In the middle of the room, upon their thrones, sat three brothers. One with hair as yellow as corn, the others with hair as black as night. All had eyes as red as blood and skin as pale as death.

A young woman stood just in front of them, a note clutched between her shaking fingers. She stood frozen with fear as the brothers debated something between themselves. And then the blonde one, with the briefest click of his fingers had several others that had previously been scattered at the edges of the room, drag the young woman out of the room, her screams following their every move. The note she previously held floated softly to the floor.

The brother seated in the middle then stood up and roared "SOMEONE FETCH ME IZABEL! NOW!"


Moments later, a petite dark haired woman appeared in the doorway to what had been dubbed 'the throne room'. Her own personal guard floating into the room seconds later.

"You roared, sir?" She sneered

The only answer she received was to have a piece of paper thrust under her nose. Snatching it, the girl read over the lines scribbled across the page

'From the rumours we have heard, it is to be believed that Niklaus Mikaelson is soon going to be making his way to Mystic Falls. He knows about the doppelgänger and it seems that he has figured out a way to break his curse. –Charles and McKenna.'

"No, no, no, no! This cannot be happening. YOU cannot let this happen!" She had started towards the brothers but was suddenly met with Jackson's broad chest.

"I'm not going to attack them. Now move; I need to speak to the brothers." She growled through her fangs. Jackson did as he was told and moved but only so he was now behind her instead of directly in front.

"Now, Izabel. If you are quiet finished, I didn't just call you here to tell you that" He gestured towards the note that Izabel was still holding. "We have a proposition to make you."

At this point, the blonde brother took over "As Aro was saying; we want you to go to Mystic Falls. You are the only one that can stop Niklaus and save the Doppelgänger, Elena Gilbert. Niklaus cannot break his curse; you know how important that is. And if you do this for us, we will free you from your service; once and for all."

"I'll need some help. I need my sister."

"Ahh, Katerina. Our people say she is already there, being held in one of the tombs by Elijah's compulsion."

"I leave in two days." With that, Izabel spun on her heel and went back the way she came. Only the sound of her heels on the stone floor was the evidence that she had ever been there.

"Do be careful, Izabel" called the third brother, an underlying sadness coating every word.


Moving through the castle halls, Izabel silently seethed. Two of her three personal guards followed dutifully, carrying all her belongings. One hundred years she had been confined to these same walls, looking at the same vampires; she knew she should have been relieved to finally be free, and she was but her anger was far more powerful, far more overwhelming. Izabel could not believe that the brother's; she refused to acknowledge them as individuals after all that they had put her through; could have let Niklaus get this close to achieving his goal. They knew the implications of what would happen and yet they continued this farce that was their leadership over the Vampire communities. HA, Vampires! Their race could hardly be classified as Vampires. They sparkled; they had no fangs and could not be killed by a stake to the heart. They were an unfortunate by-product of a spell gone horribly, terribly wrong. They were a virus, a disease.

Izabel was also angry that she would have to step foot in Mystic Falls once again. She had vowed to Katerina and to herself that they would not go back there. Ever. But then Katerina goes and gets herself trapped and she herself gets sent there to gain her freedom once again. Not only that but one of their stipulations for that very freedom was that the three morons that were her guard had to go with her to Mystic Falls to ensure that Izabel did as instructed. How was she supposed to maintain cover with three giants following her every move like lost puppies?

God, she could not wait to finally be able to end Klaus once and for all. Maybe when she was finished, she'd come back and finish these imbecils.



Silently groaning, Izabel came to a halt and spun around. "What is it Aro? I have a plane to catch, remember?"

"Yes, yes I remember. Do not be so impatient child. I will not take up more than a few moments of your time. I just wanted to give you this; you will need funds to be able to buy everything that you and your companions will need for the duration of your stay. So I took the liberty of setting up an account for you all to use. After all this is our mission you will be carrying out. There are also birth certificates, passports, any identification documents you may need. I know you had a plan for to take care of all that yourself, but for our own… peace of mind shall we say, we all thought it a necessary precaution. You understand I hope, my dear?"

"Oh I understand perfectly Aro. I hope you understand that once I have carried out your mission that I will be destroying all ties I have to you. Anything I use for the mission will not last much past that. That includes my companions unless you summon them back here immediately after the mission is complete. If I get even a whiff that they're still with me, there will be hell to pay." Izabel hissed all the while wearing the sweetest smile she could muster.

"Of course, my dear. Now away with you. You do have a plane to catch, after all." Aro chimed, placing a kiss to the back of Izabel's hand.

Izabel shuddered and walked away.