Chapter 1: A Whole New Kind of Danger Adventure

"Why do you two look so nervous?" Chiori asked the question, directing it at Kanae more than Maria, having never been particularly good with children. "We're just having a relaxing day off right?"

"Wrong!" Kyoko jumped for joy. "It's so much better than that, we're going on an adventure! Screw acting in the movies we're gonna live 'em!"

Chiori blanched. She wasn't sure who the strange girl in front of her was, but it was most certainly not Kyoko. "How so?"

"It depends," Kanae responded, half nervous, half irritated. "What kind of da-"


"-we get in first." She shook her head, this was weird, once was barely tolerable, she might just lose it this time around.

"What are you talking about?" Chiori questioned. "You can't just walk around and hope to walk into a drug deal," Kanae flinched slightly, just a lucky guess, surely. "How do we find d- uhh... adventure?"

Kyoko stopped dead in her tracks. She took off her ivy coloured knapsack and reached down to the bottom. She retrieved something that looked, to the others, like an oversized locket.

"What is that?" Kanae asked, pure annoyance in her voice.

"Our ticket to danger," Kyoko smiled deviously.

"I thought it was adventure" Chiori swallowed audibly.

Kyoko shrugged. "I can't hear the difference.


A/N: I did say I was gonna write a sequel didn't I? No? Well I'm sure you wanted one... No? Well that sucks for you because I'm writing one anyway.