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Grimmjow lay there running his fingers through the umber spikes as his eyes take in the face of his sleeping lover? Pet? Toy?. He really didn't care about those weaklings in the real world, but he knew Ichigo loved those people. A part of him could not keep him from those that he loved, so he carefully removed himself from the bed and dressed.

Feeling slight movement Ichigo slowly cracked his eyes open and watched Grimmjow dress. "mmm...Grimm?" he moaned out sleepily. Grimmjow spun hearing the little berry head wake up and smiled. "C'mon Ichi lets get you back home ne?" he asks. Ichigo shakes his head and pulls Grimmjow's pillow to his chest and buries his face in it.

"M' to tired" he mutters softly. Grimmjow letting out a bark of laughter before he wrestles Ichigo's clothes onto the sleeping shinigami. After getting Ichigo dressed he flicks his wrist and walks through the garganta. Ichigo mumbles in his sleep as a bit of drool pools onto Grimmjow's chest. The espada cringing a little.

Meanwhile in Ichigo's inner world

"What the hell King?!" Hichigo rages as a punch lands firmly on his jaw by an angry Ichigo.

"STOP STEALING MY LINES ASSHOLE?!" Ichigo fumes as he starts pacing back and forth on the sideways building. "How in the hell can I have any kind of feelings for that blue haired,overgrown cat!" he seethes. "King, it's not like you have found anyone else that you find attractive...hell that big tittied woman that is always throwin er'self at cha, doesn't even get ya hard." the hollow tries to soothe his distraught king.

Despite the hell that he puts his king in, he really does love him. Like a brother almost. He pushes his king to make him stronger. Hell he is happy being a horse and he wants his king as strong as he can make him.

Ichigo turns and looks at the hollow. His chocolate eyes staring at the calm hollow as the words that he said sinks in. He blinks a few times as the truth hits him hard. "Well shit...you're right." he mutters hating to admit that the other half of his soul is right.

"Well what the hell do I do then?" he asks quietly

Hichigo grins "Well Kingy...here is one thing that ya can do….."

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