signed up for the jobs in question, when night came they found themselves in the office examining some monitors.

"Examining monitors, how hard can this be?" laughed the Red Spy.

"They say that's what the security guard thinks on day one of his job" continued the Blue Spy, "but look carefully at the monitors themselves and see the animaltronics on the screen."

The two spies gazed at the animaltronics, Freddy along with Chica and Bonnie were in their place and Foxxy was at his station.

"Maybe this place was hit by too many vandals" continued the Red Spy.

"Vandals, why would vandals want to come here to this allegedly haunted place" continued the Blue Spy.

"Oh, you're just trying to scare me" laughed the Red Spy.

"No, I am not scaring you, legend has it those animaltronic suits are occupied by souls of dead children, a killer use to walk a previous restaurant and stuck each one in a suit, now their souls are out for revenge against the person they think might be the killer, namely us" laughed the Blue Spy.

"Halloween is a tad bit off, and a tad bit late" continued the Red Spy.

"Look at the monitors you fool if you don't want to believe me" continued the Blue Spy.

The Red Spy gazed at the monitor and noticed Bonnie was not in his place.

"Must be some prank" said the Red Spy.

"Oh, I wouldn't want to trust it as a prank" continued the Blue Spy.

Obviously the Blue Spy knew he'd finally get even with his Red counterpart but at what cost would time tell.