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Two years had passed since Natsu joined Grimoire Heart, he became feared by many and he quickly became the infamous 'Yellow Flash' due to his ability to disappear and reappear in yellow flashes, either way it was quite a fitting nickname for someone with his magic.

Not many people knew about his Dragon Slayer Magic and people who did didn't live to tell the tale about it, of course Grimoire Heart knew about it..however thier time was running out sooner then they thought..

"Natsu..prepare for your next assignment." spoke a commanding voice towards the pink haired mage who simply nodded as he walked out of the chambers only to meet with a certain teasing time mage.

"Natsu-kun~~ where are you going? You just got back~" said Ultear as she pouted while hugging Natsu from the back who sighed at her shameless teasing.

"Ultear..*sigh* how many times have i told you to stop doing that." replied Natsu pokerfacing

"eh~ but you like it fufufu dont deny it Na-ts-u-kun~" said Ultear as she bit Natsu's ear seductively who simply blushed but managed to supress his hormones as he brushed Ultear off him.

"I dont have time for this Ultear, i got a job to do." said Natsu before he walked towards the exit however before he could Ultear followed along "eh if that's the case why don't we go together~ it has been a while since it was the two of us" smiled Ultear while Natsu shrugged.

"very well, hold on." said Natsu

"gladly" replied Ultear as she held on to Natsu...a bit more tightly then he wanted her to and with that they disappeared in a yellow flash.


"This is the last time that guild causes more problems for us! We must eliminate them once and for all!" said Grandoma as he addressed the rest of the council.

"easier said then done though, after all they disappear each time we make a move." spoke another council member rubbing his temple in frustration.

"indeed, and another problem is the Yellow flash himself, after all he did kill one of the Wizard Saints." added another feminine voice smirking sexilly.

"Brandish! It is forbidden to speak of that incident!" yelled another council member furious

"oh please hiding it from the public just to save your own skin from humiliation will do more harm then good." replied the woman smirking yet again.

"i agree" said another feminine voice as she agreed with the woman.

"Enough!" commanded Gran Doma stopping both members from thier arguement "While it is true he killed one of the saints we must also look at the fact that Jose was corrupted as well, The Yellow Flash did us a favour in stopping him rather." reasoned Gran Doma calmly

"eirher way he is a dark mage that should be stopped at once!" added Org as the dispute went on yet again.

"hmph...soon Natsu-kun..soon" thought Brandish as she smirked sexilly while licking her lips while the same thoughts ran through another certain female council member.

*Scene change*

"Ultear..get off me." asked Natsu sighing as Ultear rode on Natsu's back in a piggyback ride.

"but my leg is injured Natsu-kun~ do you really want to leave me all alone here without being able to walk..?" replied Ultear pouting as she cried fake tears sending Natsu in a streak of panic "ahh no no calm down please" Natsu stopped when Ultear suddenly giggled causing him to gain a tick mark before he sighed yet again.

"you are gonna be the end of me!" sighed Natsu as Ultear moaned causing him to raise his eyebrow before he noticed where his hands were.

"ohh~ Natsu-kun, I didn't know you were so bold~" moaned Ultear as she felt Natsu's hands grip her butt tightly.

"w-what!?..look here woman you forced me." replied Natsu annoyed as he gripped her harder unconsciously before realising as he flushed lightly hearing her moans.

"oooh Natsu-kun~~ keep doing that ❤~" moaned Ultear before Natsu decided this was getting out of hand and with that he dropped Ultear who could only kya herself before landing on her butt.

"owww~ your so mean Natsu-kun~" pouted Ultear as she rubbed her butt while getting up as Natsu pokerfaced at her.

However before they could 'interact' any further they were suddenly interrupted by a large explosion in the town they were close at.

"seems that's our mission." said Natsu calmly as he looked at the destruction of the town. "oh yeah i never asked what we had to do in this mission hehe~" replied Ultear sheepishly causing Natsu to sweatdrop.

"we are here to recruit another member into the guild...He is similiar to me..but a little different." replied Natsu answering Ultear.

"a little different? How so?"

"why dont you ask him yourself." replied Natsu as a figure emerged in front of them.

"eh? Im surprised you could sense me...ah well guess ill kill you as well~" laughed the figure as dark flames surrounded him.

"settle down Zancrow. We are not here to fight...rather to offer you a proposal." said Natsu calmly as Zancrow raised an eyebrow "a proposal? And what exactly would you offer me pinky?"

Eye twitching at his nickname for him "Join our guild." said Natsu simply.

"...are you serious? Just like that? Like he would accept so easily" thought Ultear sweatdropping as Zancrow laughed "very well." with that answer Ultear could only be shocked 'that actually worked!? What the hell!?"

"however. First prove to me if this guild of yours is actually strong..after all i dont wanna be in a guild which is weaker then me" grinned Zancrow as his flames raged

"i knew it! Ha!" blurted out Ultear knowing it wouldn't be so easy while surprising both of them before she flushed "ahh nevermind continue continue please aha.." sweatdropping Natsu and Zancrow stood face to face ready to duke it out.

"very well. As you wish." replied Natsu before disappearing in a yellow flash as a torrent of flames went through "aha! This is going to be fun after all!" yelled Zancrow manically while Ultear sighed before disappearing into a more safer loaction to watch the fight.

"and here i was so close to making Natsu-kun mine~ ah such luck." sighed Ultear as she sulked while watching the flickering yellow flashes that disappeared and reappeared along with the black flames that engulfed the entire ground.

"Fire God Slayer's Bellow!" roares Zancrow as another torrent of black flames went towards Natsu who yet again disappeared in a yellow flash "oi oi dont tell me you are gonna keep running away." said Zancrow getting annoyed.

"who said I was running away?.." replied Natsu appearing behind Zancrow a kunai at his neck while Zancrow could only look in shock.

"how did y-"

"how did I get behind you? Well its simple really my technique allows me to teleport anywhere i plant a seal...and if you haven't noticed this whole area is covered in seals now." explained Natsu smirking proudly.

"s-so you made me think you were running but...you were planting those seals in reality.." figured Zancrow astonished before smirking.

"it seems i underestimated you.."

"Natsu...Natsu Dragneel." said Natsu closing his eyes as he let go of Zancrow.

"Dragneel eh? Very well...I will join your guild..but don't think you have won yet..heh next time it wont be so easy.." said Zancrow smirking while Natsu only nodded sighing.

"if this guy is this strong then the other members will be only stronger! Hehe...finally a worthy guild." thought Zancrow smirking.

"ah that was quite quick..as expected of you Natsu-kun~" said Ultear appearing out of nowhere jumping on Natsu yet again while he sighed..yet again while Zancrow could only sweatdrop at the 'interaction'


In a rather isolated island in the middle of the ocean aka as you could guess 'Tenrou Island'.

"Zeref! How long are you gonna stop me from killing that brat!" growled a man looking like a ssj 3 character but only with gray hair and some black tattoes with a blue outline on his left arm.

"not yet Acnologia...not yet." replied the woman calmly as she closed her crimson eyes, she had long black hair that waved beautifully and wore a black cloak (same as canon) but she had her cloak open which showed her cleavage and that however was covered with bandages (like Erza does in that 'armour' of hers with those twin swords and that those red trousers with flames on the bottom)

"grrr that bastard Flash Dragon kept me from killing that brat.." remembering his attack on Natsu's village where the Dragon arrived.

"he is an ancient Dragon just like you..your fight would've killed Natsu as well" replied Zeref calmly.

"tch...why do you care so much about that brat anyway." asked Acnologia uninterested yet curious.

"doesn't matter" replied Zered hiding her blush which luckily Acnologia didnt see.

"tch whatever I still cant believe they got away." muttered Acnologia annoyed

"oh? Are you that angry that someone escaped you?" amused Zeref raised an eyebrow while Acnologia growled yet again "I could've taken that Dragon head on if it wasnt for you teleporting me in thia accursed island!"

"hai hai whatever you say.." replied Zeref as she sighed

"that brat has gotten lucky countless times! If it wasnt for you he would be dead!" replied Acnologia pissed

"like I said...now isn't the time.." said Zeref while Acnologia grunted

"after all...my cute little brother has yet to unlock his full potential.." thought Zeref smiling warmly as she blushed.

*Scene change*

"Meanwhile we see our heroes journeying to the mysterious island!~" said Zancrow playfully

"oh for god sake Zancrow stop narrating our trip please!" sighed Ultear annoyed beyond belief "and we are going to the guild not some island idiot. Geez atleast get it right."

Gaining a tick mark "What!? You wanna go!?" yelled Zancrow pissed glaring at Ultear who merely smirked innocently

"calm down." ordered Natsu calmly as Zancrow reluctantly obliged knowing he would be screwed if he started a fight with 'Dragneel's chick' yeah..he thinks they are a couple.

"awww Natsu-kun my saviour~❤" praised Ultear kissing Natsu on the cheek who muttered "troublesome woman"

"we are here." said Natsu as they seemed to be in the middle of nowwhere.

"eh? I dont see any guild..are you blind or something..?" asked Zancrow confused while Natsu merely grabbed Ultear and Zancrow before disappearing in a yellow flash and reappearing on top of a flying ship.

"ugh...tell me before you do that again.." groaned Zancrow as he looked like he was about to puke while Ultear and Natsu could only watch amused.

"Natsu-san, Ul!" said a certain childish voice jumping at the two who fell down at the wieght.


"not again." sighed Natsu before smiling as he saw the pinkette.

"who's this?" asked Meredy getting up looking at the ssj 3 individual who only felt out of place.

"our new recruit." replied Natsu calmly while Meredy snickered "eh? This guy? He looks super weak!" commented Meredy while Zancrow's eye merely twitched at this...pinky!

"I swear all these pink haired people are pissing me off too much.." thought Zancrow annoyed at the colour pink now.

"ma~ ma~ Meredy-chan" said Ultear causing her to stop before suddenly an old man appeared looking all official.

"i see you have completed your job..hmph as expected, well done. I shall be training Zancrow in his God Slayer Magic personally." said Hades calmly looking at Zancrow who could only sweat at the 'old guy' who's aura alone told you to 'scream and run away'.

"Hai Hades-sama" replied Ultear and Meredy while Natsu didn't care either way as he walked away.

"Natsu! I have another assignment for you." said Hades looking at the retreating figure who stopped.

"What is it, recruiting someone again?" asked Natsu emotionlessly.

"No. This time it's more...difficult...but im sure you can handle it considering your strength" replied Hades smirking.

"very well..." accepted Natsu

"i shall send you the details later..for now rest." ordered Hades as Natsu nodded before disappearing in a yellow flash.

*A week later*

Hell...that was word that could describe the place that was in ruins and fire erupting everywhere while countless mages and kids layed dead or injured with blood everywhere.

A lone red head stood against the mages who looked ready to kill however suddenly an old man stood in front of her taking the blow protecting her as a sword pierced his abdomen.

"Erza-kun! Get out of here! Hurry!" said the old man as he spat out blood, towards the red head who looked in shock and horror before screaming loudly her magic coming to life.

With that she requipped swords and send them towards the mages effectively killing them while she could only look at them in rage before going to the old man.

"Uncle Rob! No...please dont die!" pleaded Erza

"sorry Erza-kun...but my time is up *cough*"

"no! Dont say that!" cried Erza sadness overwhelming her.

"E-Erza-kun..Listen to me.." requested Rob in pain as Erza stayed quiet to let him speak.

" *cough* *cough* when you get out of here...*cough* Join Fairy Tail..the Master is my old...f..rr..ien...d..." managed Rob before breathing his last breath while Erza could only cry out of her one good eye.

"h-hai..." replied Erza hoping to hear a reply or sound or anything! But none came as the harsh reality hit her that her 'grandpa' figure had died.

Wasting no time to contemplate on things now she stood up determined to get out of here and fullfil his last wish before she ran towards what she thought was an exit.


"So this is where Kagura was being send to...tch.." thought Natsu as he frowned while looking at the choas insuring inside the tower before a little girl came flying out all bloody and battered.

"heh, you should've gave up while you could kid...this little game is finished." said a man as he came out of the broken wall before spotting the pink haired male.

"uh? Who the fuck are you?" asked the man grunting while the little girl who was sent flying out stood up while struggling to stay on her feet.

"uff uff...We will all escape..! And you wont stop us!" yelled the little girl with a tough facade.

"oho? You can still stand up? No matter it was expected of a freak like you" smirked the man pointing out at her cat ears while she was stunned at his comment.

"a f-freak...?" the little girl thought to herself as she touched her ears while tears formed on the corner of her eyes.

"time to die freak!" yelled the man as he charged towards the girl with a mace while the girl closed her eyes accepting her fate however before it could impact it was blocked by a kunai creating a shockwave to the area as cracks formed on the ground.

"you shall not harm this girl" ordered Natsu in a commanding voice as he held the kunai not budging a single bit while the man tried to push the mace with all his strength but alas Natsu stood unmoving.

"W-who is he..?" thought the little girl in awe as she saw her saviour.

"Bastard...who are you!?" yelled the man as he retracting his mace taking a step back from the individual.

"Yours truly, Natsu Dragneel~ also known as the Yellow Flash." relied Natsu with a cold smile as the man looked at him in shock.

"T-the...Yellow Flash!?" yelled the man in surprise backing in fear before tripping.

"w-what the hell are you doing here?! You have no business here!" said the man in fear pointing at Natsu who shrugged while the little girl looked on curious as to who he was that scared the man so much.

"Well now i do so...goodbye~" said Natsu smiling coldly before his image phased away showing it was an afterimage before a scream was heard while the girl could only look in shock as the man fell on the ground with a kunai to his head before Natsu pulled it out.

"ah well. That was pretty easy.." said Natsu as he walked towards the wall that had been broken only to be stopped by the girl.

"ano...arigatou Natsu-sama..." thanked the girl shyly while Natsu merely nodded as he walked forward only to be stopped yet again by said girl.

"wait please! You need to help my friends!...your the only one who can.." pleaded the girl looking down.

"gomen neko-chan but i have my own matters to take care of" replied Natsu sighing while the girl blushed at his nickname for her but dropped her shoulders as she sulked.

Seeing this of course Natsu groaned before "fine fine I will keep a look out for them" with that the girl jumped at him beaming in happiness "for now you might as well get out of the island while you can."

"no way I cant leave all my friends behind! Im coming with you!" declared the girl as she followed Narsu who shrugged.

"fine by me just dont get killed." replied Natsu as the girl smiled.

"Im Milliana by the way.." added Milliana as she trailed behind him.

"Natsu" that was the curt reply Natsu gave aa he walked off with Milliana following.


"Jellal! Snap out of it!" yelled Erza as she looked at the demonic figure.

"No Erza this is my true purpose...join me...we shall resurrect Zeref together!" offered Jellal grinning evilly as Erza frowned.

"No...this is not you! Stop it!" yelled Erza again but to no avail did Jellal budge before he sighed "very well...if you wont join me...then im afraid i have no choice.." with that Jellal send a dark beam towards Erza intending to finish her off but she side stepped barely dodging it.

But suddenly right as she dodged that she suddenly felt immense pain in her stomach which she looked at seeing Jellal's fist before she went crashing into a nearby wall shattering a few bones.

"ah..if only you would've accepted my offer dear Erza..tsk tsk." said Jellal grinning evilly but right as he was about to launch another attack he was stopped by someone.

"stop it Jellal! Why are you hurting Erza-nee!?" asked the boy as he defended Erza while Jellal merely frowned at his appearance.

"Sho...I see you have come to die as well...oh well might as well kill all of you anyway" replied Jellal before smirking evilly looking at the frightened Sho.

"goodbye little friends" said Jellal as he charged another dark ray but suddenly he was tackled by a certain neko.

"I wont let you hurt her teme!" said Milliana as she pushed him to the ground before she suddenly flew back as a pissed off Jellal got up.

"tch...look who else decided to come in..ah well more fun for me." smirked Jellal before sensing another presence as he sighed at all the sudden appearances before looking back only to see a certain pinkette carrying Milliana bridal style.

"and..who are you..?" asked Jellal eyebrow raised.

"well that doesnt really matter...what matters is if your strong enough yet." asked Natsu tilting his head curiously as Jellal growled thinking he was insulting him.

"of course im strong! With Zeref-sama's powers, im invincible!" replied Jellal smugly as Natsu frowned

"He's over confident and cocky...no no thats not good at all...the mission wont be a success unless he is properly stable." thought Natsu as he closed his eyes before putting Milliana down who was simply blushing at her "knight in not so shining armour' saving her and her friends.

"Flash Dragon's...Fist." whispered Natsu before he disappeared towards Jellal leaving a booming sound indicating he broke the sound barrier while Jellal widened his eyes at the speed only to be met with a fist to the face "This power so overwhelming..!" that was the last thing Jellal thought before he was sent flying faster then a blink of an eye before smashing on the concrete wall breaking the wall and all his bones in the process.

"oops...i over did it..Ultear might get pissed heh.." thought Natsu sheepishly as he rubbed the back of his head.

"Erza-nee! Lets get out of here" said Milliana as she supported Erza arm over her shoulders while Sho helped as well.

"wait.." said Erza as they stopped before Erza looked at Natsu who raised his brow.

"t-thank you.." thanked Erza smiling at her friends being safe...even if one of them had turned evil and almost killed them..but ah well.

"no need..Erza-san." replied Natsu smiling warmly causing Erza to blush.

"We will repay you someday Natsu-sama" said Milliana as she sported a blush while Natsu shrugged telling them not to worry about it.

"so how do we get out of here?" asked Sho interuppting.

"i saw a ship at the harbour...but it looked pretty wrecked.." replied Milliana frowning while Erza's shoulders dropped knowing there was no way out.

"ah what the hell...hold on to me guys." ordered Natsu as they obliged choosing not to go against the words of thier saviour.

"what are you going to do Natsu-sama?" asked Milliana curious before suddenly they all disappeared in a yellow flash only ro reappear again on main land.

"wow...how did you do that!?" asked Milliana stars in her eyes while Sho and Erza looked at him in shock.

"ma~ ma~ calm down neko-chan it was just magic" replied Natsu sweatdropping.

"sugoi~~" replied Milliana stars in her eyes still active like a doujutsu.

"What do we do now..I never really thought about it honestly.." asked Sho sighing sadly.

"im going to find Fairy tail!" replied Erza determined while Sho looked at her confused.

"Fairy tail?"

"a guild...it's in Magnolia a few miles from here." said Natsu closing his eyes.

"thank you again Natsu-san...if it wasn't for you we would not be here." bowed Erza as she thanked him before a hand was placed on her hair causing her to purr

"wow there Erza call me Natsu, I mean were the same age you make me feel old you know?" said Natsu as Erza nodded while blushing "you too Milliana" added Natsu causing Milliana to blush as well as this was the first time he called her by her name.

"well then, i've done what i came for...time to go. Good luck guys!' said Natsu as he took his hand off of Erza's head who pouted in disappointment for some reason.

"eh? But..can't you stay with us a while longer? I mean.." said Milliana pleading for him to stay longer after all she had yet to thank her new 'crush'

"sorry Neko-chan~ but duty calls you see." replied Natsu smiling warmly as they all sighed.

"I understand..." replied Milliana sadly as Natsu put a hand on her head affectionately as she purred

"If you really wanna come then your welcome to, im seeing an old friend of mine first anyway maybe you can join the guild there?." smiled Natsu as Milliana looked back at Erza and Sho who nodded smiling.

"Go Milliana, you can visit us in Magnolia whenever you feel like." said Erza smiling as Sho agreed.

"you guys..." said Milliana smiling warmly before nodding herself as she took Natsu's hand "well good luck guys!" smiled Natsu before disappearing in a yellow flash.

"was it a good idea to leave him with her..?" asked Sho wondering if they did the right thing.

"dont worry, i feel like we can trust Natsu.." smiled Erza blushing.

*Scene Change*

"so this is Mermaid Heel?" asked Milliana in awe looking at the huge guild.

"hai...it is also an all girls guild." smirked Natsu as Milliana looked at him confused.

"all girls? Then how are you allowed?"

"im special?" grinned Natsu as Milliana sweatdropped before the guild doors opened as Natsu suddenly hid behind Milliana.

"eh Natsu-san what are you doing?" asked Milliana blushing as she saw Natsu behind her "nothing nothing..just being cautious thats all aha.." replied Natsu sweating as they went inside.

"eh Natsu again!" yelled a certain member of the guild as they surrounded Natsu.

"you bastard do you know what Kagura did to us once she found out we let you go!?" said a random hot chick in the guild looking at Natsu annoyed.

"ma~ ma~ violence is not the answer lovely ladies~" said Natsu smiling as he heard knuckles cracking.

"fufufufu your lucky Kagura-chan aint here right now" said the master looking at him.

"whew...well then." said Natsu as he jumped out of Milliana's back revived as they sweatdropped.

"so that's what that was about?" thought Milliana pokerfacing.

"ahem...anyway say hello to your new member cuties!" said Natsu presenting Milliana as if she was celeberity while she blushed under the gaze of the entire guild.

"another one?"

"nooooooo~ another Kagura" cried some members.

"eh, she doesn't really look that scary.."

"that's exactly what you said about Kagura and look what happened." said another woman as they all shivered.

"well since she isn't here i guess i might as well go" said Natsu sighing as he turned to leave "wait Natsu! Are you sure you dont wanna wait around for her?" asked the master curiously

"i would but i have something to do...i was passing by either way so i decided to see her but ah well."

"Natsu-san...am i gonna see you again..?" asked Milliana shyly with a blush

"im sure you will Milliana" answered Natsu smiling warmly as the rest of the mermaid heel could only look on sighing as Natsu had scored with another girl without realizing.

"very well child but Kagura wont be happy you know?" said the Master rubbing her temple

"ma~ ma~ i guess ill leave that to you guys kay? Bye Milliana~" replied Natsu before Milliana suddenly hugged him surprising him before letting go as she nodded smiling cheerfully.

With that he disappeared in a yellow flash leaving a worried guild and a sad yet cheerful cat.

"Dont worry Milliana-chan, you will see him again one day" said Beth as she comforted the girl who nodded and smiled.

*Scene Change*

"it is done, Jellal shall complete the tower for us." said Ultear as she bowed to Hades while Natsu looked at them with no interest.

"very well...the key to revive Zeref is almost complete...soon we will attain the One Magic.." muttered Hades smirking evilly.

"foolish old man.." thought Natsu sighing as he left with Ultear following behind him.

In another place at the same time..

"is this it?" asked Erza as she looked at the town in awe spotting the huge guild from the outskirts of the town.

"yep Magnolia town...that must be Fairy Tail" said Sho pointing at the huge building.

"well what are we waiting for? Lets go!" said Erza as she was about to run but was stopped as she looked at the unmoving Sho.

"Sorry Erza-nee but i dont wanna join a guild yet...rather i wanna travel some more!" declared Sho determined..

"i see..." replied Erza solemnly as Sho looked guilty before Erza suddenly cheered up again "very well if that's what you want, but come by from time to time okay?" added Erza with a threatening glare at the end which made Sho sweatdrop as he nodded.

With that they parted ways as Sho went to the other side while Erza went into the town "Fairy Tail...lets see what this guild is about." thought Erza smiling as she made her way towards the guild.

Alright people thats the end of it.

Yes I made Zeref a chick...whoopdy fuckin dooo! Honestly though in my opinion Zeref as a chick would be hot...(no homo?..idk lol) and maybe who knows FT plot twist x69 actually reveals that Zeref is a chick and is actually Natsu's long lost love! *GASP*...meh..a guy can dream =)

And yes half the Spriggan twelve members will be council members atm..remember the characters are still like 12 years old so Ultear has yet to join the council (atleast in this fic) and same for Jellal so atm yes the spriggans are council members..and yes half the chicks in it dig Natsu...cause...yolo. yep.

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