Chapter 6: Red Spy Revenge Prank

The fifth night soon dawned and the two spies were back at the main office ready for the rest of the night.

"Why are you smiling?" asked the Blue Spy to his Red counterpart.

"Oh, I think you'll enjoy this" laughed the Red Spy.

The Red Spy gazed upon the cameras and noticed that Freddy had moved.

"Oh, looks like the bear is moving, better get going, you just wind up that music box while I go check up on that bear" laughed the Red Spy.

The Blue Spy ended up doing just that, not knowing what the Red Spy was planning, the Red Spy this time wanted to be the sneaky one, as he went around while invisible hoping that none of the animaltronics would spot him. Freddy was wondering around, the Red Spy then saw his chance and decided to put on the Puppet disguise.

"Ha, this should work just fine!" laughed the Red Spy.

But as the Red Spy was heading to the office the real Puppet was out and about in spite of the music box being wound up. The Blue Spy kept on winding up the music box, not knowing the real Puppet was over his shoulder.

"Oh, let me guess, you managed to get your engineer from your team to give you that disguise didn't you?" asked the Blue Spy not knowing it was the real Puppet.

The Puppet just glared at the Blue Spy who was not afraid thinking the Puppet was the Red Spy.

"Well, blow me down" laughed the Blue Spy, "I think you out did yourself, you thought just because I dressed up as Golden Freddy, you thought you can dress up as the Puppet, well it won't work!"

The Blue Spy ended up leaping onto the Puppet and tried to take off its mask.

"I know it's you, I know you're disguised as the Puppet, you cannot fool me!" roared the Blue Spy to which the Red Spy suddenly realized through the window his Blue counterpart was attacking the real Puppet.

The Red Spy still disguised as the Puppet tapped on the glass and then took off his disguise.

"Wait, if you're there, then who's this?" asked the Blue Spy.

The Puppet tried to tackle the Blue Spy, yet the Blue Spy was able to turn invisble and make a run for his life with his Red counterpart.

"Bah, I thought it wouldn't know of this plan!" cried the Red Spy.

"You're dealing with a very upset soul!" roared the Blue Spy as they continued to run.

The animaltronics then began to follow the two spies with the Puppet guiding them, the two spies ended up hiding on a toilet seats in the men's restroom while invisible.

"Great, just great" whispered the Blue Spy, "nice work on getting us into this mess."

"Me, you're the one who dressed up like Golden Freddy and scared the dickens out of me" continued the Red Spy.

"Look, we just have to get through this night" continued the Blue Spy.

The two spies then had to be quiet as Bonnie entered the men's restroom. It opened the first door of the stalls to find no one, then opened the second one which no one appeared. Yet in reality the two spies were there, they were invisible. Bonnie ended up leaving the men's restroom.

"I've got an idea how we can take back the restaurant if you follow my lead" continued the Blue Spy as he took out his zapper.

"Oh, I was hoping you'd say something like this" laughed the Red Spy as he took out his zapper.

The two spies snuck out of the men's restroom and noticed Chica was racing right toward them.

"Follow my lead!" laughed the Blue Spy as he tossed his zapper at Chica which ended up stopping her.

"Here comes Bonnie!" cried the Red Spy as he then tossed his zapper.

The zapper ended up stopping Bonnie in his tracks.

"I'll take Foxy, you take Freddy" laughed the Blue Spy to his Red counterpart.

The Blue Spy ended up leaping right between Foxy's legs and placed a zapper on his butt which ended up stopping Foxy. For the Red Spy, Freddy was playing his death music to the Red Spy, yet before Freddy could attack him, the Red Spy tossed the zapper at him causing Freddy to fall right to the ground.

"Not smarter than the average bear" laughed the Red Spy.

As the two spies met back at the main area where the animaltronics were supposed to be located, the Puppet was there instead glaring at the two.

"So, let's end this once and for all" laughed the Red Spy.

The Puppet nodded, it then charged at the Red Spy as he was responsible for taking photos of it, yet the Blue Spy tried to use his knife on the Puppet. The Puppet ended up feeling no pain at all, it grabbed both spies and pushed them to the wall pinning them down.

"For a child in there, it sure is pretty strong!" cried the Red Spy.

"If we live, I promise I'll play on your team for one turn" continued the Blue Spy.

But as the Puppet was about to do the unthinkable to the two, it soon became 6 A.M., and the Puppet ended up stopping along with the other animaltronics that were recovering from the zappers.

"Phew, saved by 6 A.M.!" laughed the Red Spy.

"Ready for a sixth night here?" asked the Blue Spy.

"Excuse me, but we found these attached to the animaltronics" said the manager as he came in to check up on Freddy and the other animaltronics showing the two spies the zappers they used, "this will be your last and final night for you two."

The manager gave the two spies pink slips for tampering with the animaltronics.

"Well, the good news is we survived the week" laughed the Blue Spy as they were walking away with the pink slips.

"And not only that, but we won't see that crazy Puppet ever again" laughed the Red Spy.

The two spies ended up heading for their car, but what they didn't realize was that the Puppet itself had hidden itself in the trunk hoping to follow the two spies to get even with them finally. As the two spies drove off heading back to where their teams were located, the Puppet prepared for its next big surprise against the two spies and their comrades.