It was now two weeks into summer after an interesting year at Hogwarts School of Witchcraft and Wizardry. Usagi Tsukino was currently laying on her bed in her room back in Japan working on homework. Downstairs, the outer senshi, Haruka, Michiru and Setsuna were all still trying to find a way to break the newly found twin brother of Usagi, Draco, from the influence of the Death Eater, Lucius Malfoy. They had to find a way to go about it legally that would be recognized by the British Ministry of Magic.

"Usagi!" Michiru's voice floated up the stairs. "Can you come down here please?"

"Coming!" Usagi rolled off the bed and headed on downstairs

"We may finally have an answer." Said Setsuna.

"Really? What is it? I'm anxious to know." Usagi exclaimed.

"A blood test. Lucius is in prison. So it is the best time to do so." The elder senshi said before further explaining the reasoning behind its usage as well as where they would go to get it done. "Draco's mother would be more willing to do so now. We just need to get in touch with her."

"I will owl Draco right away." Usagi went back upstairs with a smile on her face. Once upstairs in her room, she immediately grabbed a quill and parchment to write her letter to Draco.

Dear Draco,

Good news! Setsuna has finally found what's likely the key to pull you out of the clutches of your new father and Lord Voldemort. A blood test. If it goes the way she thinks it should, it'll prove you're actually a Tsukino and not a Malfoy. The sooner we get this done, the better. Write back soon or have your mother write Setsuna.

Love, Serenity.

P.S. I've added a bunny next to my name in case Lady Malfoy should happen to read this. I trust you will explain that connection.

After stamping the letter and addressing it, Usagi rolled it up and tied it to the leg of her snowy owl, Moonlight, that Michiru had bought her. She then watched the bird take off out her window to deliver it. She knew she would be anxious until either she heard back from Draco or Setsuna heard from Narcissa. Though she would actually prefer to hear back from Draco. As anxious as she was, she knew just sitting out at the window and watching out for Moonlight's return wouldn't cause the owl to return any faster. So she decided to work on one of her essays to help pass the time. It wasn't until she was finishing up her Charms essay three hours later that the soft hoots of Moonlight caught her attention. She smiled softly as the bird landed in her window with an answer tied to its leg. She gave the owl a treat before taking the letter and unrolling it to see Draco's writing.


First of all, that's perfect. Second, Mum says she likes you even more for finding a way to keep me from the Death Eaters and in good timing too. I was expected to take the mark in a month so the quicker we get this done, the better. Though I am concerned about Mum as well. While being proven as a member of the Tsukino line would free me from being marked as a Death Eater, she would be in danger for allowing it to happen. Finding her a safe place can be something we can discuss maybe with her and Setsuna included when we meet up. Just let me know what day you and Setsuna want to meet us and a time and we can maybe meet at the Leaky Cauldron and go to Gringotts from there.

In other news, now that I know your late ex Mamoru was actually Prince Endymion, I'm even more concerned about you. How are you holding up now that you're back in Japan? I hope it hasn't been too painful still. You know I'm here if you want to talk about that or anything else. But I understand if you prefer to talk with the girls instead.

Signed, Draco

Usagi smiled softly. She understood perfectly well Draco's concern for Narcissa's safety. She'd been just as concerned every time she went into a battle as Sailor Moon. Especially against the Dark Kingdom after they'd found out Tuxedo Mask's true identity as Mamoru Chiba and where he lived. After all, she had transformed in enemy territory that very day and she couldn't exactly be sure she hadn't been seen. If they found him so easy, it would've been easy for them to find her family as well. Then there were the times when her family had been caught by enemies as time went on. Though in her case of worrying so much about fatal harm coming to her adopted family due to the enemies she fought, it was ironic that it was a car accident that took their lives instead. That was interesting in itself considering that Mamoru had lost his new family as a child to a car crash as well.

She set her books aside and headed to find Setsuna to let her know what Draco said so she could see about an answer to send him. She first checked back downstairs to see if Setsuna was still with Michiru and Haruka. But she found Michiru and Haruka in the living room without Setsuna, the two women playing instruments. Haruka was playing the piano while Michiru was playing the violin. The teen blonde watched them quietly, not wanting to interrupt their practice. At one point, Haruka glanced over her shoulder at Usagi and smiled gently in her playful flirting way without ceasing to play. Upon seeing Usagi blush in response, she smirked and turned back to the piano.

As soon as Haruka turned back to the piano, Usagi quietly scurried off to look for Setsuna again. Eventually she found the timekeeper in her room.

"Setuna?" Usagi softly called out.

Setsuna looked to her with a smile. "I take it that you heard from Draco?"

"I did. He said that he and Mrs. Malfoy were all for the arrangement. They just need a date and time that we want to meet them at the leaky cauldron. Draco's also concerned about Mrs Malfoy's safety. Being that Draco is supposed to be marked as a death eater bby the dark lord next month. Once this test proves him as a Tsukino, it would save him from the mark but put her in danger for allowing us to claim him. I doubt she's marked as one. Surely we can find a way to protect her, right?"

"I'm sure we can come up with some sort of arrangement to ensure her safety. As for when to meet, we can do tomorrow if they can make it. Otherwise the next day is fine. Around ten in the morning, provided you don't try to sleep in, Princess." She teased playfully.

Usagi blushed embarrassedly. "I can be up in time. It's my brother we're talking about. Let me go send a reply."

"Go see Luna after you do that. I believe she's got something for you to give Draco on her behalf when we meet up with him."

Usagi nodded and headed back to her own room to reply to Draco. In her reply, she told him of the determined time and dates for their meeting at the Leaky Cauldron. She held off mentioning that Luna was gonna send him something so that he wouldn't try to get her to tell him what it is. After sending Moonlight off again with her reply, she grabbed up her school books to work on her next assignment.