hello my follow ff readers

sorry I know its really annoying when a story has a stand alone authors note but this is important, well ive been lacking lately in the brain idea department for this story and tried another approach to it on a another fan fiction website and its been really popular so im putting it to you fellow ff, if I turn this story into a dean x reader story

whats a reader story you ask?

well what it is I remove all traits of the main oc character and you have the option of putting in your physical descriptions like your name hair colour fav foods colours tv programs movies etc, so its a story that will relate to any reader reading it, I mean who wouldn't want to have a fantasy life with the sexy hot Dean Winchester

so would you like me to change it?

what are your thoughts?

it will still be a cross over with twilight only cos I have a few chappies coming up that bash the SHIT out of Edward what can I say hes a dick, was team Edward but after Eric Northman NOT NO MORE :)

I still have in mind the ending of this of where it all ends up and makes sense but I want to include a more personal touch, and reader stories are good at that (ive read quite a few lately lol) that and I keep having ideas for other stories as well so it does get a bit much

but this is not the end for be careful what you wish for so let us know what you think

saiyan angel blue