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I walked around, admiring the snow and lights I saw. My name's Sammy, but I'm better known as Samey. The nickname was given to me by my older, prettier, more liked sister Amy. She never lets me do anything, but tonight she was at a Christmas party with her friends. I was taking this rare opportunity to enjoy myself.

It was lightly snowing, and I did my best to keep warm. I wasn't wearing the best winter clothes, since Amy never lets me have decent outfits. Mostly, I wear a cheer costume. I didn't really want to join the cheer squad, but Amy forced me to try out. She insisted on having her 'slave' with her at all times. I wasn't at the party because it was for the people who were liked and popular, aka not me.

I was wearing a pair of torn-up jeans, a dirty-looking red sweater, and black boots. This was the best stuff Amy ever gave me. She probably made the clothes look like this before giving them to me. Amy hated me.

I was just walking, when I saw a crowd of people gathered around a tree. The tree was out in the middle of a field, and was decorated with lights and ornaments. I curiously made my way over, and shyly asked, "What's going on?"

A girl with red hair walked over to me. "Everyone here is writing down a Christmas wish. After that, they put them in this box." The girl shook a box that looked like a wrapped up gift. "Are you joining in?"

"I don't see why not." I reached into my pocket, looking for a pencil. To myself, I said, "Maybe it'll make me feel better."

"Silly!" The girl held our a pencil and paper to me. "I'll give you what you need."

"Thanks." I took it, and hesitantly looked down at the paper without writing anything. "No offense, but can I do this myself?" I gave her a small smile.

"Why?" She looked at me, concerned. "Is anything wrong?"

I laughed nervously, hiding the blush on my face. "No..."

"Okay then." The girl walked off, still holding the box.

Now that I was alone, I quickly scribbled down, 'I wish for a loving sister.' I felt tears in my eyes as I read over it. This was my only wish. If only Amy were nicer to me, things would be better for me. I could go where I wanted, do what I wanted and more. All without an abusive sister who would push me around.

"Well," I thought to myself. "Let's put it in the box." I walked over to where the girl was standing. "Here." Before I gave it to her, I made sure it was folded in half so nobody could read it.

"Thanks!" She cheerily put it in the box, and smiled at me. "Maybe it'll come true this Christmas."

"I hope so." I did my best to smile back at her, avoiding looking in her eyes. I didn't want anyone to see my tears, and then make fun of me.

As I walked away, I looked back at the tree and sighed. I said to myself, "But it probably won't come true."

When I got to my house, I saw Amy's car in the driveway. The door practically flew open, revealing Amy standing there glaring at me.

"About time you got here. I need you to do some things for me." She held the door open for me, but purposely let go so it hit me and made me fall over.

I stood up, crying silently as I followed my sister. Maybe one day, I would get my wish. But for now, I was just plain old Samey.

Just Samey.