Summary: The last thing Xavier Schiller could remember was seeing car lights before he found himself in a white room with a man that didn't look too happy to see him. Instead of going to heaven, he decides to go back under the name Ghost. 3 years before the World Tournament.

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1- Reborn!

"We'll Mr Schiller, I can't say I'm please to see you"

Xavier Schiller looked around the white clean room, puzzled before his eyes landed on a short man in a grey suit and red striped tie. The last he could remember was seeing car lights.

The man, like he read his mind said "I know, you're wondering how you got here, let me put it in the harshest why possible... You got ran over by a car and was killed on purpose".

Xavier was stunned, he was struggling to come to terms that he was dead.

Suddenly the man demeanour changed and he smiled brightly, unnerved him greatly. "We'll you must be wondering who I am." Xavier nodded "We'll I'm the person assigned to you, let's just say I'm like the grim reaper who sends you off to heaven or hell, looking at your records, you will be going to haven"

Xavier finally snapped out of his shock and a thought occurred to him. "Hang on, what would happen to my Sister and Father?"

The man just looked at him, dispassionately. He waved his hand and a mirror appeared next to him "They will adopt another kid, Kiyama Hiroto " The mirror showed a kid that looked very similar to him except he was younger, Xavier couldn't help but stare, the kid could pass as his twin!

The scene changed to his father attending his funeral, except the was a certain gleam in his eyes that scared him "You father wanted revenge, the police saw no evidence to support that this was no accident and closed the case. He decided to take matters into his own hands and created super soldiers from the Alius Meteor and disguised them as aliens"

He was shocked, this didn't sound like the father he know, It was like watching a stranger in place of were his father was sitting.

"This created a conflicted in his family, You sister disagreed with his methods and put together her own team to take down Alius Academy. The Inazuma Eleven." The mirror changed to an image of the whole team and he looked on interest "Hiroto sided with your father but that started to waver when he came in contact with Endou Mamoru. The Inazuma Eleven captain" The screen changed to a boy with an orange head band and chunks of brown hair sticking out. He struggled to keep himself from laughing, he looked like a broccoli!

The man gave him a disapproving stare and he forced it down. "Finally the team did defeat Alius academy and the story of how you died came out and followed by a lot of crying and touchy feely stuff" The man said in distaste, he let the scene play on the screen and turned to find his charge crying "For god sake boy, stop crying! I am not here to babysit you!"

Xavier wiped away his tears "your father was sent to prison and a couple months later the 'Football Frontier: World Tournament' was introduced and Hiroto worked his way up to be one of the world's best Footballers"

Xavier looked excited, to face strong opponents all over the world and have a shot of becoming the best was one of his dreams. His face dropped into sadness now realising it wouldn't come true, now that he was dead.

"Now then, your died before your time, so you have a choice, you can either go to heaven or go back to earth." Xavier looked at the man with a disbelieving look, the man rolled his eyes "What did you actually think, I would just grab you and drop you through a hole? I may be cruel but I have compassion despite not having a heart"

Xavier looked at the man in a new light "However, If you chose to return, several years would have gone past, you'll lend 3 years before the World Tournament" The man got out a stack of papers from a drawer.

"Why can't you send me back to the moment I died?"

The Man looked at him like he was an idiot "Time works differently here. Just a minute equals a 3 months in the world of the living"

His eyes widened, how long has he been here? "You would have to choose a new name and create a new identity for yourself" Xavier was about to ask why but was rudely interrupted "To the world Xavier Schiller has been dead for Years. If you happen to show up claiming you are him, it will raise a lot of unwanted questions and cause problems for your family that only just fully recovered and moved on. It would be cruel to do that, you need to move on!"

Xavier didn't know what to say and just stayed quiet " You also need to be placed in another part of the world. I suggest Italy, the weather is nice this time of year and before you ask way, use your brain. Even if you have a different name it would still be a shock to people to see a Hiroto look alike wondering around Japan. You family would eventually seek you out. Can you honestly lie to their faces when you acting skills suck so bad? You'll no doubt slip up and raise unwanted questions!"

The man did have a point, he already had a problem when it came to lying, people could read him like a book, he had to work on that.

The Man separated the huge pile and knocked the unwanted paper off the desk and left it scattered on the floor. He smiled like this was normal "Now then, please fill out this form and go the door on the left, There are three parts to room next door, one half is for changing your appearance and the other is to help the client be their new identity, after all we don't want trouble "

A shiver ran down his spine.

"The third part is the portals that lead back down to earth, you will be automatically supplied with a new body except for it will be stronger and faster, also you would not need daily intake of food"

Xavier looked at the paper in front of him and noticed a gold pen next to the paper.

He began to fill in.

Name: ?

IQ: ?

Age: ?

Hair Colour: ?

Eye Colour: ?

Nationality : ?

Personality: ?

Special Ability: ?

School/Family: ?

He went into deep thought, he wanted to be someone who is completely different to who was, this way it will be hard for people to make the relation. He was cheerful, happy and bubbly and was very social.

The opposite of that... Cold, dark, mysterious and anti-social. And defied what people expected from him. Like a Ghost...


he like it.

The question was, could he turn into that kind of person? He shuddered to think how many girls would be attracted to someone like that and the horrors of fan girls he would experience. He would only be kind to a selected few such as his family or a lucky outsider.

Now on to his IQ, nobody wanted to be an idiot! He was only an average grade student that was getting decent marks. He wanted to be considered as a genius, all of the possibility he could do with that much brain power and NOBODY is going to pressure him. He heard stories of how much pressure genius were under, that's why he would rather die before been under someone's thumb.

Age, this was easy, he would be 12 so when the world Tournament was finally reveal he would be 15, one of the oldest.

Hair colour...

eye Colour...

Hair colour, he liked his red hair but even he know it had to go, His hair was almost identically to Hiroto and didn't want to be mistaken for him. So he put down Jack black hair long so he could tie it with a bit at the front over his face. One eyes would be really nice black and the other green, he didn't want to lose his eye colour forever.

He also put a note to have a special kind of glasses that would not affect his already perfect eyesight it prevents his eyes from being damaged. This would hide his face.


Well Italian sound good, he could speak it without an accent, nobody know he know how to speak it. People would believe he was an Italian. He also wrote down an excellent fighter.

Special Ability?

He eyed sparkled, some many possibilities...

In the end he decided to have to the ability to change, erase and alter memories, change form, become intangible, disappear and control over gravity.

Now school and Family...

A school name appeared in his mind ' Athena (Goddess of war) Academy'. Only the best and brightest students go there and unlike other schools they play against schools all over the country from public to private and even sometimes aboard. It was a good school to pick if he wanted to build up a repetition and get invited to be on the Italy team.

Now family, he wanted to be the kid of a Super-famous actor and his wife. He wanted to have connections and have a good start however he picked a family that he know would spend some time with him despite their busy schedule.

When he finished writing, the words glowed gold and the paper was in the man's hand. The man looked over it and nodded.

"Ghost, Unusual but I like it"

He got out a stamp and stamp the words 'Approval' and gave it back to him. "Now get out of my office, you better pray that I never see you again before your time or else.."

He let the words hang and Xavier gulped nervously, threat received and hurried through the door.

He saw two desks with two ladies at each desk.

He went to one of them. One smiled, the other took his form and look it over before talking to other.

"Okay, now Mr Ghost, please follow my assistant, so we can change you looks and clothes, you can't wear the clothes you died in, which has blood stains.

He looked down sheepishly, he hadn't noticed the blood.

He followed one of the women and came to a box with many buttons, he was told to take off his clothes and step inside. He pushed down his embarrassment and walked in.

"Now Mr Ghost this won't hurt a bit" He heard.

The place was dark until he saw a blue beamed scan his whole body and face. There was a hum before he felt tingly all over his body and he watched in fascination as his whole body seemed to change. After sometime it stopped and he opened his eyes, a mirror appeared and he drank in his changes, the biggest difference were his eyes, what once held warmth were cold and sharp. He noticed one of the women looking at him with lust.

He thought he heard her say ' if only I was years younger!' but he must have imagined it.

He was then led to a section full of clothes it was like a super mall. Some off the clothes, he like however he didn't pick them because he remember he was a new person so he couldn't wear the clothes he normally wore.

What would ghost wear?

Dark colours and sometime white but never yellow, pink, orange or any light colours.

So he spent a lot of time picking out a new wardrobe for himself with some help, from far too eager girls.

At the end, he walked out wearing a dark green sweater and black jeans with multiple spikes, A black Italian hat covered a good half of his face, very intimidating and but also hot.

He went to the next table, two ladies were sporting a blush and had heart shaped eyes. He cringed, wanting nothing more to run.

"Now then, Mr Ghost it says here, that your suppose to be cold, dark and mysterious. Your failing at doing that right now" He flinched at the harsh tone. "You still have that...innocent feeling so lets work on that"

Before he could say anything, one of the women grabbed him and began dragging him to two double doors, he heard screaming from inside and he started to sweat.

The women had a manic gleam in her eye.

someone please help me!

#4 Hours later#

The door opened and smoke streamed out, everyone in the room turned their heads.

He stepped out but it felt like they were seeing a completely different person even the way he walked was different, he seem to glide across the room with unnatural grace. The assistant followed closely behind him, completely red in the in the face, she felt so proud of herself, having turned an 9 year boy (don't know his actual age) into a beast before them.

His last stop was the portal and picked up his luggage from the person holding it, there was no word of thanks. He didn't even look the person in the eye.

He made his way to the portal and stepped through, everything went dark.

He woke up to a white ceiling it took him a moment to realise that he was in a big bed fit for a king, naked. He was confused before a whole 12 years of memories assaulted his brain with his past life as Xavier Schaller.

He heard someone enter his room.

"Ah, Master Ghost, it seems your awake. You have a busy Schedule today" The voice was spoken in Italian and he replied fluently.

"Alfred, what do I have today?" He looked up, to see a tall man with a moustache holding a towel.

Alfred pulled out a small book. "Today, is your first day at Athena Academy sir, Your uniform will be on the bed when you finished your shower. The family Limo will take you to school and back. Your parents will be on time for dinner" He nodded, with a small smile. "When you get home, your Martial arts teacher and Japanese Teacher will be waiting"

He reached for the towel and began making his way to the shower. Once the door was closed, he finally inspected the place, he was awed by how the Bathroom looked if you could even call it that.

He could get used to this...

After a quick shower, he found his uniform on the bed like Alfred said. The uniform had red stripes at the top and the rest with white, the back was also covered in red strips. The trousers were black, he could tell it was made out of expansive material, there was no tie but there was no rule that said you couldn't. The finishing touches where black Italian shoes.

He tried it on and stood in front of a mirror, dam he looked good! He wore a black tie and made sure to not button the shirt all the way leaving room for a bit of his chest. He wanted to have the appearance of a bad boy not a goody-goody.

He made his way down stairs and found his parents waiting for him. He observe them in secret, his father in this life, was a tall man and had toned muscles, he wore a white woolly cardigan and cream suit pants. His eyes were black. His mother was an extremely beautiful women, Her black glossy hair reached down to her hips and had an eye glass figure. The way they interacted with each other, it was clear they loved each other very much.

Every time they talked to him, there was clear love and affection in their eyes. He felt happy to be the son of these two people, until he felt a stab of betrayal, he reminded himself that his family has moved on without him and he should too.

They eat in comfortable silence, he happily munching away on a tomato, the best tomato he had ever tested.

"Are you excited, to go school today?" His mother asked, he was unguarded and froze with a mouth full of tomato's, his mouth looking like a chipmunk, he blushed and avoided eye contact. His parents looked on amused.

"It's nothing special, it's just school" he managed to say, pushing down his embarrassment. His mother frowned, he shifted uncomfortably. His mother can be very scary without even trying.

"What your mother, was trying to say was... Will you try to make friends with you classmates?" His father said with hope, that his son wouldn't be a social reject forever.

He looked at them, like they were joking but they just stared back at him with hope. He sighed "Fine, I'll try but I can't promise you anything" His parents nodded.

He got up and grabbed his bag, while the servants took his plate away.

His parents waved goodbye to their son and he gave them a smile back.

When he closed the door, his father sighed and his wife looked worried. They just hoped that he wouldn't cause any more trouble.


He made his way down, to met the family driver and got into the limo. The driver titled his hat in greeting and got into the Limo.

The ride was uneventful and he took a good look around, he was in awe. The school looked like 4 mansions and there was solid gold gate with amazing carvings. The place was surrounded by body guards to keep the students safe and security camera's. He know he was attracting glances, after all it was rear for someone to be allowed to park right outside the administration office.

He ignored them and his driver took his bag, he walk inside with his driver behind him. The administration office was just as impressive as the outside, the place was completely spotless and they gave him a fruit basket, he shrugged and began eating the contents not caring that people were staring as he stuffed himself.

The office lady gave him a card, "Mr Ghost, here is you student I D, it also acts like a key to many places. Here is you timetable and you Home room is U18"

He nodded and took his bag from his driver, who was quiet happy to leave.

He flung his bag over his shoulder and wondered through the corridors until he saw the room U18.

"Now class, today we have a new student" He could hear a clutter of noise. He checked that his glasses were still on his face before he opened the door and the room went silent.

He took his time getting to the teacher desk and turned to the class.

"Everyone meet, Nero Ghost." The teacher pronounced proudly, he resisted the urge to roll his eyes.

Everyone was in shock, all had heard of the child of two super famous actors, they also heard rumours about his behaviour from selling drugs to murder. All very untrue.

Nero glared "Just call me Ghost, let's try not to kill each other for the next couple of years. You stay out of my way and I will make sure your life is not a living hell"

Dead silence fell on the class.

The teacher was sweating "T-thank you Ghost, for that speech, you may sit at the desk at the back" He walked to were the teacher was pointing at, every person he walked by pulled their head down. Hoping he wouldn't notice them. He sat at his desk with a thud and put his feet up.

The teacher wanted to say something but she was shot looks from a lot of students for her to shut up. "Right now lets begi-"
She was interrupt when the door swung up and a person with blond hair appeared looking out of breath. "Sorry I'm late!"

The teacher shot him a look "Light, why are you late?"

Light started to sweat "My sister didn't wake me up this morning" He whined resulting in the whole class laughing except for Ghost, who looked out the window bored. Light seem to notice him "We'll, here's a new face, my name Light Shugo, I hope we can be friends" He reached out his hand.

Ghost stared at the outstretched hand and was thinking of brushing him off before an image of his mother and father looking down sadly at him appeared. He sighed and shook the guys hand. Everyone looked in shock, Light beamed.

Light sat at the desk next to him and the class finally began. Light started up a conversation that Ghost was actually interested in and the two become quick friends much to everyone shock and disbelief.

He felt his eye twitch, people (ahm girls) were sneaking glances at him. Now that they got over their shock, they could look at him without being terrified and many noticed his looks and were blushing. His book scrunched in his hand.

This went on until it was P.E and he changed into his PE kit which consisted off, Black football boots, Airy shorts and white T-shirt. He was getting even more glances from the female population.

The girls and the boys split.

"Now then, today we will be playing football" Some of the lads cheered, while others, the non sporty type shuddered.

They were put into two teams and he was put into Team B as a forward.

The teacher took a whistle and blow on it.

The ball pass to him and he ran forward, someone was right in front of him.

"Try to get pas-"

He disappear before his eyes and many stared at the spot in shock, a moment later they heard the ball and followed the sound. He was right in front of the Goal. He took a shot and the ball disappeared before their eyes, before they know it the ball was at the back of the net. All eyes widened and the couch gaped dumbly not able to understand what just happened. After his team mates snapped out of shock, they want to congratulate him and patted him on the back.

The opponent were still in shock.

"Don't worry guys, that was just a fluke"

But it happened again, each time, more ridiculously things would happen like the ball developing a mind of its own and getting out of their grasp. It was freaky.

Like his name applied, he was like a Ghost.

The finale whistle blew and it was 24-0 to them. The couch had the widest grin, he had found him, the player that would lead them to victory against their rivals, that they lost to, for the past 4 years.

But how to convince him to be on the team?

Ghost, found all of a sudden he was very popular with the boys and many started to follow him around. Already making him the head boy among his year. All the other years, saw him as a gang leader and avoided him like the plague. The girls were attracted to the bad boy type.

He cringed, dawn of the fan girls.

Unknown to all of them, other students had watched the match and had decided to record the match live on the internet for over 1M to view.

It would only be a matter of time before scouts came to scout him out.


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