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I've always had this idea. The idea is...during that scene, that one scene where all of the characters that matter stand in one place and make a deal. Elizabeth promises a War, Beckett promises death, Jones promises revenge, and Jack promises a solution. But Jack's solution has always been a war. A war would almost guarantee Beckett's death, and would take out a lot of his enemies within the pirate ranks while providing a distraction enough for him to kill Jones. But the one thing he needed was to be aboard the Dutchman. And if you watch Elizabeth's face carefully in this scene...she knows. It all comes together for her. The entire plan lays itself out in her mind, and she knows. She almost smiles. And Jack gives her this grin. He gives her this look that tells you he knows too. Will knew about the betrayal of the Court and jack stabbing the heart because he was in on most of it, even if he was a tool. But all it took for Elizabeth to understand were a few simple clues. And she knew more than Will in seconds. I have this idea that this happens because she was meant to be Jack's partner in crime. She is his equal in every way. And this is what her being a pirate really means to Jack. To him, she is meant to be a pirate because her mind is just as devious and genius as his.

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"A great sailor, until he run afoul of dat which vexes all men."

He kept his feet moving forward, resolutely not thinking about how he had avoided Davvy Jones successfully until he had been shackled to the mast of his own ship by a charming murderess. Since he'd met her, he'd seen the tentacle-faced man more times than he cared to count. Come to think of it, he'd seen more of all of his enemies lately than he cared to think about.

"What vexes all men? A wo-man."

His feet nearly tripped up in the smooth sand with the effort it took him not to look at the woman striding half a step before him. Yes, he was vexed. And not in the way he appreciated.

"He fell in love. No no, I heard it was the sea he fell in love with."

"It's the same thing mate," he murmured to himself, grateful for the breeze hitting his face and drowning out the sound.

He was aware she heard him anyway by the twitch of her shoulder. He felt an answering twitch in his hand, along with urge to stop her and turn them around.

He grinned sadly to himself.

"Peas in a pod darling."

"You wish," she murmured back and picked up her pace another half-step.

He grinned more brightly. Until the whelp came into view. From a fair distance, he thought Beckett had brought his right hand man with him in a temporary lapse of judgement. It turns out he was mistaken. The whelp lived.

"He just wants Elizabeth for himself! You knew this!"

"You bet I did mate," he told both his Norrington and Whelp hallucinations, "I knew she was meant for this. She's King now. And it looks good."

"Jack Sparra' does not know what he wants! Or…do know, but are loathe to claim it as your own."

He caught sight of the sun glinting off her new costume, and steadily met the whelps gaze at the same time. You've no idea Dalma, he thought to himself, None at all.

Their party of three came to a halt, and Jack shuddered. Three of his worst enemies all-charming murderesses should probably be included in the list Jackie. And what about mutinous whelps? And Barbossa seems to have become civil during his stint as a dead man-fine two of his worst enemies, two newly minted ones, and an old kook who was on the fence, better?

All in one spot. With him in the middle. It didn't smell of open opportunity or suggest a ready escape anytime soon. He kept his senses alert, and bantered like normal. When Beckett implicated him, it was unfortunate but expected. Jones brought up his debt, like clock work, and as he gave the expected protest, he felt more than saw the answer hitting Elizabeth.

When her gaze snapped to him, he smirked, just for her, and a slow smile came to her face before she remembered herself and her face fell flat again. Unreadable. He almost grinned. Peas in a pod darling.

"I propose an exchange," her voice cut across him and Jones and he stilled in shock. He had expected her to try and bargain for Will and leave him behind accidentally on purpose. But to exchange people like objects for her own gain? He stifled a chuckle. Oh Lizzie. Well done darling.

"It was a woman, as changing, and harsh, and untameable as da sea."

He barely had time to react to Barbossa's outburst, but that was again expected. He had known Hector would put a kink in his plans, so he had decided from the beginning to ignore the old man, and let him flounder along. Jack had everything under control, especially if Hector was Tia Dalma's pet. He was on a short leash for now, which suited Jack's purposes just fine.

Finally him and Will changed places. He saw Elizabeth's gaze light up as Will made his way closer to her and he sighed resignedly.

"The pain it cause him was too much too live wid. And so him carve out him heart, lock it away in a chest, and hide da chest from da world."

He looked at Davvy Jones standing next to him and outwardly he cringed from the creature's sneer, but inwardly he was laughing maniacally. Yes, it was all going according to plan. He had everything under control. He hoped.


That middle part is awful. You know the one I'm talking about. There really isn't enough content, but I just kept droning on and on, so I cut it out, and haven't found a way to bridge it correctly. Anybody with any suggestions is welcome to give them, but otherwise, it's going to stay like this unless I'm suddenly hit with a wave of inspiration.