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40: Orpheus

"Hunter." Nero Ghost said, looking down at his Chaos power who was busy worshipping his feet. He ignored his titian instincts that was beaming from how Hunter was treating him and demanded more worship to be done on Hunter part.

"Yes, my lord" Hunter answered, looking up with cold and emotionless eyes with a blank face. The boy had perfected appearing emotionless and cold and only showed even a hint of emotion when his eyes landed on his lord and Master who had taken him in even though he didn't have to.

Did Hunter ever wonder what his life was like before he was chosen? Did he ever wonder if he had friends or family that he happened to forgot their names.


Anyone in his situation would have some kind of thoughts running through their mind. For a little while his mind would constantly go over the question of who he really was.

Until he was so deep in training that he simply didn't have time to even have such thoughts, all he did was train until his body cried up no more and refused to move no matter how hard he pushed it and was sure he couldn't even lifting his arms up. He had slept off the pain and waited for his body to repair itself.

He was like a machine.

He had stopped having such silly things such as emotions, feelings and thoughts, within the first year.

All he cared about was his master and only him.

He wanted to make his master proud and perform his duty that had became his purpose in life and help his master bring humanity to its knees.

No one had any idea of the monster Ghost was raising from a little boy who just wanted to play soccer but was too sickly to do it.

Now when Hunter wakes in up in the real world, he wouldn't be surprised if they try to 'snap him out whatever he's under' to get break free the 'real' Taiyou.

He couldn't wait to see the look on their faces when it's revealed that they've been played from the very beginning.

" I'm going to say some words and tell me if it strikes you as familiar" Ghost said and immediately Hunter entire attention was focused of him. This would also help Ghost determine if there was a slight chance that Hunter on a subconscious level was trying to remember who he was.

"Yes, Master" Hunter replied, voice still cold and emotionless.

" Depraved"

Hunter blink, wondering depraved of what?

Ghost took that as I sign to move on.

"Hospital bed"

"I used to be ill " Hunter automatically said.

" Soccer "

Hunter blinked in confusion, wondering why that word came up. He was pretty sure he had nothing to do with that sport and had only seen a soccer ball in this realm. He had only read about the sport in books that his Master had provided him but it was only a touch and go subject for him.

Ghost inwardly narrowed him eyes, interesting, it seems he lost interest in the sport. I wonder if it would come back if he kicks a soccer ball? now for the real tester.


There was a long pause before Hunter answered.

"Its...familiar?" Hunter sounded unsure and Ghost picked that up.

"Then why do you look so unsure?" Ghost asked.

Hunter went thoughtful before answering trying describe the feeling. "I don't know. There's something familiar about that name. I don't know if I heard it from somewhere or if it actual means something"

Ghost looked at his power and saw uncertainty in his eyes. Interesting, I wonder how he would react when he gets a face to the name. Just hearing the name is causing this much confusion in him.

Let's fix that.

" That's about it" Ghost said an Hunter was forced away from his thoughts and Ghost stood up from his throne like chair and Hunter got up from his crouch position and followed behind him into another room.

Hunter watched as the world around him changed with each step.

Ghost suddenly stopped and turned to face Hunter who was looking over where they were with a puzzled expression in his emotionless features.

They were in some kind of stadium, it was very boxed shaped and where they flying!?

He had never read about a football stadium that could fly!

He couldn't help but in be in awe of the technology that must be behind this to make it fly.

Ghost almost cracked a smile at Hunter shocked face as Hunter observed his surrounding with awe and said. "Can you guess where we are?"

Hunter turned thoughtful before saying. "none of the books even mentioned a football stadium that could fly. The world technology is nowhere near as advanced as this. Yet" and Ghost couldn't help but crack a small smile, seeing Hunter had not ruled out all possibilities.

"Were either on another planet or this stadium doesn't belong in this time." and Hunter got a sneaking suspicion that it was the second option no matter how impossible it seemed.

"Correct" Ghost said, with a blank face. "This stadium is known as 'The Ragnarok Stadium' that was built just over a century from now because some children wanted to be acknowledged by the rest of Japan. Not the world. Only Japan. If they want out public, countries like the USA will either kill them or captured them and experiment on them. These children were classed as 'Second-staged' children. I'll tell you about them later. " Hunter absorbed the information like a sponge, not at all surprised that his master could see the future. He had already been hit with the biggest shock of his life finding out his master wasn't human so what if he can see the future?

"But Master, why are you showing me this place?" Hunter asked, staying as polite as possible.

Ghost suddenly locked eye contact with him and said.

"Because this is the place which will greet you in ten years time, when you finally come back to reality"

# Several hours later#

Today was Nero Ghost birthday.

He was fifteen years old, he couldn't believe it's been three years already.

The years had just flown over his head without him even noticing.

Light had decided to pursue his dream in becoming a successful Mangaka and had taken to make his own sports manga and would be moving to Japan to get published before Christmas.

Ryuu on the other hand, went with becoming an engineer that specialised in making computer simulations and programming, making much more money than a kid his age would ever make and had tried to find time for Dahlia when he wasn't working.

Ryuu had also sent him a recorded video, showing the Schiller reaction to finding out they had finally caught Xavier Schiller murderer.

Their faces would forever remain in his mind.

# Flashback#

The whole Alius Acdemey base had gone six feet under and they all had managed to make it out alive.

Astram was in hand cuffs, never had Ghost seen his former life father so relaxed despite his situation.

He stared at what should have been his adopted little brother, Kiyama Hiroto droning 'Genesis' uniform which made him look like an astronaut or something.

They really did look alike and could pass as twins if not for the clearly different eyes and the height difference.

And his sister...

Wow, she certain grown up.

Was she sucking on some lemons of something because she had a stiff face and what was she wearing?

His death must have turned her into a 'no lip woman'.

Everyone was practically staring at the collapsed UFO shaped like building .

He scoffed, he could defiantly build a better base than that, he could even make it fly too.

There was a phone ring in the background.

"Yes daddy, were fine" Said an annoying famine voice in the background.

Endou mamoru looked at the what remained of the base and said "I guess it's over now"

Two Police cars came around and police man came to secure the premises.

"Thanks to you, detective. Both the Gemini storm and the Epsilon kids are both all safe and well" A police man addressed an old looking detective who wore the signature cream coat.

"I'm glad" the man replied before turning to his previous life cuffed father. "Let's get out of here" the man nodded.

Suddenly the phone in his pocket ran and the detective picked it up.

His ear grow as round as base ball's at what he was currently being told from the other end.

"YOUR SERIOUS?! THAT IS FANISTIC NEWS!" It seemed someone had breathed some life into the old detective and he was all smiles.

He noticed everyone was looking at him weirdly.

He coughed before addressing everyone and said the words he never thought he would say in his profession.

"Xavier Schiller murderer has been found" getting shocked looks from all of them at the news.

Before they all burst out in chatter demanding more information on the subject.

" Yes it is THE Xavier Schiller, from less than ten years ago. Apparently someone by the name of 'Crescent Moon' had been investigating the case in secret for several years now and had enough evidence and backing to now issue an arrest" The man grinned, knowing how big of an impact this was making on the Schiller family.

Lina tried to hold back the tears of joy as relief washed over her with never before felt happiness.

Her father had no such restrain and was openly weeping tears of joy, he was thanking who ever 'Crescent Moon' was over and over again. For the first time in a long while, he felt at peace and not revenge driven.

Hiroto on the other hand couldn't help but smile hearing about the boy who would have been his big brother and was sure the boy was in a better place.

Everyone just look upon the family with smiles, knowing how much this meant to them and even he had to crush the feeling of warmth that spread and killed the smile before it had a chance to bloom.

But the detective wasn't done and said "Crescent moon left a message to your family that said ' I may not know your family personally but I'm good at grudging people and could tell you were suffering so when I found out I could help relieve you of that stress. I was more than happy to help your family out, sorry it took so long"

Getting smiles from the family.

"I also happen to meet the late Xavier Schiller before he died" everyone listened with rapid attention. "I asked him, what would he do if he were to die. Of course he looked at me oddly but to my surprise he answered and said. ' First I would find a way to my father, to stop crying and finally get a woman in your life. How long are you going to stay single?. I want a kaa-san' Astram chuckled at that, it so like his son. 'For my sister I would make sure she doesn't turn into a sour puss because of my death and actual try and hook her up with someone that will bring her happiness even though I won't be there. She might even adopt a kid if she wants. I've always wanted to have a little sibling and I would pass on the gift of soccer to them so don't be depressed like I know you would and live your life to the fullest. If it does turn out, I get a younger sibling and I find out he didn't take care of the my family, I would come back from the grave and personally kick his ass.' Hiroto sweat-dropped at that. 'I know I'll probably be playing soccer in heaven with some old guy while some cats are cheerleading in the background" and all three of them laughed, feeling a heavy burden lifted off their shoulders and Lina suddenly looked years younger and she wasn't the only one to look much younger.

The mood was ruined when they all remembered Astram was going to jail and was prompted into a police car.

"Wait" Astram turned to see his other son, looking at him with sincere eyes.

"I'll always be waiting for you!"

Ghost fast forward and saw, Lina thank the Inazuma eleven for their hard work. The rest of Genesis were told to leave and Coach Hillman taking back the coach position but this time, his sister no longer looked like she was sucking on lemons and that was enough for him.

He couldn't help but smile a bit.

#End of Flashback#

Now all he had to worry about was what to do when his glasses came off.

He wasn't delusional, he know they would come off eventually and he would have to face the music and he would have to be the coldest son of bitch who had ever lived to people he regarded as family knowing that it would come off as suspicious if he treated complete strangers that he only just met any were close to how he treats his family, add to the fact, he hasn't really changed that much in appearance from his past life.

It like screaming 'HEY I'M YOUR DEAD BROTHER FROM TEN YEARS AGO!' he didn't care if he could claim he had no memory of his past life.

They would have been certain that he was who he really was and all hell would break loose with him getting punishment from above, no doubt 'Nero Ghost' being erased from existence and no place to call home.

He would never let that happen.

He was willing to kill his own heart no matter how much emotional backlash there was.

From this point forward, he had never heard of anyone with the name Schiller.

He didn't even know what a Schiller was.

He didn't care for the word.

If he even locked eyes with anyone even related to the name, he would treat it like everything else without even batting an eyelash.

Anything to keep them from discovering the truth, sure it would be hard at first with them just glancing at him and immediately thinking the word 'Xavier' would have to act as far as possible from the boy he once was.

After all in this life, it was Nero Ghost life not Xavier Schiller.


Suddenly a small chubby hand was in his face and he blinked back to reality and Sky looking slightly annoyed but also worry in his expression and seeing this, he smiled to reassure his baby bro that he was fine.

Sky had been sent to call his brother down stairs only to find his brother reduced to skin and bones, warmed up in a bed covers, eyes looking like he hadn't slept in days while shivering with a glazed looks.

Sky sweat dropped, who know being depraved of tomato would turn out like this.

When his Nii-san finally returned home, their Kaa-san and promptly dumped, banning him from using the family limo whenever he went out, forcing him to walk and mingle with the crowd and if that wasn't bad enough she told him he did not even have the luxury of even wearing a hoodie to hid his identity.

Then the most devastating blow came.

She banned him for one of his few pleasures in life.

She had banned him from eating Tomatoes.

For two weeks.

He had never seen his brother so devastated and no matter how much he wanted to sympathise with his brother.

He just couldn't and ended up rolling around on the floor for several hours.

Since that day, his mother had made sure his Nii-san never saw any part that belonged to a tomato and instructed that the cooks should stop giving him anything that even resembled a tomato.

His brother tried every tactic know in his arsenal and yet their mother foiled him at every turn and he had watched his brother wither away day by day into what he is now.

Poor Nii-san.

Sky eyed him sceptically. "You need to come down or you'll miss breakfast. I'm hungry! and I want to see your presents!" and he couldn't help but chuckle at his baby brother honesty.

"Okay, I'll be right there" He said and took one step out of bed.

He collapsed and didn't have the strength to get up.

"Nii-san?" Sky asked, wondering what his brother was doing on the floor.

"sorry, little duckling. My legs don't work today, they run on tomato juice" and Sky rolled his eyes before asking. "Do you need some help?"

He looked up and blinked innocently. "Maybe, you could carry me. It is my birthday"

Sky rolled his eyes and huffed " Nii-san sometimes, I forget who the old one of us is" but didn't protest to lifting him off, Nero immediately latched on his arms and Sky kept on walking despite the extra weight.

"Nii-san, your smirking aren't you" Sky said, he could literally feel his brother smirk burning a hole in him.

"no, of course not. I'm offended you even suggest that!" Nero said, in a mock tone. Enjoying teasing his baby brother while Sky turn his head and quickly wiped the expression off his face.

This was the scene their parents saw when they came into view.

Sky was carrying Nero.

They stared before shrugging it off.

" Good morning!" Their mother chirped, happy to see her older son looking so depraved.

Nero didn't have the strength to glare at her. Sky sat him in his usual chair.

"There's my son, today your finally on your way to becoming a man" His father said with pride and he resisted the urge to snort, he certainly didn't feel like a man right now.

He felt like crawling back into bed and not waking up ever again.

Suddenly something was placed in front of him and he looked down.

His eyes widened.


All the males looked at the female in the house with shock who shrugged and said "It's your birthday so I'll let you have these just for today" she said with a stern tone in her voice and Nero quickly picked up a folk in case she happen to change her mind.

He pierced his first tomato in what seemed like years and almost broke down crying in happiness when the familiar juice came out.

He ate that tomato and literal melted in his chair at the familiar goodness of it all while his parents and brother were looking at his reaction extremely amused while they eat their breakfast for the day.

When they did finish, Alfred came around the corner carrying a special small box of some kind and stopped in front of them, his father asked. "Alfred, what's in the box?"

Alfred replied. "Master Ghost, I was told to hand it over to your first son from his manager, said it was something to do with business" Nero perked up.

"Alfred put it on the table and then you are dismissed" Cesso ordered and the man nodded and put it on the table in front of Nero who was eyeing the box curiously before walking away to do who knows where.

"Well are you going to open it?" His mother said, sounding impatient, she was never that patient when it was something she was interested in.

He quickly nodded, knowing he didn't want to get his mother bad side and lifted the lid.

They all peered inside.

It was a three rings with a latter attached to it.

One had a silver skull on it with green eyes that seemed to memorise you if you looked at it too long.

The seconded one was just purely old engravings which he couldn't translate and the last one was another skull rings except for it seemed the head was sliced in half and the mouth was closed.

They could feel the power rolling of them.

He took the letter and began to read it.

Dear Nero.

I thought it was time to give you these, with these on you'll be officially recognised as the next ruler of hell and would be second in command until I retire, meaning you have power to make sure 'our' subjects don't step out of line.

Have fun.

Your faithfully.

The Current King of Hell.


He blinked before he want to try each and every one of them one on, he had never felt so in touch with the spiritual world as he was right then.

It was like he was looking at the world in a whole new light.

Suddenly there was a clank noise and he sure all three rings adjust to his size.

"Cool!" Sky exclaimed, looking at the rings his brother got with envy.

Why couldn't he get cool rings like that?

It just wasn't fair.

Their seeing this said, leaned in and whispered. "Let your brother enjoy his day. Well get you rings like that for Christmas" making the toddler light up like a Christmas tree.

"Really?" Sky asked while the other two sweat dropped, thinking about how spoilt Sky would end up in the future if nothing is done about it.

"Why don't we move on to the real presents" Their father suggested to stop it from getting awkward.

They all nodded and was led to the room which also housed their Christmas presents, once a year.

He didn't both to hid his excitement when he saw the punching bag and boxing gloves, his parents always know what he needed and couldn't wait to put his stored up power to use for once.

Their parents chuckled at their son expression as he went over and went to punch the punching bag and was satisfied with the loud smack that was heard when his fist made contact and didn't explode because he used all his strength including his Titian one.

He was going to have fun with this.

It was then he looked and saw a black leather jacket of really good quality that had the Italian name for 'Ghost' printed on the back. He felt powerful as he wore it and add the new shades he got.

Dam, it just felt right.

He looked again and saw a small envelope with an invitation to go sky diving and with a couple of hundred Euros in their too.

The final was the a whole album with his favourite rock band of all time.

The 'Bone Crushers' with two backstage passes.

"Well?" His mother said, seeing as he had finished looking at them all.

He grinned, his parents know him so well as he ignored the ones that were not from family. He went to hug both of them and said "You know me so well"

His father chuckled. "Well we wouldn't be good parents if we didn't take note of what our son likes" getting a grin from his son while Sky was currently trying out new gal, his Nii-san got which made him look like Elvis much to their amusement.

"And there's more" Their mother said and interest shown in his eyes.

"How would you like to test the latest weapon?" His father said and excitement intensified in his eyes because had seen the new weapon which was a special designed bazooka.

"Really? and I get to use it on humans?" He asked, hopefully while his father laughed. "Why of course"

"Hold it" and they all looked at the only female of the house who had her hands on her hips. "I will not allow you to be blow up humans in this house or even near it. Eating them is fine. Blow them up is a big no" and all the males pouted at her. "So if you're going to do it. Do it somewhere away from the house"

"Yes mother/Kaa-san/honey" was heard from the three.

The woman of the house had spoken as Fia trotted off.

When she was gone, Cesso had a look that said he had just found the perfect spot to try it out and wouldn't get caught.

Both boys eyed their father with interest.

"Follow me" Their father said with an evil smirk and they shrugged before following him to the family limo which he was banned from and drove to a huge maze in the middle of nowhere.

They were dropped off and wondered why they were just standing in one spot when.

"Wait for it" Cesso said, throwing the bazooka to his son who could barely contain his glee.

A human appeared from the far, it was a male who looked like he had been running for hours.

Bazooka and Nero Ghost were a dangerous combination.

The man didn't know what was happening until it was too late.

Nero fired and was startled by the forced and was sent a couple of centimetres back.

Instead of a missile, what came out was a blue and white beam and it went straight through the human centre killing him instantly.

"That's my boy!" Cesso shouted, with pride as Nero puffed up his chest at the praise.

"Nii-san, can I try?" Sky said, wanting to get in on the action to.

Nero smirked and passed it to the happy Sky who quickly looked confused as he was picked up.

"The impact is quite strong, so I'm helping you so you don't get sent flying" Nero said and Sky gave his big brother a look of thanks.

"Now you boys go and go hunt humans!" Their father exclaimed and they didn't have to be told twice because they were off like a rocket, looking for humans to blast apart.

In total there twenty-five humans and they were looking proud of themselves considering what they just did.

"Good work, you two. You make a great team" Their father praised and both the two brothers high fived each other on doing such an amazing job.

Cesso looked at his two sons, proud that he had raised such fine warriors and couldn't have asked for better children.

"Now let's go before were subjected to your mother wrath" He said, he was not joking, if they stayed out here any longer there were in a world of hurt when they get back.

Both boys nodded and Cesso called their limo driver to pick them up.

It did thirty minutes later.

"Um, father what about this" Nero pointed out the pieces of what used to be living humans.

His father dismissed his worries and said. "How do you think we haven't been found out yet? Don't worry, I'll call some friends to clean this up and nobody would even know those people existed by tomorrow"

He nodded not asking anymore question and got in to meet Sky playing a video game inside.

He smiled and shut the door behind him and noticed a letter hiding under his chair and took it out.

To Nero Ghost.

It had the Football Frontier International logo on it.

His cold heart beat sped up.

Should he open it now or wait later?

He decided to wait later because he waited three years for this moment.

Why rush it?

He had somehow survived the whole trip back home and as soon as the door opened, he practically ran into the house leaving his mother to pounce on his poor father about using the family limo when he was banned or something like that.

He didn't quite hear them over the sound of his own heart beat as he looked at the later that had been one of the reasons he had chosen to be reborn in the first place and not go to Haven straight away.

He ripped open the latter and could practically hear dramatic music in the background as his eyes landed on the first word.

Dear Mr Ghost.

We would like to inform you that you have been chosen to have a place in Italy repressive team, Orpheus in the Football frontier International. You and fifteen others have been chosen to represent Italy in the world cup and have a shot at bring home the title as number one in the world. If you chose to accept this offer come to San Siro stadium on the 28th of October to meet your future team mates.

Your sincerely.


Coach of Orpheus.

Ghost blinked.

He throw his head back and cackled for two whole hours.



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