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Grimmjow is laying in his bed as a deep rumbling purr emanates from his chest. "Oh yeah...sh-shit Ichi..so good" he says as his hands slide through the mess of orange locks. The moist heat wrapped around his cock was fantastic. His cornflower blue eyes sliding shut as he licks his lips.

Ichigo lifts his chocolate colored eyes to look at the espada. He smirks around the hard length in his mouth as the tip of his tongue dips teasingly into the slit to taste the precum collecting there. His left hand running up the hard plains of Grimmjow's abs. Lifting off of the most delicious cock he has ever tasted he smirks as those cornflower blue eyes open to look at him.

"Damn why did you stop Ichi?" Grimmjow husks seductively

"Cause there is so much more that we need to do Grimm." Ichigo replies as he slowly crawls up his body placing open mouth kisses as he goes. Stopping at his nipples to lick and lave at them. Hearing Grimmjow moan in approval. "F-Fuck Ichi, keep going, I love it when you act like this..." Grimmjow pleads. Feeling Ichigo move his mouth over his collar bone and biting lightly.

"You taste so good Grimm." Ichigo murmurs against his skin, his lips moving slowly up his neck as his tongue licks at the sensitive skin below his ear. Nipping at the soft flesh of his ear lops as his legs move to straddle his waist."Take me Grimm" he whispers in his ear as he grinds his tight ass against Grimmjow's painfully hard length.

Grimmjow growls as he grips Ichigo's waist with his hands, his nails digging into the sensitive flesh. "Your damn right Ichi, I am gonna pound that tight ass real good" he says as he flips their position. His eyes boring into his. One hand trailing down Ichigo's body stopping briefly to rub his lower abdomen. As his other teases his entrance.

"Damnit Grimm! S-Stop teasing me!" Ichigo exclaims. One blue eyebrow arches "So my Berry wants it rough this time does he?" Grimmjow asks before aligning his hard length with his entrance before sheathing it all at once. Ichigo moans in pleasurable pain. "F-Fuck Grimm!" Ichigo manages to say before moving to get Grimmjow deeper.

Grimmjow can't help but to pull out and slam back into the tight velvety heat. "So damn tight..why is ti no matter how many times I fuck you..your still so damn tight?!" Pulling out and slamming back in again. Ichigo moans out while biting his lower lips as his eyes roll to the back of his head. Grimmjow can't help but moan as he lifts the toned and tan legs to wrap around his waist.

Ichigo's heart beating a thousand miles a second as he moves his hips to meet each and everyone of the thrusts, feeling the tip of Grimmjow's cock hit his prostate sending an electric jolt through his body. His back arching so beautifully as his skin feel likes its on fire. "M-MORE...H-HARDER GRIMM S-SHIT! M-MORE!" He screams. Hearing those sweet words from his lover Grimmjow can't help but comply. Pulling out til just the tip of his cock remains slamming back home constantly slamming Ichigo's prostate. "Yeah Berry that's it take this monster cock..such a dirty little slut" Grimmjow says in a gravelly voice, feeling the coil in the pit of his stomach tighten with each thrust.

Ichigo can't hold back anymore feeling his peak starting to build more and more, his hand moving to stroke his own cock with the rhythm of Grimmjow's powerful thrusts moaning. "Grimm I-I'm so close...so very very close" he manages to get out. Grimmjow grunts in agreement as he starts rockign into faster continuing to slam into Ichigo's sweet spot over and over again.

"AHHHH F-FUCK GRIMMJOW!" Ichigo screams out as he spills the sticky warm fluid over his hand and stomach. Grimmjow manages a few more thrusts before his body locks up and spills himself inside his lover, before collapsing on top of him.

They both lay there waiting to catch their breaths and for their hearts to slow, before Grimmjow pulls out of Ichigo slowly to lay beside him. Chuckling "your going to hate me later Berry". "I know you bastard, but it was so worth the pain I'm going to be in" Ichigo replies before letting sleep claim him.

Grimmjow wakes sitting straight up in his bed, finding it empty. "Damn, another fucking dream" he thinks to himself. Running a hand through his unruly blue locks and down his face. He gets up and trudges to the bathroom to clean himself. Looking in the mirror he cant help but smile to himself. "I'm gonna go get that Berry and fuck him senseless and make him mine". He goes back to his bed and closes his eyes as his mind comes up with a plan to get his Berry in his bed.


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